3 Top Benefits Of Being A Google Apps Partner

Google Apps resellers and partners provide a wide range of services that can be beneficial even to the most highly-experienced IT admins. These services range from initial migrations, tailored development, client training, full-time support and more. Therefore, becoming an actual Google Apps partner can dramatically improve your company’s experience with other different business apps, thus preparing you to be successful after migration.


Here are three top benefits you can enjoy for becoming a Google Apps partner.

  1. Enhanced migration expertise. More likely the most rewarding benefit you’ll ever acquire as a partner is the Google Apps migration expertise you gain from the company. Many partners have successfully conducted thousands of migrations to Google Apps. They can also easily manage to take all the pressure of performing a complete scale migration off any IT department.
  1. Extensive user training. Each partner is enrolled in various training programs so that they can become competent in their field. It’s vital for every partner to learn how to use Google Docs, Slides and Sheets effectively. They must also be familiar with everything about Google Drive, as this would make their services appeal more to clients. They would also be able to create a large user base. Eventually, there would be a significant number of users using Google Apps platform, which is essential for the company’s growth and reputation.
  1. Tailored application development and third-party product recommendations. If you’re shifting to Google Apps and have a custom application you want to maintain as your side server, Google allows you to do so. Google gives you the opportunity to recreate any application on their platform using their personalized Apps Script or App Engine. Although this can be a bit expensive, moving your apps to the cloud can leave your IT department with zero maintenance. You can easily negotiate a fair migration price from any reseller.

Every time you’re working with Google as their apps partner or reseller you’re sure to get high-quality service. This is because Google Apps resellers and partners are a pivotal part of the ecosystem and platform’s growth. To become a partner is easy, all you have to do is visit Google’s Partner Directory and subscribe to become a Google Apps partner. But before you get started, above are some top benefits of becoming a partner you might want to take into consideration.

5 Tools That Will Exponentially Increase Your Productivity At Work

TCollaboration and productivity are the primary drivers in modern day businesses, regardless of industry. Whether you work for a corporation or on your own, there are plenty of tools that you can use to increase your productivity at work exponentially. Try out these five productivity tools for work:1

  1. Hubstaff

If you or your employees’ productivity is declining, it may be time to use Hubstaff, a time tracking software with employee payroll system, internet and app monitoring, screenshots, plus thirty other integrations to boost work productivity and output. It’s especially perfect for monitoring remote teams.2

  1. LastPass

Ditch your unsecured notebook and use LastPass to save all your passwords in one place. LastPass is a password manager that stores all of your sensitive information online, which includes credit card info and passwords. It’s free to use, and extension is available for your browser.3

  1. Buffer

Perfect for handling social media, Buffer eases your life and work by scheduling posts on different social media platform way ahead of publishing time. It enables you to maximize your social media presence by integrating apps which include Instapaper and SocialBro, plus extensions for Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.4

  1. Trello

Trello is so intuitive and flexible that the collaboration tool is used to perform basic tasks, from grocery shopping by individuals to project management by high-growth businesses. The tool allows you to create boards with different assigned tasks. It’s easy and fluid especially if you’re working on a project with a few people and would like to update the progress regularly.5

  1. Chrome for Work

Chrome browser for businesses or Chrome for Work is your solution to efficiently manage and deploy the browser within your company while securing your business’s data as well as your employees’ safe. It enables you and anyone at your company to use a broad range of business workflow, collaboration, and productivity applications like Office 365 or G Suite.

Increasing your work productivity will be made easier with the help of productivity tools like the ones recommended. Whichever tool you choose, the safety of your company and your employees need to be considered as well. Make sure access to sensitive info like passwords is restricted.