3 Top Benefits Of Being A Google Apps Partner

Google Apps resellers and partners provide a wide range of services that can be beneficial even to the most highly-experienced IT admins. These services range from initial migrations, tailored development, client training, full-time support and more. Therefore, becoming an actual Google Apps partner can dramatically improve your company’s experience with other different business apps, thus preparing you to be successful after migration.


Here are three top benefits you can enjoy for becoming a Google Apps partner.

  1. Enhanced migration expertise. More likely the most rewarding benefit you’ll ever acquire as a partner is the Google Apps migration expertise you gain from the company. Many partners have successfully conducted thousands of migrations to Google Apps. They can also easily manage to take all the pressure of performing a complete scale migration off any IT department.
  1. Extensive user training. Each partner is enrolled in various training programs so that they can become competent in their field. It’s vital for every partner to learn how to use Google Docs, Slides and Sheets effectively. They must also be familiar with everything about Google Drive, as this would make their services appeal more to clients. They would also be able to create a large user base. Eventually, there would be a significant number of users using Google Apps platform, which is essential for the company’s growth and reputation.
  1. Tailored application development and third-party product recommendations. If you’re shifting to Google Apps and have a custom application you want to maintain as your side server, Google allows you to do so. Google gives you the opportunity to recreate any application on their platform using their personalized Apps Script or App Engine. Although this can be a bit expensive, moving your apps to the cloud can leave your IT department with zero maintenance. You can easily negotiate a fair migration price from any reseller.

Every time you’re working with Google as their apps partner or reseller you’re sure to get high-quality service. This is because Google Apps resellers and partners are a pivotal part of the ecosystem and platform’s growth. To become a partner is easy, all you have to do is visit Google’s Partner Directory and subscribe to become a Google Apps partner. But before you get started, above are some top benefits of becoming a partner you might want to take into consideration.

Organizing Cluttered Crafting Materials

If you’re someone into crafts and art, then you’ll have experienced the suffering of a cluttered work/living space. It becomes an unsightly view, and may also present difficulties such as losing things and deterioration of certain items, for example paint that dries out due to lack of proper storage. That’s why this post is dedicated to help you organize your things.



Image result for PICKING CONTAINERSThere are a few things to keep an eye on, and this list below serves as a guide in picking the ideal container for your crafts materials:

–           The first step is to know the items—what do they need? Do they have to be kept in an air-tight environment? Air-tight lunch boxes would be a perfect option. If something’s color fades under sunlight, make sure you don’t use transparent containers.

–           The size of items to be stored. This is important, because you don’t want to end up with craft paper that has wilted edges or be forced to jam something inside and risk damaging other items.

–           This is optional, but portability comes in play if you do crafting in more than one space. If you have to move crafting tools and items in a moderate amount on a regular basis, you might need a trunk that has wheels for practicality.

–           The material of containers. Is it sturdy enough to hold items? Corrugated plastic might be fine for paper, but metal or wood is probably more suitable for heavier items.



One must always know how to utilize space. Here are some tips to do that:

Image result for multiple containers in shelves

–           Stack vertically. If you have multiple containers in shelves, it comes in handy because you don’t have to constantly move stacks of random things in order to reach something at the bottom.

–           Use hangers. Lots of things such as stickers and ribbons usually have holes in the packaging that lets you hang them.



–           Color-coding things makes life much easier.

–           Keep in mind what the items are made of. Metal stamps may leave dents when stacked on softer things like corrugated plastic or cardboard.

Image result for corrugated plastic

These tips will help you to keep your workspace in control. Never underestimate a clean space, because it clears the mind. Keep crafting, and stay organized!

5 Skills Every Startup Entrepreneur Should Know About


Building startups into Fortune 500 companies and billion-dollar Unicorns is taxing to say the least. From 60- to 80-hour work weeks to raising investor funds on a regular basis, you will face seemingly insurmountable hurdles ahead. So how do successful people on top of their respective industries make it seem so effortless? While there exists a multitude of variables, there seems to be recurring earmarks or skills that these people possess, which have allowed them to thrive in their chosen career path. Here are five skills every aspiring entrepreneur should know about.

Analytical Skill

The ability to process large chunks of information and then provide the most pragmatic decision based on the given information is an important skill you need to wield masterfully as a startup entrepreneur. From the moment you file for company registration in Malaysia to annual tax filings to processing quarterly reports, sharp analytical skills can mean the difference between making a bad call that jeopardizes your company and making accurate decisions that accelerate pace of business growth.

Raising Money

Without cash, even the best of ideas and products/services cannot flourish to their fullest potential. You need to be able to raise money from investors, whether it’s the generous hands of private equity firms, angel investors, or venture capitalists. Because of the complexity of raising cash, it’s become a prized skill for entrepreneurs. In addition, it is of equal importance to know how to manage cash flow and allocate resources to business departments that need it most.

Being Straightforward

Having the courage to carry out hard tasks and decisions without delay is also an invaluable skill to maximize startup growth rate. Be straightforward with your employees, managers, and investors. If someone is clearly not a good fit for your startup, fire them fast. It feels heartless, but you have to look out for the best interest of your brand. Be straightforward with investors as well, clearly stating what you like or don’t like in your contract’s terms and conditions.

Spotting Value


If you can differentiate value from cost, you’ll be financially well-off both in your personal and professional life. Seeing value in things or places that others do not see can give you a competitive edge. You will be better able to bring in new recruits and employees who don’t just look good on paper but can also contribute beyond what their resumes indicate. You can objectively judge products and services, making changes or discontinuing product lines before they can even strike a fatal blow to your business.


Running a startup in Malaysia can be chaotic, and what’s worst is that you get to repeat the same stressful events every day. The ability to soak up this large amount of stress and then normalize at the end of the day will prepare you for what’s to come the following day. You avoid getting burnt out physically and mentally and is able to perform at optimal levels every single day.

There you have it – five skills that every startup entrepreneur should know about and work on. The skills are rarely talked about in other articles, books, and seminars, but undoubtedly compose the core of any successful entrepreneur.


How to Stop the Chaos and Keep Your Office Running Smoothly


The enemy of every office is chaos. An office can descend into chaos for many reasons from low morale and interpersonal politics to confusing policies and hostile work environments. Managers need to take control and maintain order the second things start to break down. Here are some proven ways to stop the chaos and keep your office running smoothly.

IMG_0763Define Individual Responsibilities on Paper

Something that encourages chaos is an office where no one is really sure about what job responsibilities belong to which employees. This can lead to a situation where no one is directly responsible for certain tasks. The result can be that those tasks are just never done or are done inconsistently by random people. You can combat this by defining the individual responsibilities of each employee on paper. Keep updated lists of those responsibilities to create structure.

910_startDeal With Things Immediately or Delegate

Employees are going to be bringing you paperwork, concerns and problems all the time. Deal with the most important things immediately including office conflicts, important documents and safety issues. If you cannot handle something in a timely manner, then delegate out the work. This will make certain that order is maintained in the office and that you stay on top of what is going on.

knowledge-and-trainingKeep Employees Informed and Trained

An effective way to stop office chaos is to keep all employees informed and trained. Set up meetings about important updates, decisions or changes. Provide trainings when something new is introduced or policies shift. You will want to rent an official meeting room to do this so that everyone is together at once without any distractions. Trained and informed employees will perform more efficiently.

goalsetting-realisticSet Realistic Goals for the Office

Something that can add to confusion and chaos is if employees do not know the larger picture in the office. An employee without direction might start doing things wrong or focusing on meaningless tasks because they are easy. Set realistic goals for the office. Display those goals such as having no paperwork in a particular area at the end of a day or keeping turn times below 48 hours. Acknowledge when those goals are met during the year. This will maintain order and provide motivation.

innovative-furniture-design-Harry-Thaler-Atelierhouse-residence-project-pine-wood-furnitureEnsure Everyone Has Clean and Sufficient Space to Work

A cluttered and dirty office is going to lead to chaos eventually. You want to ensure that everyone has clean and sufficient space to work. Keep the office clean. You can hire professionals to do this or schedule cleaning time for employees every week. If there is too little space, then think about leasing a serviced office where you can expand without spending a fortune. This will make your workplace much less chaotic.

It does not take long for an office to become chaotic if there are problems. The key is to stay informed, include your employees and do everything possible to create structure in the office. Following these tips will give you the tools needed to stop chaos in the workplace.