A Home Remodeling Guide: 5 Important Factors to Consider Before Renovating Your House



Almost everyone wants something new or different in their home–a bigger kitchen, a more attractive shower or more space in the living room. A little change can be exciting, especially when you’re fully aware of how stuff should be run and put to work. Before you renovate your home, it’s important to hire a great interior designer first to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your house. In addition, you should also consider the 5 essential factors highlighted below.








  1. Plan a budget

A budget helps people come up with a cost-effective way of approaching something. It allows you to weigh whether the goal you’re hoping to accomplish is attainable or not, depending on the cash at your disposal. That’s why before you even think to renovate your home, set a budget first to guide you towards creating your new space. Compare costs of materials and choose those which match together with your budget. Also, make sure to check your budget with your interior designer regularly to keep things on track. Lastly, don’t borrow funds in order to beautify your home. Instead, save all the necessary funds before you renovate your house.








  1. Find the right contractor

In every renovation, you’ll always need to hire an experienced professional. Great workmanship would ensure the end results acquired are outstanding and match seamlessly with client’s expectations. The best way to find a good interior designer is through word of mouth and referrals from friends and loved ones. You can also look up online to see whether you can find someone that is a great fit for the task.







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  1. Be realistic

Being real is the start of any worthy renovation which should be based on your resources, budget, and existing home. Many people have the tendency of living beyond their dreams in order to accomplish stuff they value most. If you’re working extra hard to achieve something you can’t yet afford, see whether you can do it in stages. For example, you can start first by renovating that simple space that seems to fit your budget. When you’re about to remodel a large space and are on a tight budget, renovate in stages until you finally accomplish your big dream.








  1. Research carefully

Talk to loved ones and friends who have worked with renowned interior designers before. To come up with a variety of excellent choices, clipping pictures from magazines of rooms you love will also help. Have a rock-solid idea on how you want your home’s space to look and feel. Hiring a highly experienced interior designer is the easiest way to work towards accomplishing all your long-cherished dreams.








  1. Decide on a style

The style for your outdoor living space should always complement your house’s overall aesthetic. Its size and function should also be considered carefully before any renovation is done. You should be sure about what you’ll do next with that particular space. If the space purpose is to entertain guests, you need to consider the number of people it can accommodate. You also need to consider the options of entertainment required to entertain guests. This way, it’s easy to determine how big the outdoor living space should be and the size of furniture it can hold together. If you want some classic furniture, you can shop for L shaped sofa selections in Malaysia to find quality furniture that would brighten the aesthetic appeal of your living space.



Many times you’ll choose to hire a professional to renovate and beautify the glamour around your home. With their skills and expertise in renovating living spaces, you’re sure to get an excellent job done in the end. You also get to enjoy the new striking transformation in the peace and quiet of your new space. All the same, above are 5 fundamental factors everybody should consider when renovating their living space.

Smooth Move – 6 Smart Tips to Make Your Moving Experience Easy and Problem-Free

Young couple resting from moving into a new home


Planning a move? On the surface, moving all of your belongings, furniture, and other household items can seem like a piece of cake. But once you start to uncover all of the little details, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Among the most difficult parts of the entire process? Getting your space ready for living in. Lots of people tend to put off the task of fixing up their new home until after all the stuff has been moved into it, but there are better ways to go about the process. Find out what you should do before the big moving day for an easy and problem-free experience.








  1. Measurements Matter

While you may already know how big your new space is as a whole, trying to fit all of your things in it is a completely different story. For instance, you may have been able to fit a coffee table into your old living area, but your new space doesn’t have quite a spacious enough living room for the same set. Before you make that move, be sure to measure all of the different rooms and areas, so you can plot out your new furniture layout.







Tilt up of couple using laptop at home

  1. Buy Beforehand

The last thing you want to walk up to when you arrive at your new space is a completely bare interior. This can be incredibly inconvenient, especially if you’re going to live there since the day you move in. Be sure to buy the essential furniture beforehand to add functionality to your new space. You can browse bedroom, bathroom, living room, and dining room furniture selections online and have them delivered before moving day to get the hassle out of the way.








  1. Separate Essentials

Unless you want to rummage through all of your boxes just to find a blanket and a toothbrush to get you through the night, you should consider separating a bag of essentials. Keep a clean change of clothes, self-care items, and utensils and plates so you have the necessities within reach should you need them on the first day.







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  1. Learn the Location

Moving to a completely new neighborhood? Consider learning about the locality before the day of your move. Find out where the grocery stores, hospitals, and schools are located; and familiarize yourself with how you can get to them the safest and fastest.







Adult couple emerging from moving crates

  1. Get Rid of Garbage

Are you sure you’re taking everything with you? There are likely a lot of things in your old space that you don’t need and won’t use. So it’s best to toss them out instead of tote them over to your new home. Consider cleaning out your house and throwing away or donating items that you no longer need to reduce clutter.







Woman writing with pen

  1. Revise Your Records

Be sure to inform the necessary organizations and companies of your move. Change your address at work, update your billing information, and inform your relatives and friends so they don’t end up sending anything to your old address.



Moving can be very tiring and tedious, but by preparing beforehand, you can make the experience easy and problem-free. Make sure your move is nothing but smooth by taking note of these smart tips.

2 Reasons Why Teak Furniture Will Always Be Timeless

Image result for Teak Furniture Will Always Be Timeless

There’s nothing quite like solid wood when it comes to furniture: the nutty smell, the firmness of feel and the overall presence are some things that set wood furniture apart from those made with more ordinary materials.

In Malaysia, teak (known locally as jati) furniture has withstood the test of time. The local and export demand for teak is also one reason you can find some of the best teak furniture in Malaysia.

Associated with older and more traditional homes of yesteryear, teak continues to be highly valued in a modern home wishing to add a touch of simple elegance to its furnishings.

With so many modern alternatives in building material such as fibreglass, plastic and ceramic, why does the demand for teak continue?

  1. Teak furniture will last you a long time

Image result for Teak furniture will last you a long time

Of the various kinds of tropical hardwood, teak stands out due to its unique natural moisture resistance – especially valued in tropical countries which experience rain and high humidity all year round.

Even without oil treatment, good teak furniture retains its high natural oils indefinitely, meaning that it can last indoors for more than 50 years. With care, teak furniture can be passed down to generations as family heirlooms, potentially adding to its already considerable value.

Outdoors, treated teak is weather-resistant and will remain in good use for decades, withstanding even attacks from termites and fungi.

  1. Teak’s aesthetics do not fade

Image result for Teak's aesthetics do not fade

Before you even see it, you might recognise teak furniture from its scent. Enter a room filled with teak furniture and you’ll find its pleasantly distinctive leather-like smell lingering in the air.

While that alone can serve as a statement of luxury, the buttery golden colour of teak furniture adds to its elegant beauty. Extended use only seems to make teak furniture look better, as it gains darker hues and more polished surfaces over time

Outdoors, years of exposure to sunshine and rain may change its colours to darker browns or even grey, but even this does not spoil its attractive tones.

Despite the high premium of owning teak furniture, the purchase more than pays off for itself when considering its lifetime and low maintenance.

4 Things to Consider If You Want a Productive Work-From-Home Experience

Working from home is no longer a foreign concept. Many people choose this lifestyle to improve work-life balance. If you just started working from home, or planning to transition to this lifestyle soon, it could take some time for you to get used to. One way to get yourself accustomed is by creating a little nook at your home into a productive workspace. Here are four things to consider:


Image result for Choosing the right space Whether your fortress is a tiny studio, or a spacious condo, any space can be converted to a workspace.Choosing the right space. Whether your fortress is a tiny studio, or a spacious condo, any space can be converted to a workspace. No matter how your work style is, all you need is a good divider and great lighting.  Once you spot a place, clear out the space or section it off with a divider of your choice. It could be a door, a curtain, or just a psychological barricade: space.


Choosing the right decor. If your idea the ‘right space’ is your bed, it’s time for a change. Imagine that office desk you’ve been dreaming of with the decor you’ve always wanted. Maximise your desk and pimp it out with the decor of your choice, be it a calendar, a lamp, an inspirational poster, or even a plant.


Choosing the right distraction. While claiming a space next to a window might be a good idea, placing your desk by the wall might get you to be more productive. Don’t forget to place a cute poster for motivation. If you’re the kind to listen to music while working, use your headphones to lessen external distractions.


Image result for Choosing the right furniture. An efficient workspace would be useless without the right furniture. Equip youChoosing the right furniture. An efficient workspace would be useless without the right furniture. Equip yourself with the two essentials: a sturdy table, and a comfortable chair. Choose the right one to ensure maximum productivity and take advantage of your space! Even if your space is limited, having the right table-chair combo would definitely help optimise your workspace.


If you’re looking for a place with the right furniture, visit www.ethnicraft-online.com.my.

By customising your workspace to the max, you’re in full control of your distractions and stress levels. You can say goodbye to boring desks, and say hello to a new level of productivity. Working from home is a treat, so make the best of it!

4 Tips for Home And Interior Decorating Using Wood Furniture



There are a lot of reasons why natural wood still remains as the most popular material when it comes to creating furniture that are specifically designed for home and interior decoration. For one, wood has that classic look that makes it unique and then there’s the fact that it’s readily available. You also have a lot of options to choose from. There are stores that sell online furniture in Malaysia and one benefit of purchasing furniture online is that you get to see what the furniture looks like before you buy it.


If you are planning to decorate the interior of your home using wooden furniture, here are some tips on how you should go about it:


1) Take into account the size of the room. The size and shape of the furniture shouldn’t be either too small or too big for the room. This is especially true when it comes to tables and chairs.


2) Pay attention to the color scheme. The general rule is that the colors of the furniture shouldn’t clash that much to the colors of the room. With that said, it’s best to go for a color scheme wherein the color of the furniture complements the color of the room’s walls.


3) Go for a wooden furniture set that has uniform finish. For instance, if you are buying a living room set complete with tables and chairs, the finish used on the furniture should be the same. If the chairs have darker tones than the table or vice-versa, the setup wouldn’t be that aesthetically pleasing.


4) Contrast the furniture with the flooring. This is because the furniture can get lost against the backdrop of a floor that has the same color tones. You can break up the monotony by pairing light-colored furniture with flooring that has darker tones.


Always keep these practical tips in mind the next time you plan on shopping for wooden furniture to decorate your home. The main point behind these tips is that there are certain factors that you need to take into account in deciding if the furniture is appropriate for the room you are decorating. These factors include the size of the room, the color scheme of the room, and the color of the floor.

Setting Up Your Entertainment Room: Here’s What You’ll Need

Home improvement is one of the trends across the globe over the past few months. When you’re planning to set up an entertainment room in your house, it’s better to be ready with all that’s needed.

Some of the most important parts of the house are the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and of course, the living room. The living room is a multifunctional area for the family to come together. However, some things can’t be done in the living room.

That is why it is important to set up an entertainment room in the house. It’s like a personal sanctuary for mostly, everyone in the family. Little kids can watch cartoons or play their favourite game consoles, while teens and adults can watch their favourite TV show or movie. Well, the entertainment room is the happiest place in the house. Hence, setting up one is important.

However, you need to consider all the important things needed inside your entertainment room.


  1. Entertainment System


Of course, this is the most important element of your entertainment room. Who wants to watch movies in a small television or a faulty sound system? Everyone, especially movie buffs, would want the perfect entertainment experience.

Thus, it is important to invest in a high-quality entertainment system from a wide-screen television screen, an efficient sound system and players.


  1. Furniture


Of course, no home interior decor is complete without furniture. For your entertainment room, it is important to have comfortable furniture. Well, for a large family, having chairs isn’t enough.

There are many types of L shape sofa in Malaysia you can choose from, depending on the colour you like. This type of sofa is ideal for corners and rooms that need a lot of seating space. Also, it’s recommended that you have a coffee table to house the food and drinks during a movie marathon.


  1. Lighting


Investing in adequate and high-quality lights in the entertainment room is essential. You might want to purchase a dimmer, which will control how light or dark the room will be. This is ideal for those who watch movies a lot. To have the cinema feel, the dimmer will make the room darker, but not that pitch black that no one sees each other anymore.


These three elements are important in every entertainment room. Without one, the family members will not maximize and enjoy the entertainment experience. It pays to have a place at home to relax, unwind and spend quality time with family and friends. This is where people come together and have fun without worrying about life’s problems and hurdles. The bottom line is, you’re not setting up an entertainment room to just let individuals watch movies, but you are setting it to let your family come closer together.


Buying Furniture Online in Malaysia

When most people need a new piece of furniture, the logical course of action in their minds is to head to a local furniture shop and pick out whatever they are looking for. However, there are much better options these days, which can save you a lot of money in the long run, as well as give the customer a lot more choices in terms of what pieces of furniture they want to purchase. Online shopping has absolutely exploded, which truly is a better way to purchase furniture, as well as all sorts of other products.


One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people have started to shop online is the fact that there are far more retailers and thus, a lot more selection. To top it off, each retailer that is operating online has to compete with every single other website that is selling similar furniture. This essentially brings prices down greatly, based on the fact that there is such a high level of competition, and even with the already lower prices, most furniture stores will offer up large discounts in the form of coupon codes, which can be used to get additional money off furniture.


Some people think that it is far better to simply head to the store and check furniture out, based on the fact that they want to actually sit on a couch, or a chair before they purchase it. While this is absolutely practical, the reality is there are other ways that you can evaluate furniture online, which truly is just about as good. Almost every single website, as well as each individual product that is being sold by each retailer, has specific ratings and reviews. Reading through these reviews is an excellent way to evaluate products, as you can literally hear directly from customers that have actually bought and lived with the furniture that you are considering purchasing. While this is not an absolutely perfect way to tell whether or not you are going to like any given piece of furniture, it is a very good way to tell whether customers were satisfied with their purchase or not. If you can find a piece of furniture that has almost perfect ratings across the board, with people stating that they absolutely love their furniture, you stand a really good chance of picking up a high quality product.


There are tons and tons of online retailers that can be easily accessed, all of whom can send you furniture right to your doorstep, which is another huge convenience. A lot of stores charge delivery fees, while most online retailers do not charge anything for delivery, especially when the purchase price is fairly high. Before you start shopping for furniture online, however, make sure the retailers you are looking at can ship to your current location. For instance, if you are currently living in Malaysia, you would want to make sure you located sites that feature online furniture in Malaysia, or can ship to the country.

A Few Tips For Maintaining Wood Furniture

how-to-clean-wood-furniture-8v2qmgcj-600x330Selecting wood material is not as simple as it used to and in today’s world there are infinitely more choices in colours, patterns and texture of wood. The trend has always been to use the right wood type that is suitable for your needs and budget. For example, you might choose one type of wood just because it is durable or because it goes well with the rest of the room’s theme, the choice is yours. Or you could pair one type of wood furniture with another.

In addition to enhancing the look of your room, the type of wood you choose also underpins the functionality. Wood is a natural choice in country style homes but these furniture are also making big waves in modern or contemporary homes. You can add colour to it or create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with other accessories. Wood furniture, in essence, lets you create just about any theme you can think of. There are of course no hard and fast rules about what type of wood you choose but one important factor plays role in your selection – maintenance. Some wood types are easy to maintain while others demand greater care. If you don’t have time for the upkeep, it is always better to go for a type that is durable even if it means shelling out a little extra.

Smiling  woman dusting wooden furiture
Smiling woman dusting wooden furiture

Wood furniture is unrivalled for its natural beauty as well. It expands and contracts depending on the environment you live in. It may also warp when exposed to too much moisture or water. It is therefore necessary to protect your wood furniture by applying a film finish of varnish or oil especially on those furniture that are kept outside in the patio or backyards. A film of oil or varnish seals the wood. Again, it is also necessary to protect the wood from cracking which will cause peeling. For better results, you will have to sand the wood first and then apply the coating every year. When burns or stains occur, that can be sanded away as well.

decapareFor those who are interested in learning the type of wood they must choose, teak is an excellent selection. It is handsome and wears really well. There are high quality laminated products, too, that match the type of wood you are looking for. Durable Easter sugar maple, rosewood, alder are some of the alternative choices for your wood furniture. Your decision to use wood furniture for a long time, even if it means to a corner in a room requires commitment to keep it sealed. Maintaining wood also involves cleaning or scrubbing it with antibacterial soap if necessary. With proper maintenance, you can expect wood furniture to last for more than 30 years.

Online furniture in Malaysia is a store where you can find a great selection of wood furniture for your home and office needs. From natural woods to laminated products, you have many options, colours and texture to choose from. The choice, however, is simply a personal one.


Furnishing an Apartment in Spring


Spring is a wonderful time of the year, with the temperature starting to warm up, the flowers going into the bloom, and a general good feeling in the air. Spring time is a great time to liven up your home and bring some of that charm into your apartment, so here are some ideas that you can use this Spring. One of the best ways to make any room feel great is to add some greenery. You can do this by purchasing live plants, which need to be watered periodically, or you can simply get some cut flowers and place them in a vase. There is something that is calming and welcoming about having plants in the home, and it is known to make the room a lot more comfortable. It has also been shown that people that have plants in their home, regardless of whether they are real or fake, tend to be happier overall, so this is definitely something to consider.


Furniture Options

When it comes to the actual furniture in your apartment, there are a ton of ways that you can go. If you want a completely different feel in the apartment, you can go ahead and purchase new furniture and fit the room around the new furniture that you buy. It is a great thing to paint the walls as well, but you are going to want to paint the walls to match the various pieces of furniture that you put in each room, so think about this carefully before you buy any furniture. If you have a smaller, cozy apartment, you may want to think about adding in furniture that is space conscious, and does not take up a whole lot of room, as well as adding furniture that makes the rooms feel bigger and open. This can be a tricky task, but is absolutely doable, so just work with what you have. One great trick is to utilize a shoe rack. Rather than having a ton of shoes lying around, a great way to use space wisely is to buy a vertical shoe rack. Not only does a shoe rack look great, but it can add some flare to your apartment and open up a room in your home.

Analysing Rooms and Making Purchases

It is a great idea to sit back and really analyse your rooms, and think about where furniture might fit in best. One of the first things to consider for a living room is where a television is going to go, as well as where the sofas and chairs are going to go. If the room has a solid corner, you might want to put in a sofa L shape, which can fit right into the corner, utilizing space in a smart way. If you want to find some ideas on what type of spring themed furniture to purchase, you should check out some of the online retailers and furniture stores. Be sure to verify that each website ships to your location, however. For example, if you are looking for furniture online in Malaysia, make sure they ship to Malaysia before really checking out their furniture in detail, which will save you some time.


Guide to Living Room Design for Entertainment

You might be pleasantly surprised to find that you can turn your living room into a premier entertainment venue without much effort, time or expense by simply following a few important guidelines.

Types of Furniture for your Space

Whether you have a large home with a big living room area or limited space to work with, the type of furniture you choose is key. If you are working with a small space, you will want to use sleeker functional pieces, like the L shape sofa in Malaysia. This will provide maximum seating while at the same time, providing the greatest use of space. In addition, rather than using a large coffee table in the center of the room that might make it difficult to move around, you might want to consider a few smaller tables placed at the ends of the sofas and other seats in the room. If the room is large, you can create a welcoming and cozy feel by choosing larger furniture, for example an overstuffed sofa rather than a sleeker smaller one. Larger coffee tables and rugs will also fill out the space nicely.



Considering your Guest List

It is always important to consider your guest list before you go shopping for your furniture. You wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an antique suede sofa, only to have your guest’s toddler spill their juice on it. Considerations such as ease of cleaning, for example, going with leather vs. microfiber, when hosting younger guests, is always a good option to consider.



Placement of your Furniture

Many books, television programs, magazines and online articles capitalize on giving you information on decoration. If interior designing is not your gift, it might be well worth your while to invest time into using some of these resources. Not only will well placed furniture and décor impress your guests, but it will enhance you and your guests’ entertainment experience as a whole. It can streamline movement, nurture a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere and if done well, not cost you very much extra. Good taste does not have to suffer at the hands of functionality. Placement is key. For example, a shoe rack that is placed right by the door and is one of the first things your guest will see when they walk in, can be artistic and tactfully placed to fit in with other furniture pieces functioning not only as a rack of shoes but can be even considered as part of the overall décor.



Colour Schemes

One of the most important considerations in designing your living room for entertainment is what colour scheme you will go for. A room that has too many colours and patterns can create a tacky and restless feel. A good colour scheme will provide a tasteful and positive ambiance to any living space, and create a sense or harmony that you and your guests will appreciate. Know your colour scheme before you start and be sure it maches the rest of your home.