7 Types of People You’ll Encounter in a Malaysian Gym

Gyms are becoming more and more popular in Malaysia. With the trend of looking good and feeling good, hundreds are signing up for gym memberships from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru. You may be wondering about who you’ll meet when you join a gym. The gym doesn’t only contain gym-buffs but all types of people trying to look and feel good. Here are seven types of people you can encounter in a Malaysian gym.


  1. The Hulk

Often similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger in size and stature, the token Hulk in every gym is attire too tight to contain their bulging muscles and lifting ten times the weights you lift. The Hulk’s favorite drink is a protein shake before and after they workout.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


  1. The Socializer

Always chirping away while brisk walking on the treadmill or elliptical machine, the socializer exchanges diet tips and weekend plans with gym-goers. At the end of the day, the socializer is friends with and knows everyone in the gym.

The Socializer


  1. The Beginner

Often working out with a personal trainer, the Beginner just started pumping iron to reach a new body goal or New Year’s resolution. You can see the beginner researching for the right techniques on their smartphones.


  1. The Victoria Secret Model

The Victoria Secret Model is the girl who even after a long and sweaty workout looks fabulous. No amount of sweat will ruin the shine of her hair or the glow of her skin; it only makes her look better.

The Victoria Secret Model


  1. The Coach

The Coach is the go-to guy in the gym who knows the right techniques and does workouts by-the-book. He’s the one you go to if you need advice on a new workout or diet.

The Coach


  1. The Experimenter

The Experimenter likes to try workout techniques; infusing basic gym workout with CrossFit or Yoga among other workouts to come up with an effective yet experimental non-routine workout.


  1. The Lurker

There’s always somebody in the gym who’s coasting on a rest bench, using the Wi-Fi or bopping to the gym playlist; these are the lurkers. The Lurker works out half the time in the gym, and the other half just hangs out in the gym to talk or bask in the cold air.


The gym contains all types of people. It can be a great place to observe and find a gym buddy. Who knows? Maybe after a few months, you’re one of the types of people found in the gym.

4 Reasons to Try Yoga Exercises

Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice that has been around for thousands of years. Monks used yoga as a form of meditation. Yogis, or people who practised yoga, were regarded as wise sages who achieved spiritual enlightenment. In modern times, yoga is still regarded as an effective means to meditate and re-focus.

However, the practice has been opened up to people from all walks of life. It is now considered as a good way to exercise and even lose weight. If you are interested, here are the four reasons to try yoga exercises:


  1. It Relieves Stress

exercise-jpg6_One of the basic principles of yoga is proper breathing. The poses or asanas are executed with a combination of deep breathing exercises. Students are taught to breathe in deeply and exhale at just the right moment to maximise the effect of the workout. Proper breathing has a calming effect and stress is slowly released as the poses are executed.


  1. It is a Total Body Workout

seniors-on-ball-jpeg_origYoga requires a lot of strength and stamina. It isn’t easy to accomplish the different poses if your core and back are weak. While it is not high-intensity, yoga engages all of the muscle groups and develops a person’s stamina. It can help people lose weight, strengthen their backs, tighten their muscles and flatten abs.


  1. You Can Do it at Home

pilates-mental-healthMost fitness centres and gyms in Malaysia offer yoga exercises classes. There are different levels and variations such as hot yoga for those who want a more intense workout. However, it is understandable that some people are not comfortable with working out with a group. The good news is that you can do yoga at home, at the beach, or wherever you are comfortable with. There are instructional DVDs and videos prepared by instructors and they teach the basic principles of yoga as well as how to execute the moves properly.


  1. You Can Start Slow

fitness_core-training_exerciseUnlike high-impact or very physical exercises, yoga is gentle to the body. Young and old people can practice yoga exercises at their own pace and at their own levels. If you cannot fully execute the exercises, wait until your body has been able to adapt. With regular practice, you will be limber and strong enough to accomplish them.

A lot of people says yoga has helped them become more focused, less anxious, and fitter. You can start or end your day with yoga or pause in the middle of a busy day to centre yourself. It’s a good exercise and helps people have a more positive outlook on life.

Top 5 Bike Gadgets To Rock Your Ride Like A Boss!

Around summer in Malaysia, it’s when you’d expect to find lots of bike enthusiasts gearing up for long rides with a bunch of cycling buddies. At this particular time, hunting for a cool cycling gear can be very essential, as most bike accessories can more likely make your cycling experience become more convenient, safe, and very comfortable than you can imagine. Following is a detailed list of the best bike accessories all cyclists should be hunting for all the time, to make their cycling pursuits become more appealing and fun all the time.


1)            Heart rate monitor. If you’re trying to keep track of your heart rate every time you’re riding, a heart rate monitor is an invaluable tool because it offers consistent readings of your heart impulse rate while on-the-go. This device also gives you very detail-specific data in real-time about any body calories burned, to make sure you’re charging in the proper increments. Heart rate monitors come in a wide range of colour combinations, so that you can easily pick the one that appeals to you most.


2)          Reflective Vest. This may not be much of a novelty in the cycling world, but this cycling apparel is quite convenient for all bike enthusiasts, in that many of these vests are easily visible from a long distance of about 200 meters away. This means at night when riding on tarmac, you can expect to have a smooth ride with no worry of any accidents because other motorists can see you clearly. Also many vests usually come with a pair of reflective armbands to ensure maximum visibility all the time.

3)            Multi-tool Kit. Every time you’re arranging to set for a long ride, make sure you have at least a multi-tool kit nearby all the time. You may never know when the likelihood of a repair can occur. Sometimes, you may need to replace or fasten a loose nut on your bike. Most multi-tool kits come in a wide range of tools and an easy storage area. So anytime you’d ever need to adjust your bike’s chain or pedals, this tool kit will come in handy all the time.


4)            Freestanding Bike Stand. When you are not riding your bike, you’d need to park it somewhere, right? This is quite a great option for bike renters who find it difficult to equip a stable bike rack into their apartment wall. Luckily, freestanding bike stands are quite easy to put together, and many of them are backed up with a lifetime warranty. Most racks are quite leveled to the ground, which makes many people calm and enjoy some peace of mind. The bike stand also has another much smaller footprint, which makes it quite convenient for people living in crowded houses.

5)            Head Helmet. And lastly, head helmets make it easy for you to protect your head from potential damage while on the road. And most helmets come in a wide range of bold colours and sizes to fit anyone’s head and style altogether.


Above all else, bike enthusiasts everywhere know that there’s way more to a person’s bike than just having an ordinary bike. In fact, now is the high time everybody should consider adding some more cutting-edge accessories to start their ride in high gear. Whether you’re looking for heart rate monitors, reflective vests, bike stands and other top-notch bike stuff, this handy guide has got all the best and most convenient accessories for road bikes you need to make your cycling experience a smooth one and fun all the time.

3 Incredible Health Benefits of Juicing

Juicing has been gaining immense popularity across the globe for its wide spectrum of health benefits. When you squeeze certain vegetables and fruits in a juicing machine, you get all the nutrients, vitamins and essential phytochemicals that are known to ward off cancer.

Image result for Juicing

The consumption of fruits and vegetables has been linked to many health benefits such as increased energy, prevention against diseases like cancer and heart disease; and immune system boost.


This is advised for people who are not fond of eating fruits and vegetables. It’s a new way to enjoy the health benefits these power foods offer, without actually munching on them. So, here are the benefits of juicing and how it can help in promoting overall health.


  1. Cancer Prevention

Image result for Cancer Prevention

Recently, the National Cancer Institute began a campaign to help promote eating more fruits and vegetables among individuals. The agency recommends a person to consume approximately five servings of fruits and about three servings of vegetables per day.


Hence, juicing has proven to be an effective way to motivate them to consume fruits and vegetables in a fun way. Studies have shown that consuming these foods can help prevent certain cancers of the breast, colon, esophagus, ovaries, lungs, and stomach. Phytochemicals in these foods are also known to be potent protectors of the body against cancer-causing agents.


  1. Immune System Boost

Image result for Immune System Boost

In addition, juicing is known to boost the immune system by helping remove the harmful toxins in the body. Certain juices such as carrot, peach, apple and lemon can help boost the immune system. With a robust immune system, the body is capable of fighting harmful pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.


  1. Aids In Weight Loss

Image result for Aids In Weight Loss

One of the benefits of juicing is weight loss. Drinking fruit or vegetable juice can help boost the metabolism and at the same time, gives you the needed antioxidants and vitamins.


There are many health benefits of juicing. If you’re wondering how to start with this type of diet, you can buy a slow juicer in Malaysia through many health shops and online stores. The various health benefits of juicing will surely outweigh the price of buying one. To help promote overall health and well-being, start juicing now and witness the incredible life-changing health benefits.

A Better Alternative To Filtered Water

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The human body is made up 60% water on the average.  If only for this reason, the kind and quality of water that you allow into your system should be of your utmost concern.  Most households prefer the bottled type because it is more convenient to purchase and dispense.  Others have invested on home water purifying systems as it has proven to be more economical.  For safety reasons, parents prefer to purify their tap water and store in sterilized glass containers instead of using disposable plastic bottles.  Households and business establishments have started to take further steps in ensuring that the water they consume is no less than healthy and clean, free from contaminants that may harm the body.


One of the most popular alternatives to tap and bottled water that made waves in the market is alkaline water.  It is supposedly less acidic and therefore, safer for human consumption.  While regular tap water has a pH level of 7, alkaline water has 8 or 9, making it more capable of neutralizing the acid in your body.  A system that is less acidic is deemed to be less prone to serious illnesses like stomach ulcers, diabetes, high cholesterol, and cancer.


So is it time you invest on a new water system?  Read the benefits and see for yourself:


  1. Alkalized water helps neutralize the acid in the bloodstream, leading to increased oxygen levels in the blood that goes to your vital organs.

Image result for Alkalized water

  1. It helps improve your energy and increases metabolism.

Image result for increases metabolism

  1. Due to its anti-oxidizing properties, alkalized water also helps in slowing down the skin’s aging process.

Image result for slowing down the skin’s aging process

  1. It is a good detoxifying agent as it removes acidic wastes that accumulate in your body every day.

Image result for acidic wastes

  1. It is able to hydrate your body better by forming water micro clusters that are absorbed easier and faster by your system.

Image result for ater micro clusters that are absorbed easier and faster by your system

The kind of water that you introduce to our system may have more impact on your overall health condition than the food that you eat or the exercise routines that you do (or don’t do).  Water travels to all parts of your system and affects every part of your body the minute you ingest it.  If you can find a better alternative to your regular bottled water, wouldn’t you consider switching for your family’s benefit?

Can’t Lose The Flab? Here Are Some Products That Help

Fitness woman with dumbbells on a dark background. Back view
Fitness woman with dumbbells on a dark background. Back view

Staying fit and trim is a struggle for lots of women, but what’s a girl to do when life gets in the way? It can be so difficult to know how to go about losing the flab that can accumulate over time. You go out to eat one too many times, and all of the sudden, when you look in the mirror, you see pudginess on your stomach and on your thighs. It can be highly discouraging.

Fortunately, there are some key products that can turn everything around for you. Just look at the following items that are meant to fight the flab and help you lose weight in no time.
1. A Yoga Mat 

Doing some body weight exercises is a great way to shed pounds, and you can even do these while you watch television! Many women feel that they don’t have time to work out on a regular basis, yet they do find time to watch TV and movies. Why not incorporate these two activities so that when you watch TV, you exercise? You might even give yourself a break during the commercials so it’s a tad more enjoyable.
Chiara Ambra cellulite cream scientifically formulated
2. Cellulite Cream 

One of the biggest challenges to gaining weight is having to deal with that pesky cellulite. It can be extremely annoying to have cellulite on your thighs and stomach, and it may make some women feel self conscious and annoyed when they want to look nice at the beach or in sexy lingerie.

Cellulite cream of the highest caliber can truly help get rid of this problem. It’s just important to use the cream according to the directions so that you get the best results.
3. A Simple Pair of Running Shoes 

Sometimes, gaining weight is caused by not burning as many calories as you eat, and the best way to burn calories is to do some cardiovascular exercise. There are many types of cardiovascular exercise, but walking, running and jogging are all easy to do and simply require a pair of nice running shoes.

Make sure to find a pair that is comfortable as well as affordable. You can find great shoes for a good deal online or in some outlet stores in your area.


  1. Slimming Cream

    Cream that also slims is a great thing to have because it actually puts in the work for you. All you need to do with this cream is apply it, and that’s actually the fun part! You can find slimming creams of different types and varieties on the Internet and in stores, but remember that there are some types that won’t be very good. Opt for a top quality brand and follow the directions. You’ll see great results soon enough!

    Hopefully, this list gave you some good ideas for finding the right products to fit your weight loss needs. Remember not to get discouraged if you don’t see results after the first day or two of using these products! Trust the process, and you’ll soon be reaping the benefits!


Anti-Aging Treatments You Can Do at Home


You don’t need harsh chemicals or expensive anti-aging creams to get a more youthful complexion. These simple DIY treatments can be whipped up using ingredients you can find at the local grocery store.


Retinol from Rice 
Give your skin a dose of vitamin A, vitamin E and calcium with this rice scrub inspired by the Japanese. Blend 1/4 cup brown rice flour with two to three tablespoons of unsweetened rice milk. Massage the mixture into your skin in a circular motion, and rinse with warm water.


Bright Berries and Walnuts 
Blackberries pack an antioxidant punch to fight skin damage that causes signs of aging. Combine 1/2 cup of fresh berries with 1/2 cup of walnuts in a blender to make a scrub that aids in collagen production to reduce wrinkles. Use the resulting mixture the same way you would a commercial exfoliant.


Agave for Age Spots
Say goodbye to age spots on your hands with a simple scrub made from:

• 1/2 cup cooked rice
• 1 tablespoon agave nectar
• 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Mix well, massage into your hands for one to two minutes and rinse clean. These three ingredients work together to remove dead cells and lighten your skin.


Matcha Mask 
You’ve heard how good green tea is to drink, but did you know that it can also improve cell turnover when applied to your skin? Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant called EGCG, which is also found in white tea. Get the biggest benefit by mixing the two together in a rejuvenating mask:

• Boil 1 cup of filtered water.
• Steep 1 white tea bag for 5 minutes.
• Mix in 1 teaspoon of matcha green tea powder to form a paste.
Apply as a mask, and let it sit for about 15 minutes.
• Gently remove with a warm, damp washcloth.

Coffee Lip Scrub 
If coffee is more your style, you can turn your morning pick-me-up into a youth-boosting lip scrub by combining 1/4 teaspoon of fresh coffee grounds with 1/4 teaspoon of coarse kosher salt. Mix this with 1/2 teaspoon of your favourite moisturiser and massage the scrub around your lips and mouth for five minutes. Wipe clean with a warm, damp washcloth, and enjoy pinker, younger-looking lips.

Eat the Rainbow 
The same antioxidants that are found in many of these home anti aging treatments can be added to your daily diet to help combat skin damage from the inside. Flavanoids, flavanols, carotenoids and other antioxidant compounds appear abundantly in foods such as berries; dark leafy greens; and red, orange and yellow vegetables.

These home treatments and lifestyle habits can do just as much for your skin as a face lifting cream. Experiment to find your favourites, and make them part of your regular skin care regimen to reduce wrinkles, promote firmness and brighten tone. You’ll bring out more of the natural beauty you’re already carrying inside so that you look younger and feel more vibrant every day.


Avoid Binge Eating During The Holidays With These Tips

Over the years, weight has been a major problem that has led to many deaths across the world. This is because of the diseases related to gaining weight and as such, this is one problem that if not taken care off may lead to adverse medical conditions. Due to this, many hospitals and medical facilities have developed different programs aimed at curbing diseases related to body weight.

weight loss program

Importance of seeking professional opinion in matters of health


Due to the persistent problems associated with human body weight, many programs across the world have been developed to help reduce the extent of deaths related to body weight. There are various indicators one should consider before joining a weight loss program. This is because the program should encompass all the necessary requirements of managing weight. A very important aspect is finding a program that will offer long term solution to the general body weight problem. This can be achieved by first seeking opinion from professional doctors on how to curb the problem successfully before engaging in the actual commencement of the program. Visiting professional doctors will ensure that a good advice is given on which types of food and drinks to eat in order to maintain healthy body. A good weight loss program should be geared towards making the body remain off gaining weight for a long period of time. Physical exercise is another strategic important program for loosing body weight. This process enables the body to burn down excess calories in the body thus improving the body performance. As a result, the body increases blood flow in the system enabling cellular functionality thus living the body active all round.

weight loss program to stay healthy

Keeping the body free of disease

A healthy body leads to improved living standards among people. As such, weight loss is an important aspect in the human life. Fat human bodies have been associated with many different types of disease which later affect the body functionality. Heart diseases have been associated with the excess fat in the blood veins thus forcing blood to travel at reduced rate thus affecting the heart. As such, many hospitals and healthcare centres across the world have continued advocating for weight loss. This is the best practice of keeping the complications at bay before they actually start affecting the body system. Due to digitization and the development of the internet, these services can be accessed through the online platforms where people can use the demonstration videos on the internet to improve their health.

weight loss program exercise

These programs have been helpful to many people who have testified on how they have averted many diseases. Developing countries have also started implementing these programs aimed at curbing many disease that have been reported due to the body weight through taking classes seriously. Other developed countries have improved the structures through the development of sophisticated and modern hospitals for dealing with these conditions. This is one of the best ways to avoid using drugs but controlling the weight physically thus prevention is better than cure.