Are Malaysian Offices Too Cold? Why This Could Pose a Health Problem

TAs the world gets hotter each year, people adapt to weather changes by making their indoor places cooler. Malaysia has been one of those countries that are continuously improving their ventilation and air conditioning system through the years. However, exposure to an excessively cold workplace for a long time might impose certain health risks that are sometimes neglected. This condition is what you call cold stress.

What is Cold Stress?

Stress is not only due to a particular time, person, or situation, but also due to temperature. Anyone exposed to excessively cold environments, particularly in workplaces, is at risk of having cold stress. When the temperature drops, your body’s heat goes down simultaneously. And, below normal body heat can cause certain illnesses. Here are the some of the conditions that cold stress may cause:1

  1. Hypothermia

Exposure to cold temperature will cause your body to abnormally lose heat more than it could generate. Age, body type, and sex are some of the factors that affect the production of body heat. Low body temperature inhibits the person to think clearly or move freely. Shivering, confusion and loss of coordination are the early signs of hypothermia. So if you are starting to experience these symptoms, that might be a signal for you to go outside and have a little dose of heat.2

  1. Frostbite

Sometimes, frostbites are associated with an injury in places with snow. Unfortunately, frostbites can happen even in the convenience of your homes and workplaces. Caused mainly by freezing, frostbite is a loss of color and sensation on the affected areas. Nose, cheeks, chin, ears, toes, and fingers are the common frostbite affected areas. Reduced blood flow to body parts, tingling, numbness, and bluish discoloration are the signs and symptoms of frostbite. It’s not all the time you will never be bothered by the cold.3

  1. Frostnip

Commonly affects the skin and fingertips, like frostbites, frostnips can cause bluish discoloration and numbness but in a mild severity. The color and sensation will return to normal once exposed to heat.

Having a cool environment is good, but too much of it can cause adverse health effects. Therefore, it is important to assure that the ventilation and air conditioning system at a workplace is properly set at the right temperature.

4 Tips To Manage Daily Life At Ease When Living With Someone With Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a serious medical condition characterized by inflammation of the liver. The most common reasons for the development of hepatitis are liver infections, toxic substances such as alcohol and drugs, and autoimmune diseases. Hepatitis can be self-limiting or progressive, developing into fibrosis, cirrhosis, or even liver cancer if managed improperly.

In Malaysia, up to 50% of the individuals below 30 years of age do not have the antibodies necessary to fight certain types of hepatitis which leaves them prone to infection. Luckily, researchers have discovered several ways that can help people limit the persistence of curable types of hepatitis or live comfortably with its chronic forms. If you live with someone with hepatitis, help them speed on through to a full recovery and prevent others from getting it too by practicing these effective methods at home:

Meeting Of Support Group

  1. Encourage Support Group Participation – Many of the medication used to treat hepatitis can cause side effects such as depression, irritability, and even mania. These sudden changes in mood are frightening and confusing for a lot of patients and their caregivers, but there are ways to manage them. Because these behaviors can have a negative impact on the recovery and motivation for treatment of your loved one, it would be best to encourage them to participate in a hepatitis support group where they can hear more about the experiences of others like them. In Malaysia, hepatitis support groups can be found through hospitals where they often hold meets and gatherings for the benefit of both the patients and their primary caregivers.
  2. Prepare Healthy Food Options – For chronic cases of hepatitis like hepatitis B and C, infected individuals are advised to avoid all kinds of toxins that could exacerbate the situation. That’s because a liver suffering from hepatitis for too long might no longer be as efficient at regulating toxins that come from poor diets. As much as possible, minimize or completely eliminate any sources of alcohol, poorly prepared food, contaminated water, and recreational drugs that your loved one might have access to. Prepare food that is high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals to help them fight any toxins in their body that the liver might be struggling to regulate.prepare-healthy-food-and-fresh-air-by-hepa-air-purifier-in-malaysia
  3. Provide Temporary Isolation – Hepatitis in all of its forms is a highly communicable disease. Different types of hepatitis are transmitted through different means and it often just takes one opportunity of exposure for the virus to successfully relocate to a new host. If you’re sharing your space with someone who has hepatitis, be sure to isolate them in a clean room for a few days while they’re in recovery. You should also avoid using the same bathroom that they do and separate any items in the house that they use for feeding, hygiene, and grooming to avoid spreading the disease-causing germs.
  4. Ensure Clean Air – Food isn’t the only source of toxins and contaminants. Airborne particles like dust, smoke, pollen, and mold spores are also dangerous for those who have hepatitis. Ensuring that the air in your home is clean will reduce the toxins that your loved one will have to regulate. Numerous brands have made it difficult to choose a hepa air purifier in Malaysia. To make the right choice, consider looking for a model that provides several air filtration and purification levels so you can adjust the setting for more aggressive home air cleaning.hepa-air-purifier-can-process-clean-air-like-air-in-natural

Hepatitis is difficult, and allowing the condition to progress can make it even more so. Help that special person in your life today. Give your loved ones the strength to fight hepatitis and keep the rest of your family safe by putting these practices into action.

3 Incredible Health Benefits of Juicing

Juicing has been gaining immense popularity across the globe for its wide spectrum of health benefits. When you squeeze certain vegetables and fruits in a juicing machine, you get all the nutrients, vitamins and essential phytochemicals that are known to ward off cancer.

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The consumption of fruits and vegetables has been linked to many health benefits such as increased energy, prevention against diseases like cancer and heart disease; and immune system boost.


This is advised for people who are not fond of eating fruits and vegetables. It’s a new way to enjoy the health benefits these power foods offer, without actually munching on them. So, here are the benefits of juicing and how it can help in promoting overall health.


  1. Cancer Prevention

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Recently, the National Cancer Institute began a campaign to help promote eating more fruits and vegetables among individuals. The agency recommends a person to consume approximately five servings of fruits and about three servings of vegetables per day.


Hence, juicing has proven to be an effective way to motivate them to consume fruits and vegetables in a fun way. Studies have shown that consuming these foods can help prevent certain cancers of the breast, colon, esophagus, ovaries, lungs, and stomach. Phytochemicals in these foods are also known to be potent protectors of the body against cancer-causing agents.


  1. Immune System Boost

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In addition, juicing is known to boost the immune system by helping remove the harmful toxins in the body. Certain juices such as carrot, peach, apple and lemon can help boost the immune system. With a robust immune system, the body is capable of fighting harmful pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.


  1. Aids In Weight Loss

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One of the benefits of juicing is weight loss. Drinking fruit or vegetable juice can help boost the metabolism and at the same time, gives you the needed antioxidants and vitamins.


There are many health benefits of juicing. If you’re wondering how to start with this type of diet, you can buy a slow juicer in Malaysia through many health shops and online stores. The various health benefits of juicing will surely outweigh the price of buying one. To help promote overall health and well-being, start juicing now and witness the incredible life-changing health benefits.

A Better Alternative To Filtered Water

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The human body is made up 60% water on the average.  If only for this reason, the kind and quality of water that you allow into your system should be of your utmost concern.  Most households prefer the bottled type because it is more convenient to purchase and dispense.  Others have invested on home water purifying systems as it has proven to be more economical.  For safety reasons, parents prefer to purify their tap water and store in sterilized glass containers instead of using disposable plastic bottles.  Households and business establishments have started to take further steps in ensuring that the water they consume is no less than healthy and clean, free from contaminants that may harm the body.


One of the most popular alternatives to tap and bottled water that made waves in the market is alkaline water.  It is supposedly less acidic and therefore, safer for human consumption.  While regular tap water has a pH level of 7, alkaline water has 8 or 9, making it more capable of neutralizing the acid in your body.  A system that is less acidic is deemed to be less prone to serious illnesses like stomach ulcers, diabetes, high cholesterol, and cancer.


So is it time you invest on a new water system?  Read the benefits and see for yourself:


  1. Alkalized water helps neutralize the acid in the bloodstream, leading to increased oxygen levels in the blood that goes to your vital organs.

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  1. It helps improve your energy and increases metabolism.

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  1. Due to its anti-oxidizing properties, alkalized water also helps in slowing down the skin’s aging process.

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  1. It is a good detoxifying agent as it removes acidic wastes that accumulate in your body every day.

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  1. It is able to hydrate your body better by forming water micro clusters that are absorbed easier and faster by your system.

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The kind of water that you introduce to our system may have more impact on your overall health condition than the food that you eat or the exercise routines that you do (or don’t do).  Water travels to all parts of your system and affects every part of your body the minute you ingest it.  If you can find a better alternative to your regular bottled water, wouldn’t you consider switching for your family’s benefit?

3 Natural Ways For Healthier and Stronger Hair

While hair loss that comes along with aging is inevitable, losing hair at an early age is another story. It may be a result of a more serious factor such as anemia, thyroid problem or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. If this is the case, it will be more beneficial to have the main cause treated first rather than applying tons of hair loss solution to your balding hair.

If there’s no more major issue behind your falling hair, you can try these simple and natural ways of keeping your crowning glory shine and bounce as well as stay intact to your scalp.


Proper Diet

Health is your true wealth. With balanced diet, adequate intake of water and sufficient sleep, you will have a healthier body system which will radiate through your skin, eyes, and hair. Nutritious food may be expensive but so are slimming pills, medications, and hair transplant. It’s just a matter of choice as to where you would put your money on.

Proper Hairstyling

If you cannot get rid of curling wands, hair straightening irons, rubber bands’ or perming solutions, minimize using them as they can cause dryness and will make your hair brittle. Be creative with your hair instead. An unkempt hairstyle will add more volume to it.  Keeping it short will also make it look thicker. Deep side-parting will also do the tricks as it takes someone’s attention off your crown.


Stress Management

Stress will not only make you look older than your age and alleviates other illnesses. It will also increase hair loss. So you better let loose and burn your stress out or your hair will lose its glow.

Since your hair is an indicator as to how healthy and young you are, be gentle with it. Take care of it. Live a healthy and stress-free lifestyle and make your locks your pride.

More Natural Ways to Slim Yourself Down


Excess cellulite – people have tried almost every trick in the book to get rid of it no matter how expensive or silly the remedy may seem. Whether it’s diet and exercise or innovative slimming products in a bottle, if it claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite, most people will try it. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend thousands on liposuction and other invasive surgeries to get a happier, slimmer you.


5 Natural Methods for Slimming Down


  1. Drink lemon water in the morning.


Lemons pack enough vitamin C to boost your immune system and ward off common colds. Moreover, these yellow fruits also help to break down your food and speed up weight loss. They promote quick energy bursts, clean out internal waste and reduce hunger cravings. Because you’re adding lemon to water, you’re also hydrating your body and aiding in healthier skin.

breakfast (1)

  1. Eat a fat-busting breakfast.


Start your mornings off right with foods that promote weight loss, such as blueberries, oats, low-fat cottage cheese and Greek-style yogurt. Coconut oil, which contains medium-chain fatty acids, increases enzyme production to help break down fats. Adding coconut oil to your meal can help boost your energy while fighting cellulite.


  1. Apply a firming cream.


Magazines and television commercials have announced miracle firming creams for decades, but do they really work? According to a dermatologist interviewed by Allure, these creams may not transform your body, but they will make you appear slimmer. Body-firming creams work by plumping up the skin in areas where it’s dimpled and uneven. As your skin tightens, it looks smoother and gives the impression of having a slimmer, smoother body.


  1. Perform cellulite-focused exercises.


No single exercise can target and remove cellulite from a given area of your body. However, you can perform many different exercises to create smoother and firmer thighs, buttocks, arms and legs. Lunges, squats and other whole-body exercises make your muscles firm while reducing excess body fat. Supplement your exercises further with cellulite creams.


  1. Try intermittent fasting.


Not everyone likes the thought of fasting to slim down, but did you know you fast every day? When you go to sleep, you fast throughout the night and break your fast once you eat breakfast, hence the name. If you eat your last meal of the day at 8 p.m., you can increase the fasting time in which your body can burn excess fat.


It doesn’t take trips to a plastic surgeon or downing chemical fat burners to slim down. By changing your diet, doing a few cellulite exercises and experimenting with body-firming creams, you can appear slimmer before you know it and improve your mood and overall quality of life.

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Anti-Aging Treatments You Can Do at Home


You don’t need harsh chemicals or expensive anti-aging creams to get a more youthful complexion. These simple DIY treatments can be whipped up using ingredients you can find at the local grocery store.


Retinol from Rice 
Give your skin a dose of vitamin A, vitamin E and calcium with this rice scrub inspired by the Japanese. Blend 1/4 cup brown rice flour with two to three tablespoons of unsweetened rice milk. Massage the mixture into your skin in a circular motion, and rinse with warm water.


Bright Berries and Walnuts 
Blackberries pack an antioxidant punch to fight skin damage that causes signs of aging. Combine 1/2 cup of fresh berries with 1/2 cup of walnuts in a blender to make a scrub that aids in collagen production to reduce wrinkles. Use the resulting mixture the same way you would a commercial exfoliant.


Agave for Age Spots
Say goodbye to age spots on your hands with a simple scrub made from:

• 1/2 cup cooked rice
• 1 tablespoon agave nectar
• 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Mix well, massage into your hands for one to two minutes and rinse clean. These three ingredients work together to remove dead cells and lighten your skin.


Matcha Mask 
You’ve heard how good green tea is to drink, but did you know that it can also improve cell turnover when applied to your skin? Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant called EGCG, which is also found in white tea. Get the biggest benefit by mixing the two together in a rejuvenating mask:

• Boil 1 cup of filtered water.
• Steep 1 white tea bag for 5 minutes.
• Mix in 1 teaspoon of matcha green tea powder to form a paste.
Apply as a mask, and let it sit for about 15 minutes.
• Gently remove with a warm, damp washcloth.

Coffee Lip Scrub 
If coffee is more your style, you can turn your morning pick-me-up into a youth-boosting lip scrub by combining 1/4 teaspoon of fresh coffee grounds with 1/4 teaspoon of coarse kosher salt. Mix this with 1/2 teaspoon of your favourite moisturiser and massage the scrub around your lips and mouth for five minutes. Wipe clean with a warm, damp washcloth, and enjoy pinker, younger-looking lips.

Eat the Rainbow 
The same antioxidants that are found in many of these home anti aging treatments can be added to your daily diet to help combat skin damage from the inside. Flavanoids, flavanols, carotenoids and other antioxidant compounds appear abundantly in foods such as berries; dark leafy greens; and red, orange and yellow vegetables.

These home treatments and lifestyle habits can do just as much for your skin as a face lifting cream. Experiment to find your favourites, and make them part of your regular skin care regimen to reduce wrinkles, promote firmness and brighten tone. You’ll bring out more of the natural beauty you’re already carrying inside so that you look younger and feel more vibrant every day.




Aging is an inevitable process in any living organism. The overall functioning of organs reduces over the aging process, and the human skin is one of the vulnerable organs when it comes to aging. Ultherapy is one modernized way to tighten the skin. Ultherapy in Malaysia has become familiar and is offered by the Ulthera Incorporation. The costs may be un-affordable for all individuals and below are some of the essential guides to eradicate the wrinkle problem.

1. Diet rich in gelatine 
Gelatine is a form of cooked collagen which can be found in pigs and cows bones, skin and tissues. It is obtained from boiling these parts. Gelatine does magic on the skin like the face creams by keeping the skin elastic and is additionally cheap, long-lasting and safer.

2. Sleep long enough 
Sleeping for fewer hours makes the body churn out a stress hormone known as cortisol which slows tissue repair and, as a result, the skin dries up. On the other hand, when sleeping, the body produce a Human Growth Hormone that accelerates cell production. This hormone works the magic by retaining a smooth, healthy skin.

3. Keep on being hydrated 
Water, coconut water, and green tea are some of the products that are full of antioxidants. They get rid of the toxins and, more importantly, moisturize the body from within illuminating a smooth, healthy skin which is wrinkles free.
4. Take lots of antioxidants 
Vitamins A, C, and E are rich in antioxidants which neutralize the toxins in our bodies. Due to metabolism in the body, toxins must be produced but must also be eliminated from the body as they do more harm especially on the skin.
5. Quit smoking 
There are no healthy benefits of smoking, and wrinkled skin is one of the major results of smoking. Despite being an addict, quit smoking as it speeds up the wrinkle formation on your face thus making one older for their age.
6. Toxic free moisturizer 
Ladies purchase moisturizers blindly simply for beauty purposes. The beauty products if not keenly evaluated may give the opposite outcomes from the expected. To erase those wrinkles, use moisturizers with coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, jojoba, and grape seed moisturizers. They are naturally anti-inflammatory to the skin and contains no toxins.
7. Consume more of saturated fats 
The right saturated fats play a significant role on a healthy skin. Taking fats does not imply that one will gain weight as long as it is the right fat type. Homemade butter, avocado, and coconut oil will be helpful.
8. Use toxic free sunscreen 
Wrinkles are highly caused by toxins and free radicals. Nowadays there is a natural sunscreen and is highly preferred to commercial sunscreens.
The natural way of eliminating wrinkles is the best option when it comes to beauty. Commercial products may at times disappoint the user and make the situation worse. These tips will be useful for people in all the age brackets. The youths will be well equipped when dealing with wrinkles, and the aged will learn how to reduce the wrinkles and obtaining a healthy skin


5 Things to Do Before Bed for Instantly Better Sleep

Women need to sleep well at night to be able to function at a superior level whether it be for work, family or just good health. Insomnia can cause serious problems in the daily life of all individuals from anxiety to depression. People can instantly sleep better by making a few adjustments to existing habits.
You may have found the insomnia cures that work for you. Still, you need to inculcate healthy daily habits to help you improve the quality of your sleep, general mood and overall health.

Avoid Stimulants

Avoid Stimulants

Many people enjoy a drink to help them relax at night, however it is important to note that alcohol prevents a truly beneficial night’s sleep. The same is true for consuming nicotine and coffee at night as they are stimulants that will keep people awake. Caffeine can stay in a system for up to seven hours. Be sure to stop drinking caffeine early enough in the day to prepare for a good sleep.


Be Active

Be Active

Try to do some cardio activity at least once a day. The less activity performed throughout the day, the less tired the body will become. Even if someone is unable to do a rigorous activity one day, be sure to at least go for a short walk and do something active. Avoid exercising before bed as exercise will often keep people awake for several hours before they are able to sleep.



Certain medications and over-the-counter drugs can disrupt sleeping habits. Be particularly mindful of decongestants and weight loss medications as they are known to contain higher levels of caffeine. Some prescription medications that disrupt sleeping could include medications for blood pressure, the heart, allergies and depression. People taking these medications and having difficulty sleeping should speak with a doctor.


fridge with food
Avoid eating before 2 hours of sleep


Nighttime Eating

Eat larger meals at least two hours before a planned sleep time. Most experts agree that a light snack before bedtime will likely not interfere with sleep, however a large meal will prevent a person from sleeping well. If too much food is consumed too close to bedtime, a person will feel full and uncomfortable as they go to bed and they will be unable to sleep. Also, people who are affected by spicy foods with heartburn or indigestion should avoid these foods before bed.



Try to go to sleep and to wake up at the same day everyday. It is also recommended that this schedule is maintained during the weekends. Create a relaxing environment within the bedroom and remove any distractions such as electronics and televisions. Keep out light with heavy curtains and do relaxing activities prior to bed such as to read a book. Read an actual book rather than using an electronic reading device as these bright lights prevent relaxation.

For those people who are not getting enough sleep, this could be causing more serious issues than one realizes by slower reaction times for those who drive, risk of heart attack, forgetfulness and skin aging more rapidly. These possible issues are easily preventable by creating better sleeping habits with these tips.

Cyclists, This is Why Do You Need A BNB Bike Rack Right Now


Your family loves biking, and you have many bicycles that you take on trips with you everywhere. Your bikes need to be on a rack that keeps them safe, and you need a rack that is easy to install. The BNB rack brand is going to help you get to your next vacation destination, a country trail or up the road easily. Packing up your bicycle should be an enjoyable experience, and the bike rack you use will help you get where you want to go.

How Do You Install The Bike Rack?

Your BNB rack will go on the roof of your car or attach to the tailgate. You can hook the rack on in just a second when you make a short trip, or you can strap the rack to the roof of the car when you need to carry several bikes at once. Some drivers feel uncomfortable when they have a rack hanging from the back of their car, and you can move the rack to the top of the car to make sure that you can drive safely. You need to check how high the bikes will be, and you should plan your route according to low bridges and underpasses.

How Safe Are Your Bikes?

The racks you set up on your car use a special locking system that will prevent your bikes from moving. The bikes will be held on at the wheels, and the bikes will be stabilized by a rack that does not move. A rack that allows your bikes to hang from the back of the car will prevent them from swinging as you drive. The car is easier to drive when the rack is set up correctly.

What Racks Can You Get?

The racks you get for your car come in many sizes. You may choose a rack that holds only one bike, two bikes or four bikes. Your family can use more than one rack to get all the bikes to their final destination, and you can set up the racks all on the same car. A large van will easily hold more than one rack, and you can carry as many eight bikes to one place. You need to make sure that you are using the racks correctly, but you can get the volume you need when you install your racks properly.

How Much Should You Spend?

You can spend money on your racks today so that you do not have to spend more on them later. These racks are going to last for a very long time, but you need to make sure that you use them properly. The racks from the BNB rack brand are designed to last for decades at a time, and your family will use the same racks in the future that you are using today. One purchase is going to help you ride your bikes anywhere you want, and you will get the benefit of using racks that are incredibly simple to install, load and unpack.