Spring Cleaning Can Refresh The Soul


With spring quickly approaching, you may find yourself preparing for the big spring cleaning. Every spring, people sit down and prepare to tackle each room of the house. The bedroom is one of the rooms that often need spring cleaning the most. In this article you can find some tips on what all you should do during your bedroom spring cleaning project.


De-cutter Any Surfaces

Night stands, dressers, and desk are the most common surfaces that seem to become catch-all. Therefore, you will want to de-clutter all surfaces. It has been a proven fact that just by de-cluttering, your mood will instantly brighten. After you have de-cluttered, it is time to dust.

Pull Furniture Away From Walls

Dust collects on every surface in your bedroom, during the Winter months the dust gathers more heavily. Therefore, you need to pull all the bedroom furniture away from the walls so you can thoroughly wipe them down. Dust can eat away at wood surfaces. Therefore, it is important to keep them clean and properly up keep. While you have all your furniture shop furniture away from the walls, you can vacuum any dust accumulations as well.


Go Through Clothing

This is something that seems to accumulate more than anything. As humans, we are prone to collecting clothing. However, spring is the perfect time to go through those clothes that no longer fit. Pull all your clothes from your dresser and closet. You can place them on your bed as you go through and donate whatever no longer fits or you no longer like. As you go through them, fold them and put them away neatly. Make sure you have no fallen clothes under your bed, as you do, clean the side boards in case you missed them while whipping down the furniture.

Remove Linens

With the warmer weather comes need to take down the heavy curtains and blankets and trade them out for lighter fabrics. This means taking all the curtains and drapes, along with blankets sheets and mattress covers. Replace what you can and launder the rest.

Clean or Dust All Areas Missed

During your normal cleaning routine, it is common to miss areas out of reach or even out of sight. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to make these areas like new again. Take the time out to dust all corners of the ceiling, and wipe down the fan and any baseboards.

Spring Cleaning Child’s Room

Use these same tips if you are cleaning your children’s room as well. Only if you are cleaning their room you will also need to de-clutter and organize their toys and belongings as well.

While Spring cleaning your room if you notice any damage to your bedroom furniture, you should contact your furniture shop to get it repaired or replaced. Spring clean does wonders for your bedroom as well as for your soul. A clean room can provide you a better night’s sleep and a refreshing area to relax. Most of these bedroom tips can be used for the rest of your home as well.


How to Whittle Out The Best Wood Furniture

11444 Teak Nordic rack


When considering what wood furniture to buy, there is a lot to think about. It is important to know how to look for in the furniture prior to purchasing it, how to buy wood furniture, and how to maintain the furniture after it is purchased. I am going to share this information with so those that are going to purchase wooden furniture will know what to look for when buying it and how to take care of the furniture after it is bought. First, I am going to discuss what to look when considering purchasing wooden furniture.


One of the first things to consider prior to shopping for wood furniture is how much you can spend on the furniture. Even if it is not stuck to, it is a good idea to create a budget before purchasing wood furniture. If it is important to get a high quality item with excellent construction, a fine and rare wood, or a one-of-a-kind design, a person may want to spend more money to get the features that they want. If a person absolutely cannot do without a piece of furniture, then the budget may have to be redone in order for this special item to be purchased. However, it is a good idea to make a budget so all of the furniture budget is not spent on one item. Where the piece of furniture will be used is important also. If a piece of wooden furniture is going to be in a high traffic room like the living room, then it needs to be strong and be prepared to be used a lot. If it is only going to be used every now and then, like an accent piece in the guest room that is not used often, it is more important for the piece of furniture to look better versus being strong. Another thing to consider is how long a person plans to keep the furniture.


How long a person plans to keep the item is important as well. If the wooden furniture is going to be in a bedroom, dining room, or living room, they will probably be in the home for a long time. Some people even pass them on to their children and grandchildren. If that is the purpose of these items, then people typically spend more money on these items. Furniture for a baby’s room, for example, is usually not spent as much on due to the fact that children outgrow them and they need to be replaced regularly. Therefore, as long as they meet federal guidelines, they can look good instead of lasting a long time. A person also needs to consider what kind of decorating style and wood do they like, and find out what kind of finish is on the wood and does the furniture work like it is supposed to? When purchasing wooden furniture, it is also important to know what to look for when shopping for it.


There is a lot to look at when shopping for wooden for wooden furniture even when shopping for furniture in Malaysia. One thing to look at is the quality of the wood. There are two type of wood: hard and soft. This refers to the plant species and not how strong the wood is. Hardwood usually costs more and is stronger. Other things that need to be looked for are ensuring the joints are properly secured, the drawers and doors can be easily opened and closed, dust panels to keep dust out of drawers, and the furniture should also have levelling balances to keep the furniture level no matter what type of floor it will be on. Some other things that ought to be looked for are: does the item come with the features that are needed (for example, do the table leaves fit in right and is there a hole for cords in the entertainment centre?), the hardware should be very strong, and the finish should be smooth (unless it is distressed wood and there should be no rough edges and latches under table leaves should work properly). The shelves need centre supports so they do not collapse. This can be told by leaning on them to check the strength. Do adjustable shelves move easily and is the hardware that comes with it of good quality? Lastly, the piece of furniture ought to feel secure when it is moved. If it shifts a lot, it was not properly made. After the furniture is purchased and is at home, then maintaining and preserving is essential to how long it will last.


After a piece of furniture is purchased from a business like Ethnicraft Wood Furniture, maintaining the item is very important. It is a good idea to ask the salesperson for any specific care and cleaning guidelines prior to purchasing the item. Dusting is also essential as it gets rid of airborne deposits that create a filmy layer and can scratch the furniture. A slightly damp feather duster or soft cloth will not only remove the dust from the item, but keep it from getting the dust back into the air and the dust getting back onto the furniture. Not only will these ideas help people select and whittle out the best wood furniture, they will help keep and maintain their wood furniture for many years.

Giving Your Home The Gift Of New Furnishings

As hectic as this time of year is with holiday preparations, the idea of purchasing new furnishings at this time of year seems rather absurd. After all most individuals are going to be quite busy with gift buying and make arrangements to pick up and house far-flung relatives. And let’s not forget those holiday office parties and neighbourhood open houses. Why on Earth would anyone want to pick this time of year to purchase new furniture?

Furniture Is Cheaper At This Time Of Year

Sale Shop Window

Why? Those sofas may not look that different to you from year to year, but like other manufacturers, those in the furniture industry unveil new models at the start of every new year. This means that furniture sellers are eager to get rid of the current year’s inventory. And like other store owners, they’ll be offering holiday sales. In addition to offering sales in general to clear showroom floors, furniture buyers can find real bargains in:

  • discontinued items
  • one of a kind items
  • clearance items

buy furniture online - more furniture sales

Keep in mind when holiday furniture shopping however, that such dealers offer sales year round. Furniture seekers might want to wait for sales at other times of year to purchase certain types of furniture. Dining room furniture prices tend to go up at winter holiday time. You can’t have all those relatives huddling around fold-up card tables, can you? And while one might still find “seasonal” furniture available at these shops, sometimes at tremendous discounts, there’s
a good reason these items haven’t been snapped up. Stay focused on interior furnishings, and confine looking for outdoor bargains to autumn sales.

Online Furniture Shopping

buy furniture online

There’s nothing that cannot be purchased digitally these days, and that includes furniture. And making purchases over the internet certainly relieves a buyer of the time and frustration involved spent in selecting furniture. And buyers certainly have many furniture buying options. In the United Kingdom alone for example, buying options range from whole sale to specialized pieces. So should you buy furniture online? It’s true that one can’t bounce up and down on couch cushions to test a piece for comfort. Other things that buyers should be aware of before committing to online furniture purchases:

  • be careful to provide the right measurements
  • carefully look at the item description, not just the photograph
  • ask all questions before sale is final
  • understand your rights

Buy Timeless, Not Trendy

It can be easy to be distracted by holiday hubbub, but interior furniture purchases should always be thoughtful ones, and good wooden furniture if properly maintained is attractive, timeless, and provides a generational legacy. Furniture in Malaysia is made from oak and teak among other native woods, and makes a beautiful addition to any home. With many online furniture dealers in Malaysia, buyers should consider venturing online this holiday season to see what bargains they can uncover.


A Few Tips To Help You Decorate Your Bedroom

Decorating your bedroom should be a fun process, but many people get bogged down because they do not realize how hard it is going to be to pick a style for the room. Your best chance of making sure that your bedroom looks great is to use these style tips that are here. You can use each piece of advice here to make your bedroom look great, and you can use your bedroom as the centerpiece of the home you share with your partner. Try each step to see what you can get when you decorate.

Paint Well
paints for platform bed in bedroom

You need to pick paint colors that are going to work in the room. You want to find something that is going to work with the furniture that you have chosen, and you need to make sure that you have chosen wall colors for every wall that you like. Think of the walls like a work of art that you can put together with the help of the wall colors that you have chosen. This is going to be much easier for you to do when you have picked your furniture.platform bed for bedroom

Choose The Right Bed

The bed is the focal point of the room, and you can get a wooden bed frame that is going to look fantastic. Platform beds in Malaysia are going to help you make sure that you get some good styling with great craftsmanship. The people that are working in Malaysia are some of the best carpenters in the world, and you can pick out something that is the right color and style.

platform beds

Place It Well

platform beds in right spot

You need to place the bed in a spot in the room that is going to work for you and your family. You can put the bed in one corner to save space, or you can choose a new wall to split with the bed. You have to decide what you are going to based on who has to use the bed and when they have to use it. You are going to get much better results for the room when you have put the bed in the right spot.

Choose Better Furniture Pieces

Placing furniture pieces around the room is going to help you organize the room in a way that is easy for you to use. You are going to get a lot of great results when you are moving the furniture around, and you can purchase as much of the furniture as you need to fill up the room. This is going to make it that much easier when you are trying to make your home look that much better. Your guests will notice the difference.

platform beds happy family

You can use your furniture and paint to make your bedroom look great, and you need to make sure that you have organized them in a way that makes sense for you and your family. People who take design seriously in their homes are going to have a house that looks much better.