4 Things You Need To Learn Before Becoming A Law Student


If you are searching for a law college in Malaysia, this article will definitely be useful. It will help you understand the daily realities of law studies and explain some of the things you can expect after graduating from a law school. So you will be prepared to become a law student by reading this article, as it will show you challenges any law student faces and one way you can overcome them.


1 Law School Is Going To Stress You Out.

Unless you are extremely talented and got all A’s in high school without doing any work, law school is going to be the most intense experience of your life. As a law school student, you will be pitted against all other law school students because only one of you is going to get the best possible grade. Moreover, a significant number of law schools do their grading through a bell curve. This means that the grades of one law school student depend on the grades of all the other law school students in his class. Such grading policy causes some of the students to do selfish things that hurt others. So be prepared to be under pressure, or better yet, find a different educational path.


2 Law School Is Harder Than College.

Many law school students have reported that their law school experience was more difficult than their college experience. That is why a significant number of law school students drop out. You may find law school difficult even if you performed very well in college. Some students even say that they could not understand about 60% of what they were reading during their first few months. However, this is normal. In the beginning, almost every law school student has trouble understanding legal documents.

3 Lots Of People Will Try To Get Legal Advice From You For Free.

If you tell someone that you are a law school student, that person will be likely to ask you for a legal advice, even if it is an acquaintance you met only a day ago. A lot of law school students have reported this happening to them. For some reason, a lot of people think that students of law studies have multiple solutions to their legal problems. This is of course not true, but try proving it to them. If you decide to enroll in a law college in Malaysia, you will have to prove that to many people.

4 You Will Have Slim Chances Of Gainful Employment.

Though lawyers are usually portrayed as rich, the reality is very different. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of law firms have been cutting their number of interns. This means that it is very hard for a law school graduate to get a job in a law firm. Moreover, even if you do get a job in a law firm, it will not allow you to buy Porsche. So think twice before enrolling in a law school. If money is the primary reason you want to become an attorney, then rethink your educational plans.


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Study: Multi-Cultural Children are Smarter, Nicer, and more Creative

Many studies compare the brains of children to sponges in that they are able to absorb so much information so quickly and with such ease. Children have been known to pick up second and third languages at incredible rates, often times becoming more fluent than their parents if they are both learning a new language at the same time. Offering children a global perspective from an early age has been shown to make them more adaptable to different surroundings, more tolerant of different ideas, and more capable of thinking from different, unique perspectives.

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From a business and economic standpoint, a study conducted by William Maddux showed that multicultural students were better able to solve problems, express themselves more creatively, and be more marketable to prospective employers. Further research suggests that simply being exposed to different cultures increases creativity and productivity, perhaps a reflection of the fusion and integration of different ideas to create unique products, thoughts, and experiences. Furthermore, the earlier this global integration process begins the easier it is to assimilate into the culture of the host country, which children are able to do much more easily than adults.

The direct benefits of studying or living in a foreign country on children are numerous. For one thing, it makes children more open-minded to different people, more tolerant and respectful of different cultures, and more positively social with other children. Furthermore, studies show that children speaking two or more languages are not only able to learn other languages easier but also able to learn many other subjects quicker and with greater understanding than their mono-cultural counterparts. Although once children hit puberty the ease of learning decreases, living abroad can still have a lasting impact on adults too.

Obviously the way in which the child is immersed into the host country is an essential part of their learning process. Some children may visit a foreign country for a while and only pick up how to speak the language while missing out on other opportunities to learn how to read and write. Since children pick up other languages so quickly, it is important for them to learn these other essential skills while they are within the host country. This is why enrolling them in international schools is so important: it allows them the opportunity to become fully immersed in a multicultural learning program that will allow them to fully understand their host country’s culture, language, and customs. When this is combined with their everyday experiences abroad, where they will meet new people, learn new ideas, and encounter new situations, they will obtain great educational rewards that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Given the increasingly globalized nature of society in the 21st century, it is incredibly paramount to raise children to be multi-cultural in a world where cultures are constantly being mixed and integrated into each other. The importance of children being integrated into other cultures cannot be understated because it causes them to be more social, more creative thinkers, better communicators, and more empathetic to other people in general. Furthermore, if you are a parent living abroad, it is important to get your children a good education while the opportunity still presents itself, and international schools like www.powiis.edu.my are the best way to go so that you can rest assured that your children are receiving a solid education that values multi-culturalism and diversity. In an increasingly globalized world, this is perhaps one of the most important things that can be done for the children as the positive effects of this will last for their entire lives.

3 Easy Ways to Prepare for Law School

Law school is one of the most difficult things that many people will endure in their lives. There are few degree programs that will challenge students as much as law school will. Not only do many students have to juggle work and school, but they also have to manage their finances during the process. The entire process is a big strain, and many students graduate from law school feeling stressed about their future. However, there are three ways in which a student can prepare for law school to make the entire experience more enjoyable and to maximize their chances of success after graduation.

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Take Care of Your Health

It may seem odd to include a tip about health when discussing law school, but there are several reasons for this. For people that know they are going to law school in a couple of months, they should take the time now to eat healthy and get in good physical condition. Working and going to law school will take a toll on anyone’s health, from the stress to the lack of sleep. Having a good base of health and fitness will help a person go through and recover quickly from law school. This is something that anyone going to law school should keep in mind and work towards.

Manage Your Time

One of the biggest challenges for people that are in law school is the time management portion. Juggling work, family, and school is a challenge that many people would not be able to win. However, work on simplifying your life as much as possible before law school and have your priorities in line. There are naturally going to be some trade offs in life when you take the time and money to invest in law school, but that does not mean that other areas of your life have to completely suffer.

Manage Your Finances

Finally, not only is law school a drain on time but it is also expensive. Many people that are in school do not have a lot of money, but they can prepare in other ways financially. For example, many people have to take out student loans to go to law school so pay off any other debt before starting a program. This will not only help out financially but will also help your overall stress level while in school and will make you a better student overall.
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