3 Common Waterborne Diseases and How Malaysia Solves it


Water is one of the basic necessities for mankind. Although the Earth is 70% water, not all of it can be safely consumed. Tap water is the kind of water that modern populations can easily find. It is called as such since it is provided through a tap or faucet. This kind of water may come from different sources such as groundwater or surface water. However, most water supplies come from groundwater. Surface water can only be consumed with proper treatment and sanitation.

In Malaysia, sanitation and proper treatment of water are a top priority. This is due to the many diseases which can be caused by drinking contaminated water. Some of the common diseases include:1

  1. Cholera- This is a waterborne disease caused by a strain of bacterium called Vibrio Cholerae. This affects the small intestine of the person which may cause diarrhea, muscle cramps, and vomiting. This is a deadly disease if not properly treated.Pain in the abdomen
  2. Diarrhea- this is another common disease caused by consuming contaminated water. This is characterized by frequent needs to have bowel movements, loose to watery stools, cramps, and vomiting.3
  3. Intestinal Worms- this often affects children who have no proper source of clean food and water. Intestinal worms are transmitted through food and water and can be treated by deworming, which is the process of eliminating worms through a specific drug called an anthelmintic drug.

Most of the above diseases can be life-threatening so Malaysia treats the security of the tap water seriously. It’s not a surprise, then, that the country is not new to many processes to ensure cleanliness of their water. As a matter of fact, you can easily find top-grade water purifiers in Malaysia. Most of the water purifiers here also include filters to sanitize the water prior to consumption.  It’s easy to buy a water purifier in Malaysia and the benefits for your health is immense. It will help reduce bacteria, rust, sediments, even smell. Thus if you’re thinking about buying a water purifier, hesitate no more.

5 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Improve Air Quality at Home


Home is supposed to be a place of comfort and safety, but it is also one of the most polluted places a person can go to. Not many people realize this, but the air at home can be polluted by ordinary things such as paint, air fresheners, cosmetic products, candles, and many more.

Air pollution is serious business, since it endangers human health. How can homeowners improve and maintain air quality at home?1

  1. Avoiding indoor smoking. One of the most common indoor air pollutants is cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke emits more than 4,000 toxic chemicals. Secondhand smoking increases children’s risk to developing asthma, cardiovascular disorders, and cancer. There is also what is called third-hand smoke which is what remains after the smoke has been extinguished. It sticks to sofas, carpets, hair, clothes, and other materials found in a house. It builds up and thickens over time, and causes life-threatening diseases among infants and children.2
  2. Keeping floors clean. Floors are a breeding ground for air pollutants that float back up when stirred. Vacuuming a minimum of two times each week can keep the floors clean. Homeowners can mop it off with a clean mop to remove left-over dust. Using carpets is also discouraged as pollutants can stick to it and endanger kids who like sitting on carpets.3
  3. Using an indoor air quality testing device. Various kinds of indoor air quality equipment are convenient and effective in monitoring air quality at home. They allow homeowners to test and monitor indoor air quality including levels of particulates, temperature, CO2, and even humidity. These devices allow the identification of dangerous levels of chemicals, so necessary changes to restore indoor air quality can be made.4
  4. Stopping the use of synthetic fragrances. Synthetic fragrances have toxic chemicals that cannot be found on labels. Fabric softeners, air fresheners, and laundry detergents may all release chemicals that worsen asthma and other lung conditions. Instead of using artificial fragrances, homeowners can use natural ones such as baking soda and sliced lemons. If the neighborhood has relatively low levels of pollution, opening the windows to let in fresh air is also a good idea.
  5. Using scientifically-proven natural air purifiers. Plants are not just for decorations; they are also effective – not to mention affordable – means of purifying the air. Research studies have shown that plants like fern, spider plant, and aloe vera absorb indoor air pollutants.

These safety measures have been proven to drastically improve indoor air quality. Every family deserves healthy air that will not make them sick. Following these tips will help families bask in fresh breaths of air and stay safe and healthy at home.

Cleaning Gear For Your Home Or Office


You need to get cleaning equipment in Malaysia that will help you keep everything in your building clean. Thescrubber machine you use will clear everything off, and the steam vacuum cleaner will pick everything up. A dust collector can be dumped out at any time, and you will have just one machine that does everything for you. Purchasing these devices for your staff is the easiest way to make sure that your building is clean.


It Is Faster 

It is much faster to put these devices in the hands of all your janitors and custodians. You want the people who work for you to have the best equipment, and you want them to move quickly. It could take hours to get all the work done, but it is much simpler for everyone involved when they are using better machines. The best machines do practically every thing that can be done in different stages, and all the different tasks that must be done can be done a lot faster as a result.

The Machines Are Simple 

The machines that you are using can be cleaned and maintained easily. They must be sent into a shop where they can be serviced, and you need to spend a little money every year keeping them up. You will get much better results from the machines when they have been maintained correctly, and you need to start looking at ways that you can send them in for services without letting the building get dirty. Setting up a schedule for maintenance will help you get the results you want from your machines.


The Machines Are Powerful 

The machines can clean up anything, and you will find yourself getting work done that used to take hours. You do not want to do anything that is going to waste your time, but you can invest in something that will help your staff get the job done quickly. You do not want to leave the custodial staff out there for hours doing something that can be done in mere moments with the right equipment.

Cleaning Should Be Done Daily 

Cleaning should be completed on a daily basis in your building, but your staff cannot do the job if they are left with inferior equipment. You have standards that must be upheld, and you cannot keep them up when you have everyone using equipment that is not doing the job. Spend your money wisely on something that will make it easy for everyone to do their work, and you will be pleased to look at a building that is clean every day when you walk in.

The cleaning of your building is much simpler when you have the right gear to use. You may not do the cleaning on your own, but you need to give your people something that makes their lives easier. You cannot keep the building clean without some planning, and you cannot expect your employees to clean everything up when they do not have the right equipment.


A Wise Plan Guide to Keeping Carpets in the Home Clean

A nice carpet contributes to the overall nice look of a home or apartment’s interior. Neglecting a carpet is never a good thing, but troubles and mishaps do arise. Spills are a common nuisance in a home. Trekking in dirt via one’s shoes is another way carpets get messy looking. And pets are not always kind to the fibers of carpeting.

Mercifully, there are ways to improve the look of even the most damaged of all carpets. Even someone who is not a professional carpet cleaner can access equipment that will do a wonderful job of making sure a home – and its carpeting – always look presentable.


Put Preventive Measures in Place

Consider it best to have a host of preventive things in place to keep the carpet safe from suffering from damage. Having a policy of no foods or beverage in a room with carpeting is a wise move. Stay in the areas with tiled flooring. Lay down smaller rugs in the room with carpeting as these present some protection from dirt and dust in specific areas. And no one should be walking on carpeting with shoes that have traveled outside.



Be Consistent with Cleaning the Carpet

People who allow carpets to go weeks and weeks (or longer) without taking serious steps to clean the carpet usually end up with carpeting that looks awful. Cleaning the carpet at least once a week is a must. Twice a week is better. This keeps dirt, dust, and other things from ruining the fibers.



Treat Spills as Emergencies

No matter how many wise steps to prevent problems from arising are taken, mishaps and accidents do happen. A glass of iced tea, for example, could end up spilling onto the carpet. Now, a huge stain is present. Allowing the stain to remain and become set in is going to do nothing more than allow the stain to become permanent. The second a spill appears, get a carpet cleaning machine and go to work.

Another point should be mentioned here. The carpet cleaning machine should be run with industrial grade carpet cleaning fluid. This should be the case when cleaning up a spill or choosing to do a twice-a-year major cleaning on the carpet. Standard-level cleaning fluid is not going to have much of an effect.



Attack Dust Seriously

Simply using a duster and a standard vacuum cleaner may not be enough to get a troubling collection of massive dust off a floor. Renting a dust collector system periodically and using the system to really attack dust is going to have a much more impacting effect.



Procure High-End Equipment

The traditional cleaners used in a home are fine for most jobs, but anyone seeking something more thorough should rent the higher-end equipment. Central vacuums fall under such a description.


The Perks of Online Furniture Shopping in Malaysia

Purchasing Furniture in Malaysia

If you want to buy furniture online in Malaysia, you don’t have to worry. There are many reputable online retailers that serve residents of the vast southeastern Asian nation. Although Malaysia is indeed home to a large number of brick and mortar furniture shops, many people simply don’t want to deal with the frustrating hassles and crowds of going in person.

Many Choices in Furnishings

Malaysian online stores that sell furniture often provide customers with many exciting categories. People can browse all of their options in accent furniture, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, game room furniture, office furniture and dining furniture, for example. Whether you want to get a new dresser for your bedroom or you’re thinking of getting some brand new stools for your kitchen, the Internet can be a great help to you. Common furniture items that are available for sale online include cabinets, sofas, work desks, chairs, armoires, wardrobes, side tables, coffee tables and much more. Visit Ethnicraft Living Room Furniture Online.

Online Stores With Specific Types of Furniture

Some online stores specialise in highly specific kinds of furniture. If you’re looking to buy furnishings that are appropriate for children, then you should be able to easily find them through various Internet furniture shops. These stores typically sell bunk beds, dressers, desks, study tables, chest drawers and even playing sets. If you’d like to avoid the frustration of wading through countless online furniture stores that don’t sell furnishings for children, search exclusively for Internet shops that cater to the younger crowd. Thankfully for you, many of them do.

Delivery Considerations

Delivery is an important consideration. If you want to buy furniture online in Malaysia, check out all of the stores’ delivery policies first. If the store indicates that it will ship to any location throughout Malaysia, then you’re in luck. You want to avoid the hassle of wasting time looking at furniture from a retailer that simply won’t ship to your address, after all.

Detailed Furniture Listings

Some people avoid shopping for furniture online because they can’t see the items they’re interested in up close. Many Malaysian online furniture stores, however, have detailed furniture listings with numerous clear photographs at different angles. They also often clearly indicate the exact dimensions and weights of their available products. Although you may not be able to physically touch a piece of furniture you’re interested in, you’ll probably be able to get a very strong grasp of what it looks and feels like. Furniture product listings also detail the exact materials that were involved in the manufacturing process.

Be Selective With Online Furniture Stores

If you feel uneasy about making a furniture purchase from an online shop you’ve never heard of before, you can choose to contact the store by giving them a call. If you have any questions about the store’s policies, ask the representative who picks up the phone. You can also check the Internet for any reviews from past customers of the store. He or she should be able to give you all of the information you need.

5 Carpet Cleaning Tips by Commercial Cleaners

Carpets are used to cover floors in dwelling places, and this makes it a little bit comfy, makes the feet feel some warmth and soft when touched. Before the cleaning machines were introduced, people cleaned using brooms but with the discovery of this carpet cleaner, people can now get rid of dirt quickly and more thoroughly with minimal efforts. At the same time as the companies, homeowners, hotels, and corporation hired individuals to do the cleaning, commercial carpet cleaner was introduced. Below are some of the commercial cleaning tips used.

Rake the carpet

When cleaning the carpet, the first thing is to try to gather the dirt debris it ahead of using any cleaning vacuums in it. As a result of using a rake, you can loosen up the hoarded dirt like pet hairs. Raking is confirmed to be a useful aid to vacuuming since you can heap up large particles of dirt before you vacuum the tinier ones.

Carpet steam cleaning

Currently, the commonly used method is carpet steam cleaning. It entails setting of a steam cleaning machine that uses vacuum cleaning detergent. It seems to be a big vacuum cleaner; however its technology is somehow different. It releases washing detergent deep into the surface of the carpet. But one of its demerits is that it leaves some moisture in the carpet. This kind of technique is suitable for offices and areas with taut spaces. The carpet must be allowed to dry some few days after the process.

Carpet shampoo cleaning

floor buffer

Once again a cleaning machine is needed in this method; however, the cleaner used in this process is known as floor buffer or rotary floor machine. For you to succeed in using this tool, blend carpet shampoo as directed by manufacture’s manual. You can as well do a pre-treatment using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any soil particles, as this will make the machines clean quickly. Bear in mind that the machine has to be moved in a circular movement, the moment the shampoo gets out and back-and-forth, you go on to the next region. This method is useful when it comes to heavily polluted areas such as traffic pathway or building entries.

Spot cleaning

Spot cleaning is mostly a process where you are preparing your carpets to be cleaned. The spot cleaning entails a handful quantity of various chemical cleaners on your palm. It is necessary for every professional to have rust, gum and also all- purpose removers. Given that you do not have an idea what kind of pollution you are going to deal with it is vital to have them with you. As a result, it is good to prepare, particularly if you are claiming to offer best cleaning services.

Dry carpet cleaning

This method is related to the shampoo cleaning, and it uses the same machine. However, it just needs some various set of attachments and equipment. The dry carpet washing is mostly useful when it comes to fast and complete cleaning of every business area. It is mainly used in a place full of activity and by restaurants since they require quick and efficient washing to continue with their activities. The real process entails an accessory known as bonnet pad. It resembles a flat and round swab, and it does the washing. A washing detergent is also applied, and it is poured into the washing machine. On the other hand, a pre-treatment must be carried out to maximize the cleaning results.

Tips on What Halal Really Means, and How to Live a “Halal Lifestyle”

We’re all aware of certain things that are “halal” or “haraam” from common knowledge. But what does it mean to live a halal lifestyle? How do you know if something is halal or not on your own? As people who want to observe the deen as much as possible, it’s important to live our lives harmoniously rather than conflicting with it. Let’s take a look at the meaning of “halal” and how to live a halal lifestyle.

What we think “halal” means (and what it really means)
Many times, we tend to think “halal” only refers to meat. After all, meat is an important part of our diets, so having halal meat is essential. If you have the ability to know how your meat is prepared, and the choice on how it’s prepared, then the obvious next step is to choose a halal butcher or shop.

Halal, however, really refers to food, drink and other products that are deemed permissible to consume or use under Muslim law. That includes everyday products like soap, toothpaste, lotion, gelatin, and more – anything that you eat, drink or put on yourself. So anything in daily life can be “halal” – the word means “permissible” or “lawful.” Its opposite, “haraam,” means “unlawful” or “forbidden.”

How do you live a “halal lifestyle”?
A halal lifestyle is meant to one of purity, integrity and self-restraint, as opposed to carelessness and inconsistency. When you are aware of the products you are consuming, you can then choose the halal ones. It becomes a habit and over time, it will get easier and you will get better at it.

Some restaurants with fried food will cook their food in lard (pork fat) rather than vegetable oil. You can always ask what is used, or cook it yourself. Other obvious foods include jelly, marshmallows and other sweets with contain gelatin.

Since we already know about halal meat and the fact that pigs, carnivorous animals and birds of prey are not included, we can take this a step farther: excluding any pork-based or pork-derived products, or anything with blood or alcohol in it. In fact, every step of the production process is important, just like the slaughter of livestock.

Check the ingredients label

Some common animal or haraam sources are gelatin, cholesterol, diglycerides (emulsifiers), glycerol/glycerine/glyceryl, hormones, lard, pepsin, rennin/rennet, carcinogenic drugs, and shellac, food glazes and resins (which are derived from insects).

Some cheese are made with rennet from cows. Since these cows are not slaughtered in the halal way, this type of rennet is also haraam. Many are made with vegetable rennet nowadays, however; check the label to be sure.

Buy products you already know are halal
The halal industry is booming as the demand spreads around the world. A halal directory can make it incredibly convenient for you to do your shopping. Now you can enjoy the ease of online shopping that is in line with Muslim values. Whether you need modest clothing, halal food or other products, you have an array of available stores at your fingertips.
Get involved
A halal directory also makes it easier to sell to customers. These comprehensive guides to halal awareness feature popular, high-quality restaurants, shops and other businesses.

Finally, there are halal hubs online. They are a great way for companies to come together, develop and widen their markets more than they ever could individually. Also, halal hubs online allow companies to form associations, showcase their products, obtain halal certification and special recognition. When you’re involved, the community grows.

A Fun Gift Guide for the Bearded Boyfriend!


Sometimes, it may be hard to shop for the man in your life. However, if he has a beard, there are certain grooming gifts for your boyfriend that will be functional and appreciated. Here are some helpful ideas that will bring a smile to his fuzzy face.

Electric Beard Trimmer

Although many people believe it is easy to maintain a beard, it takes great care and attention to keep it looking good. An electric beard trimmer is relatively inexpensive, but it will keep your man’s face looking neat and orderly. Since this device has many settings, your boyfriend will be able to easily control the length of his beard without making uneven mistakes. Besides his beard, a trimmer will help keep his neck clean of hair as well.

Beard and Mustache Comb

Just like the hair on your boyfriend’s head needs to be combed daily, the hair on his face needs to be combed as well. Even though it seems to be a no-brainer, very few bearded men own a beard/moustache comb. This item is available in a variety of materials. A wood or stainless steel comb is a thoughtful gift that would help your boyfriend control his facial hair and keep it from getting unruly. It is something that will last a long time as well.
beard comb

Straight Razor

When your boyfriend decides to shave his face or wants to keep hair from growing on his neck, an old-fashioned razor is a must-have grooming accessory. Also, it is a vital tool that helps with close sculpting of big beards. A straight razor gives better results than its disposable counterpart. It makes an excellent gift that will provide the ultimate shaving experience.

Beard Oil and Brush

With time, your boyfriend’s beard may become brittle, which hurts when you sneak a kiss. To keep the hair soft and manageable, beard oil is essential. A quality beard oil will keep the hair looking good, smelling good, and easy to control. With a brush, it will be possible for the oil to reach his chin so that his skin retains moisture as well.

If your boyfriend doesn’t have a beard, you can still get plenty of ideas for gifts for your boyfriend. The above items are just a few ideas that will help him maintain the hair so that he looks great for date night. When a beard is healthy, it feels soft, which is perfect when you want to get close to his ruggedly handsome face. This is definitely something he will appreciate.

Expat Living in Singapore: Some Housing Tips for New Arrivals

Singapore is a beautiful city-state and island country in the Southeast Asia. This city-state stands high in international rankings with regard to education, the standard of living, healthcare, and economic competitiveness. This small island country is a global financial center. Singapore has mainly Chinese, Malays, and Indian population. It is a crowded city and has a multicultural population of 5.5 million. This enchanting garden city has more than 50% of its area covered by greenery and with over 50 major parks and four nature reserves. As a reflection of its multi-culture population, Singapore has adopted one representative language for each of the four major ethnic groups. The four official languages in Singapore’s constitution are English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. Malay is the national language and English is the common language used for business, government and medium of instruction in schools. Singapore is a popular holiday destination that offers a great number of attractions and quality experience.

Renting An Apartment

Rental market in Singapore:
Most of the citizens of Singapore are homeowners. People moving to Singapore are mostly temporary residents, relocated by a large company for a few years and then sent back to their countries. The majority of these expats are more interested in rental properties in Singapore, rather than ownership. House or an apartment rental in Singapore is very expensive. There are a lot of options in the rental market for foreigners such as semi-detached terrace houses, condominiums, multi-story apartments or public housing. The budget is the most important factor in deciding what type of accommodation is best for you.

A single one bedroom rental may be the economical and easier option to locate. The most difficult option is to find a condominium rental for an entire family. The cheapest option is the public housing rental which costs about $1,500 to $2,500 per month. The downtown district of Singapore, in general, is the most expensive rental area with rents ranging from $5,000 for 1300 sqft for a three bedroom apartment. Semi-detached houses or bungalows or bigger apartments cost around $8,000 to $15,000 per month to rent in Singapore.

house or apartment rental in Singapore
Steps for renting your dream house or apartment rental in Singapore!


Five steps to renting a house or apartment rental in Singapore :

1. Finding a good agent to show all the rental listings of your choice of budget and needs. As a prospective tenant, you should pay attention to all the details, like noise and traffic, commute, schools etc. Take notes of all the properties you visited.

2. If you really like a property that you visited, you can either make an offer to the landlord or give your letter of intent (LOI) to lock in your choice of rental property. LOI is usually collected with a month’s rent as a so-called good faith deposit in order to hold that property for you. It is non-refundable so unless you are totally in love with the property don’t offer the LOI.

3. The landlords can either accept or deny your offer or LOI. If they accept, both you and the landlord can sign the tenancy agreements (TA).

4. Before you can move in, pay a commission to the agent, submit a copy of your passport, work permit, with first month’s rental in advance and a month’s rent as a security deposit.

5.In order to make the TA a valid legal document, it has to be stamped by the Singapore Inland Revenue Authority(IRA). The tenant needs to pay for the “stamp duty”. This is a very important step in the housing rental process in Singapore.
Predominantly due to the expatriate population most of the rental properties in Singapore are either furnished or semi furnished. Explore as many options as you can to ensure you find the right accommodation for you.

3 Life-Saving Carpet Cleaning Secrets From the Experts

While you may try your best to keep your carpets clean, they will eventually get dirty due to accidental spills and everything else caked on the bottom of your shoes. That’s why if you really want to keep your carpets spotless, you need to take tips from the professionals. Learn how they deal with problem areas with the tips listed below:


1. Always Blot Your Stains 

Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to rub the stain they see on their carpet when they’re trying to get rid of it. This is one of the worst things you can do as that only causes the particles to really get deep into the carpet fibers. This will ultimately cause the fibers to break down well before there is any wear and tear. Instead, you need to blot the stain using a clean cloth with some kind of cleaning solution. If you don’t have a clean cloth, you can always opt for a paper towel or sponge instead. Remember, though, you must blot from the outer area of the stain inward. If you do it the opposite way, you can cause the stained part on your carpet to start growing.

2. Try Some Shaving Cream

Surprisingly enough, your average shaving cream can really do the trick when it comes to removing a stain from your carpet. In fact, shaving cream has been seen to get rid of just about every kind of stain you can possibly imagine. All you have to do is place the shaving cream right on the stain itself and then let it sit there for roughly 30 minutes. If it’s a larger stain, leave it on for a little longer than that. Once that time passes, grab a clean cloth and begin blotting the area. To finish this off, spray the whole area with a mixture made up of half vinegar and half water and wipe it away when you’re done.

3. Use Grease-Cutting Dishwasher Detergent

Grease stains are some of the hardest to get out, no matter if you are using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner or the most heavy duty carpet cleaners. That’s why you have to take extra care here to remove these. It has been shown that to get rid of grease stains you must place a little bit of grease-cutting dishwasher detergent in a cup of water. You can even use Joy here as your grease-cutting dishwasher detergent. This detergent has a way of cutting right through the grease on your carpet, the way it would get rid of any grease on your dishes. The best way to employ this method is to fill up a spray bottle with the solution you just put together and then spray it directly onto the stain. After you do that, blot up the area on your carpet. If it is a larger grease stain on your carpet, you may have to do this more than once. Keep going at it until you see that the grease stain is completely eliminated.