6 Amazing Benefits When You Get Yourself Into Cycling


The cycling community in Malaysia has been steadily growing for the past several years. In fact, dozens of cycling-related events are held in different regions of the country every year. That said, now is the perfect time to get yourself into cycling if you’re not into it already. Not only is it an exciting hobby, it also exposes you to a community of riders from all over the country. Below are some of the best reasons why you should start biking right now:weight-management-900x600

  1. It’s effective for battling obesity and weight management. In fact, a lot of cyclists started the hobby with the main goal of losing weight. It’s effective because cycling raises the body’s metabolism rate which hastens the burning of fat and calories.


  1. It reduces stress levels which means it’s good for people suffering from depression or anxiety. If you happen to be afflicted with a mood disorder, cycling can help you relax and clear your head. This is why a lot of psychiatrists recommend the sport to their patients.89882a42b7ee9d05233a67e460edc381


  1. It’s a low-impact exercise that causes less strain and injuries. Cycling is fairly safe because the movements associated with it don’t put a lot of pressure to your muscles, bones, and joints. Less pressure means there’s less risk for injuries.


  1. It’s a good muscle workout since it uses all the major muscles in the body. When you pedal, most of your muscles from your legs to your shoulders are given the exercise they need. This is especially true if you bike through rough terrains and sloped hills.


  1. It saves you money. Aside from your initial investment when you purchase the bike, you don’t have to spend much to maintain the bike. Most of your expenses will be on accessories and maintenance.

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  1. It’s good for the environment. Bikes don’t emit fumes or any other type of harmful particles into the environment. This is especially important in urban areas like Kuala Lumpur. If you ride a bike instead of driving a car, you contribute in lessening the pollution that goes into the air.

In conclusion, cycling is good for your mind and body. Not only is it a healthy habit, it also gives you a sense of belonging considering the vibrant community within the sport. It’s also a hobby that’s perfect for the urban and rural terrain in Malaysia. Bikes, parts, and accessories are also readily available. There are dozens of bike shops scattered around the country. If you’re looking for the latest bike models and accessories, you can go to http://www.usjcycles.com and check out their inventories.

Think Safety! – 3 Must-Know Considerations When Choosing the Best Bicycle Gear



Riding a bike – whether through the city or across picturesque outdoor landscapes – can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience. There’s really nothing quite as calming as feeling that breeze grazing your skin as you zip and zoom through city streets or dirt roads. Of course, while it can all be quite exhilarating, riding a bike comes with its dangers, and if you fail to recognize and prepare for them, you might just be in for a few accidents and injuries. The best way to steer clear of a biking accident would be to protect yourself by using the best bicycle gear you can buy.


Find out how to choose gear that will truly offer you the best protection by checking out these must-know tips.





  1. Helmet Considerations

Everyone knows that a helmet is an essential for bike riding, whether through the natures or through the city. Many countries actually require bike riders to wear helmets under their federal law and this has been proven to reduce the rate of bike-riding related injuries. Generally speaking, there are 4 things you should look for in a helmet, and those are: comfort, proper fit, low noise, and of course, a safety rating. A padded helmet offers enough comfort so you don’t feel uneasy during your ride. A snug fit makes for extra protection, preventing the head gear from flying off your head in case of a crash. Noise can be created by several factors, including wind, traffic, and loose parts on your helmet. Extra padding along the ears will prevent noises from distracting a rider. Finally a safety rating on the helmet of choice will help riders choose proven safe bicycle helmets.






  1. Glove Considerations

Gloves are also an essential biking gear to help protect riders when on their bike. Choosing a set of gloves that provides ample protection of the hands without stifling hand movements is important to keep you in control of your bike. It’s also ideal to buy gloves that extend upwards and over the sleeves of your clothes with a cuff to prevent wind, rain, and other potential dangers from entering your clothes. Finally, be sure that your gloves of choice come with straps. If they don’t, they can easily be flung off during a crash, leaving you susceptible to nasty road rash on your hands.






  1. Jacket Considerations

Jackets for bike riding aren’t like typical jackets you’ll find in fashion stores. These come with extra padding and integrated body armour to help cushion a fall and reduce the severity of injuries. When buying a biking jacket, be sure that it fits snugly enough so that no flaps, wrinkles, or loose areas are left to be snagged when riding your bike. Check to see if zippers will be directly in contact with skin, as this could cause serious burns when subjected to friction during a crash. To eliminate this, jackets should have an extra flap of fabric to prevent zippers from making contact with skin.


Keep yourself safe while riding your bike and make sure every cycling session is injury free. Invest in good bicycle gear and prevent injuries by taking these three considerations with you the next time you find yourself shopping for bike accessories.