5 Tips to Ensure Your Success as a Freelancer



Freelancing is a relatively new concept of working that is catching on all over the world. Freelancers are independent workers who offer services like web programming, designing, writing and event planning on a project basis or temporary basis for clients that require their work. Being a freelancer has many benefits, and in this age where startups are the order of the day, freelancing is thriving as they offer a more budget friendly way for small companies to operate.

For those of you who are freelancers, or are thinking of becoming freelancers, here are 5 tips that can help your career blossom:



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Market Yourself Like Crazy


In order to start getting your name and skills out there, you can start by posting on job boards, stating clearly the type of skills or services you offer, as well as your contact information. Alternatively, you can start a simple website or blog. Sometimes, old fashioned marketing methods like handing out pamphlets and sticking up posters work too. You can also consider e-mail blasting or cold calling potential clients. Social media is another brilliant tool to reach out to companies that might need your service, so start a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account with your own brand.



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Constantly Submit Freelance Job Applications


Keep tabs on all the freelance or part time job boards available and send in your resume and a cover letter to those that are relevant to you. The more jobs you apply for, the higher your chances are to get a constant flow of employment, and therefore a constant flow of income.





There’s Nothing Like Networking


Building bridges takes just a little bit of courage and a can-do attitude. Join in societies and unions related to your line of work, and attend events. This will allow you to be seen and be known in the industry. In addition to gaining potential clients, you’ll have more support in knowing fellow freelancers in the business.




Improve Your Qualifications


To increase your personal branding and image, adding paper qualifications is a great idea. There are plenty of different short courses in Malaysia that will benefit you, by equipping you with the skills and certifications needed to perform your job better. That way, you can impress more clients and companies.




Learn to Administer Your Projects


Now that you’re on your own, its imperative that you organize well and keep track of all the wok you do, as well as the financial and administrative sides of it. This includes issuing invoices, answering e-mails, paying taxes, and keeping track of deadlines.

Freelancing, just like its name implies, gives you a lot of freedom to work in a way that doesn’t bog you down but allows a greater sense of flexibility and adaptability. Freelancing¬† does require a lot of hard work and meticulous attention,¬† but it can definitely work for you, as it has for many people. Take note of these tips, and you’ll do great in your freelancing career.