Top 10 Weirdest And Most Exotic Foods You Should Try In Kuala Lumpur

Foodies, if you’re looking to try the weirdest and most exotic local foods while you’re in Kuala Lumpur, we have found a few of them in the city. These 10 incredible foods are guaranteed to tantalize your adventurous taste buds!


  1. Fried Assam Laksa, Jalan 34/154


Assam laksa is a soup-based dish, so a fried version of it is definitely out of the ordinary! Try the one served at Restoran Hakka Marble at Jalan 34/154, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Bull Penis Soup, Jalan Doraisamy

Prefer something even wackier? Try a bowl of bull penis soup at a stall called Sup Haji Abu Bakar in Jalan Doraisamy. The broth’s thick texture, cooked with a rich mix of Indian spices, contains small chunks of bull penis chopped to pieces.


  1. Frog On A Stick, Jalan Alor

If bull penis is not challenging enough, try a frog on a stick in Jalan Alor. The deep-fried frog is served with vinegar and soy sauce.


  1. Chicken Feet Wantan Mee, Pudu Market

da-jie-wanton-mee-img_3101Chicken feet could be great if you’re not that adventurous, but would still like to try something exotic. The wantan mee (dumpling noodles) sold at many stalls at Pudu Market contain chicken feet.


  1. Sago Gula Melaka Served In Chemistry Set, Nook Aloft

The all-time favorite Malaysian dessert, sago gula Melaka, is typically served on a traditional bowl or plate. At Nook Aloft in KL Sentral, it’s served in a chemistry set. Expect to eat your sweet cold dessert in a syringe!


  1. Nasi Lemak Gelato, Jalan Dutamas 1

53f71162576133434c6b1eaeNasi lemak is an all-time favorite breakfast meal, consisting of rich-flavored steam rice, boiled egg, fried anchovies and sambal (hot sauce). Try the gelato with nasi lemak flavor at Publika Shopping Gallery in Jalan Dutamas 1.


  1. Dadih Sedut, Jalan Seri Rejang 1

Dadih sedut is a butterscotch-flavored soft pudding served in a bottle with straw. Try the colorful concoction at Go’Bang Maju Patin Tempoyak in Jalan Seri Rejang 1.


  1. Murtabak Maggi, Oasis Ara Damansara

mmaggie-imgMurtabak is a savory pancake that typically contains chicken or beef. The one at Oasis Ara Damansara is made with Maggi, the popular noodle brand.


  1. Durian Goreng, Wangsa Maju Seksyen 1

duriangorengdalamDurian goreng or fried durian is trending at the moment. Try them at Wangsa Maju Seksyen 1.


  1. Makaroni Bakar, Wangsa Maju Seksyen 1

Try the fried cheesy dish, which is available at Wangsa Maju Seksyen 1.


Stay at a budget hotel in Kuala Lumpur that’s located near these food joints. This way you get to explore the city by foot, in addition to tasting the wonderfully weird yet delicious creations unique to the Malaysian capital city.

6 Business Trade Shows In Kuala Lumpur To Participate In 2017

Image result for Business Trade Shows In Kuala Lumpur To Participate In 2017Are you planning for your business to reach out to a wider audience? Joining a business trade show would be a great start to expand your business. There are hundreds of business events and trade shows held in Malaysia every year, and each of them caters to different businesses, industries, and consumers. Find out the six business trade shows in Kuala Lumpur that you can participate in this 2017:

Image result for KL Wedding Expo

  1. KL Wedding Expo. If you’re running a wedding-related business, be it as a caterer, wedding planner, decorator, or designer, the KL Wedding Expo would be the best platform for your promotion. The event will be held at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Center in April, and it’s one of the largest wedding fairs in Malaysia, with participation coming from local wedding businesses that offer Malay, Chinese, Indian, and western-themed weddings; to a few international wedding businesses.Image result for Café Malaysia held at Matrade Exhibition & Convention Center in January
  2. Café Malaysia. Café Malaysia is an event featuring supplies, technology and café equipment for café-related businesses; that will be held at Matrade Exhibition & Convention Center in January. Among the typical products showcased at this event include baking machinery, café machinery and equipment, product packaging in bulk, raw materials on wholesale, as well as machine filtration and cleaning equipment. Visitors could also have a product taste test.Image result for Malaysia International Technology Expo (MTE)
  3. Malaysia International Technology Expo (MTE). The Malaysia International Technology Expo is the marketplace for technology inventors, distributors, manufacturers, and investors to connect. To be held at Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) in February, MTE’s aim is to encourage the collaboration and commercialization of technological products or services, in addition to sharing ideas. Besides private businesses and organizations, other participants include academic institutions, consulting companies, and engineering organizations.Image result for Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF)
  4. Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF). The Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) attracts over 6,000 furniture buyers globally, with exhibitors consisting of contemporary furniture companies to local artisans. For those running a furniture-related business, MIFF provides a solid platform for you to reach out to your target consumers. Additionally, you’ll also gain international exposure. The event will be held at PWTC in March.Image result for Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS)
  5. Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS). Although the Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) is Muslim-centric, participation is open to everyone who runs a Halal-related business. The event is a marketplace for global Halal producers and the buying market to connect. Some of its special features include the international sourcing program and world-renowned exhibitors. MIHAS will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) in April.Image result for Beauty Professional Malaysia
  6. Beauty Professional Malaysia. The beauty trade exhibition is a B2B exhibition aimed at beauty professionals, salon and retail shop owners, ingredient and product packaging suppliers, R&D institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and beauty product distributors. Happening at PWTC in March, the exhibition is also offering a new program called the Business Matching Program. The program aims to foster relationships between registered exhibitors and VIP buyers, and to explore new business opportunities within your preferred category.

Once you’ve decided on which business trade show you’d like to participate in, find an international hotel in Kuala Lumpur that’s close to the event. The best hotel should be able to accommodate your needs (i.e. an extra space to keep all of your products to be showcased during the event), or can provide other kinds of assistance (i.e. transporting the goods to the event safely on your behalf).

5 Amazing Ideas To Enjoy A Weekend In Port Dickson, Malaysia

Image resultIf you are planning for a quick weekend getaway, it’s highly recommended that you pack your bags and head over to the beautiful coastal town of Port Dickson. Whether you are traveling solo or with a group, the region has a lot of exciting activities waiting for you. If it’s your first time to visit the place, here are some of the awesome things that you can do there:

  1. Ride a banana boat in Teluk Kemang. A visit to Port Dickson won’t be complete without trying their famous banana boats. There’s no shortage of these banana boats in Teluk Kemang which is the largest beach in town. You or your group can rent one of these boats. If you are concerned about your safety in the water, you can always get one of the guides to help you control the boat.

Image result for Ride a banana boat in Teluk Kemang

  1. Swim with mermaids at the Avillion. This is a great and fun-filled adventure especially for traveling families. Adults and kids alike are allowed to swim alongside the costumed mermaids. Participants will also receive high-quality underwater photos as souvenirs.

Image result for Swim with mermaids at the Avillion

  1. Run and ride alongside ostriches at the famous Ostrich Farm. This farm is without a doubt one of the biggest attractions in Port Dickson. The ostriches here are tame and used to being around people so they don’t chase people the way they do in the wild. In fact, children are even allowed to ride some of the mature ostriches.

Image result for Run and ride alongside ostriches at the famous Ostrich Farm.

  1. Stay in a chalet hotel and enjoy the stylish and cozy amenities. The difference with staying in a chalet hotel in Port Dickson is that you get more personal services. You will feel more at home because of the warmer treatment from the staff. In addition, chalets are usually more affordable and you have better privacy.

Image result for Stay in a chalet hotel and enjoy the stylish and cozy amenities.

  1. Enjoy a fun-filled day at the beach. The coastal town has several beaches that you can choose from. A lot of these beaches are maintained by nearby resorts. You can have picnics, play sports like volleyball, or go snorkeling in some of the coast’s hidden coves.

Image result for Enjoy a fun-filled day at the beach.

Port Dickson offers a lot more on top of the activities discussed above. There are so many other things that you can enjoy there like horseback riding, hiking, jet skiing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. That said, you should definitely take the time to explore the coast which is literally lined with beautiful beaches and resorts. You’ll be surprised how vibrant these places can be.

6 Places You Need To Visit When In Kuching, Borneo

Kuching is a charming city that travelers who are looking for unique experiences will surely admire and enjoy. Even the name of the city is appealing. Kuching is the Malay term for cat, and the city is quite proud of the distinction. There are attractions and monuments in the city that pay homage to its feline heritage. If you are a first-time visitor, below is a quick overview of some of the must-see attractions in the city.


1) Semenggoh Nature Reserve – This reserve is among the few locations in Southeast Asia where you get to see orangutans in the wild. You can watch how they behave in their natural habitat (eat, play, etc), as well as how the conservationists take care of them.


2) Sarawak Cultural Village – Also known as the Living Museum, this village features real replicas of houses belonging to the different cultural groups within Sarawak. There are also demonstrations showing some of the traditional activities in a typical village, such as making textiles or processing sago.


3) Fairy Cave – It’s not a deep cage but has very interesting rock formations. To get to the massive mouth of the cave, you have to go through a series of concrete stairs. There are bats inside, so watch your head for falling guano.


4) Kuching Esplanade – Also referred to as the Waterfront, there are tons of interesting things to do here. You can go for a river cruise, stroll along the banks, or have a nice meal in one of the stalls lining the esplanade.


5) Kuching Main Bazaar and Carpenter Street – If you are looking for souvenirs, handicrafts, and antiques, this is the place to go to. There are also coffee shops where you can hang out if you get tired from shopping.


6) Cat Museum – A visit in Kuching won’t be complete without checking out this novelty museum. The museum has more than 4,000 artifacts like paintings, sculptures, memorabilia, photos, stuffed toys, and porcelain figurines inspired by cats. The museum even has a rare mummified Egyptian cat.


These are just a few of the places you can visit in Kuching. If you have more time to spare, you should try exploring the city’s other sights and sounds. Getting around is not a problem since taxis are always readily available. To make it easier for you to move around, you should pick a budget hotel in Kuching that’s accessible and adjacent to the main attractions of the city. This way, not only will you be able to visit more places, you will also save some pennies.

6 Awesome Places To Visit In Port Dickson For A Memorable Holiday Vacation

If you’re looking for a nice place to spend the holiday season, you should seriously consider packing your bags and head over to Port Dickson. The coastal town has a lot of attractions that are perfect for both solo and group travelers. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most interesting places in town:

  1. Teluk Kemang – Port Dickson is quite well-known for its beaches and it so happens that some of the best beaches can be found here in Teluk Kemang. This place is also not too populated so the stretches of beaches are more tranquil.Image result for Teluk Kemang
  2. Pengkalan Kempas – If you’re a history buff, you will enjoy touring this place. It’s home to several stone relics and a tomb believed to be the burial ground of an ancient Malaysian theologian.Image result for Pengkalan Kempas
  3. The Waterfront – An esplanade with the vast sea spread out in front, this place is great for romantic dates and family gatherings. Lining the esplanade are booths and establishments offering food, drinks, souvenirs, and entertainment. As a bonus, the sunset here is also amazing.Image result for lexis hibiscus waterfront
  4. The Blue Lagoon Beach – Secluded and surrounded by lush vegetation, this stretch of beach makes for a great getaway. The water’s edge is shallow and unusually calm so children can safely play and swim in it. Recreational fishing is also allowed in the area so you might want to bring along with you a fishing pole and some bait.Image result for The Blue Lagoon Beach
  5. Cape Rachado Lighthouse – This lighthouse is historical in the sense that it dates back to the period when the Portuguese still ruled the region. At the top of the lighthouse, you can see a stunning view of the surrounding sea and hills. It’s also a popular spot for bird-watching.Image result for Cape Rachado Lighthouse
  6. The Live 3D Art Gallery – Looking for something fun, quirky, and artsy? Then go visit this gallery which features numerous 3D pictures. The pictures cover a wide array of themes which include Hollywood celebrities, prehistoric animals, monsters, superheroes, and iconic buildings.

Image result for The Live 3D Art Gallery

Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends, or with your family, Port Dickson has got you covered as far as interesting places to see are concerned. You’ll never get bored in the city. To better experience the region’s sights and sounds, it’s advisable that you book a chalet in Port Dickson. Chalets are perfect for both solo and group travelers. They have relaxing amenities to help you rest and rejuvenate after a day of roaming around the coastal town. They also offer a different experience courtesy of the cozy and quirky atmosphere.

3 Must-See Places In Port Dickson

Image result for Port Dickson

The beach resort of Port Dickson (PD) was one of the most famous tourist spots in Malaysia during in the 1980s and 1990s, helped by its regular portrayal in Malaysian films such as Sikit Punya Gila (starring Yusof Haslam) and Awang Spanar (starring Mr. Os).

As tourism developed in Malaysia, visitors flocked to newer destinations and the boom in PD slowed down towards the turn of the century. But in recent years, PD clearly gained back its popularity and is visibly packed during weekends and holidays.

The beaches of PD have benefited from a revitalised economy. The local government recently approved new development projects while the beaches have never looked better with ongoing cleaning and restoration efforts.

Wondering what’s available to see in PD these days? Here are some sightseeing ideas to help you get the most out of your next hotel stay in PD.

  1. The Waterfront

Image result for The Waterfront PDThe PD Waterfront is one of the most obvious signs of government attempts to revive the area as a major tourist destination. Still in development, it already offers a glimpse of what the beach scene used to be in the 90s as you’ll find many locals from the surrounding villages coming in the evening.

If kite-flying and building sandcastles isn’t your thing, join the young couples on the beach waiting to see that perfect sunset.

More commercial and recreational projects continue to be in development at PD Waterfront, including shopping malls and restaurants. Future plans include a cable car connecting the Waterfront to Pulau Arang one mile away from the coast.

  1. Tanjung Tuan Marine Park

Image result for Tanjung Tuan Marine ParkThis large area of protected forest and wildlife will appeal to the trekking enthusiast for its variety of flora and fauna as well as spots of interest, which local guides are on hand to tell you all about.

It is home to the Tanjung Tuan (also known as Cape Rachado) Lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses in the country. Apart from the historical gallery, it happens to be a favourite destination for birdwatchers due to its high vantage point.

This location offers one of the best views of the coastal area of PD. From there, you can also walk a short distance to the Blue Lagoon, which is a less crowded and slightly secluded beach area.

Don’t forget to wear proper shoes to get there as it is only accessible by foot!

  1. Teluk Kemang

Image result for Teluk Kemang

If you’re looking for the busiest spot along the 18 kilometres of PD sand, be sure to head over to Teluk Kemang. If you’re not sure, listen for the noise and look for the crowds of holiday-makers!

It is the easiest beach to access due to its proximity to many chalets and hotels in PD.

The availability of a host of family activities including banana boat-riding, canoeing and buggy-riding make it massively popular among tourists in PD. Teluk Kemang also boasts some of the best and most well-maintained facilities in the area such as toilets and eateries.

Whichever way you choose to enjoy PD, do take along your parents or a friend who grew up in the 80s or 90s. The mere sight of those golden beaches might just coax out a nostalgic smile.

Business Meets Pleasure in These Top 3 KL Business Hotels



Business travel can be very hectic. You’re in town for business, and that’s your top priority. Taking in the sights is just a second thought — and this can be particularly hard when you’re in such a dynamic city as Kuala Lumpur.


But here’s a tip — make your Kuala Lumpur hotel booking in one of the following top hotels. All of these are equipped for your business needs, while also providing all the leisure amenities you need at the end of a hard work day.


  1. Sunway Putra Hotel. Right next to the Putra World Trade Center rail station, the hotel offers maximum mobility housed in an imposing tower block. The rooms are clean and updated, with professional staff. Nothing of the frills that characterize “luxury” hotels, but certainly with all the basics that would make your hotel stay a breeze.

Check in for: Its vicinity to important places. Go sightseeing at the end of your business meeting, or hop by any of the nearby restaurants. Mobility is unhindered, as the hotel can be easily reached by car, train, or other public transit.


  1. Hilton Kuala Lumpur. A few minutes away from the city center, this is where you should be if you want to be at the hub. The clean pastel shades of the hotel make for a comfortable yet sober atmosphere, letting you focus on getting your stuff done. With 510 rooms, you can always hop by when you’re in town. Ergonomic fixtures also help you maintain a good posture even in the midst of work.


Check in for: The Petronas Twin Towers, which is just 15 minutes off. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to observe the hustle and bustle of KL, imbibing the energy along the way. The hotel is also right beside the KL Sentral Station.


  1. Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral. Trendy and upbeat, the hotel stands “aloft” right across KL Sentral Station. It’s another good place, with an industrial and minimalist design for the no-nonsense businessman. There’s also an extremely proactive level of service, which makes every stay a pleasure.


Check in for: The surprise at the rooftop — a Polynesian themed bar. Of course, Central Market is just a couple of kilometers away. A shopping trip could be the best antidote to a stressful day of meetings and shuffling paper.

Kuala Lumpur is a lively city like no other. It is a bustling fusion of East and West, and has been rated as an Alpha World City. It is the perfect backdrop to a successful business deal, or to a fruitful brainstorming session.


The city is well-connected via light rail, mono-rail, and taxis, so you can get from Point A to Point B without much hassle. If you are coming in from outside KL, most of the hotels are close to (or easily accessed from) the KL International Airport.


At the same time, it is the perfect place to stay and relax. All these three hotels — and many others — embody the spice of the Malaysian culture. From a heartfelt service to distinct Asian accents in the design, there’s no mistaking where you are.

5 Budget-Friendly Townships To Visit in Malaysia


Widely known by locals as KL, Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant city and a cultural melting point. The city is cherished by many for its astonishing skyscrapers and buzzing scenes of dining, shopping and nightlife. On the other hand, there are other important townships outside of KL city that are worth a visit. They are loved by many for their budget-friendly accommodations, stunning attractions, and premier shopping experience. Here are some of the best townships outside of KL city people should visit.


Petaling Jaya Township

Commonly known as PJ by locals, this sweeping township was specifically developed as a satellite township centre for KL. In fact, PJ is among one of Malaysia’s very first established town. It consists of numerous commercial, business districts and residential areas.  Its close proximity to Kuala Lumpur makes it a popular destination amongst many locals and visitors worldwide. The township is a value for money with an abundance of shopping, accommodation and dining areas.


Subang Jaya Township

Offering a convenient one-stop destination for dining, shopping and leisure, Subang Jaya boasts being the home for ardent shoppers. The township has slowly transitioned from a humble suburban city to a beautiful, state-of-the-art mega city. If leisure is your thing, this township is perfect for laidback weekends.


Shah Alam Township

This township boasts being a home to the world’s only agro-forestry park—its strategic planning tells it all. Long series of cultural attractions and enchanting hotels, bring out the appeal and immense beauty of Shah Alam. Residential areas are established within its vicinity.


Malacca Township

Malacca, compared with other townships, is small though friendly and immersed with vivid sights and state-of-the-art establishments. The township is easy to navigate to make yourself familiar with the many places that make this township unique. As you roam around, you’ll be thrilled with the township’s sweeping rich heritage, idyllic landscape and cultural lifestyle.


Kota Damansara Township

Kota Damansara township is found in the heart of Sungai Buloh sub-district and sandwiched between Petaling Jaya and Subang. It was formerly a forest reserve and slowly grew to become among the most urban and most visited township in Malaysia. To find an affordable hotel in Kota Damansara with decent accommodation and superb leisure amenities is easy. You will find them stretched around the township, and you can enjoy their stay anytime.


Kuala Lumpur may be widely known for its long series of attractions. But even outside this sweeping city, both locals and visitors can find important townships that can draw their interest. Some of the biggest attractions around the world are found in the heart of these townships. They have excellent dining, convenient shopping centres and decent accommodation, which anyone can enjoy their stay anytime. Use this guide to find the best townships to visit outside of KL city.

5 Tips on Finding Hotels in Kota Bharu



Kota Bharu, usually called Kota Baharu, is a bustling city in Malaysia that is the state capital of Kelantan. In Malay, the name Kota Bharu means ‘new city’. Kota Bahru is located in the northeast part of Peninsular Malaysia and is situated close to the mouth of Kelantan River. This city is also home to various mosques and museums. The old and unique architecture of royal palaces can be visited in the town centre. This northeastern city is near the border of Thailand. However, your visit to this magnificent city won’t be complete unless you get a hotel in Kota Bharu.


How to Get a Budget-Friendly Hotel in KB?


There are different ways to get an affordable place to stay in Kota Bharu. Here are some methods to make sure that you stay in budget while travelling in Kota Bharu:

  1. whatplanPlan ahead. If you are going to Kota Bharu, Malaysia, always book your flight three to four months ahead of your planned vacation. This way, you are going to prevent booking during holidays when tourists and locals alike flock the whole city.


  1. Search online. There are millions of websites dedicated to hotels. You can use your time on the internet searching for the best hotels in Kota Bharu that will serve as your second home during your


  1. Book a package. Spending your hard-earned money for different services during your trip is surely a not a good idea. Booking a package is a great money-saving trick especially if you want to appreciate your stay in Kota Bharu. There are promos that include a reasonable hotel, free meals, and discounts for services given by the hotel such as travel and tours, spa, and massage. If you are going to Kota Bharu with your friends, booking one room or two for all of you and then just getting extra beds can definitely save your budget.Special_Offers2


  1. Look for special offers. During holidays, hotels and other accommodation prices increase considerably. This is the reason why most tourists don’t book hotel accommodation a week before the holidays. Aside from booking early, search for special offers. Look for hotels that give special discounts to couples who are celebrating their anniversary, or hotels that offer group deals if you’re going with friends.


  1. Book near tourist destinations. Booking your accommodation near a particular tourist attraction is indeed very strategic. This way, you can easily get to your destination without being hassled. If you like shopping, there are hotels near KB mall that will give you the opportunity to shop early without competing with other avid shoppers.


Searching for an affordable but comfortable place to stay is easy to do as long as you know exactly what you are doing. If you need help, you can always read blog posts written by other travelers who have had recent experience booking accommodation in a hotel near KB mall and other hotels in Kota Bharu. This way, you will have an idea about the kind of services and facilities provided by that particular hotel. If you are not satisfied with what you have read, do not book a hotel just because it is cheap. It is still highly important to have a good hotel experience than to save money staying in horrible place.