3 Awesome Tips to Boost Your Chances of Getting Your Dream Job

Apart from featuring a plethora of scenic places, Kota Kinabalu is also known as a commercial and industrial center of Sabah, Malaysia. This means that you can find many great opportunities in this city. Some of the hottest jobs in Kota Kinabalu include retail assistants, IT personnel, hotel managers, and more.

When you are currently on the lookout for job vacancies in Kota Kinabalu, you have to take the time to prepare for opportunities in your field of expertise properly. Here are three clever ways to help you boost your chances of getting your dream job:


  1. Assess your resume and make necessary revisions

You have to invest in a good resume. Look closely at your existing resume and make necessary revisions to match the specific requirements of the job you are applying for. Remember to make your resume organized, simple, and clear. Also, you have to come up with a cover letter that will help you get the job. The trick is to veer away from a generic cover letter.


  1. Show that you have an in-depth knowledge about the company

It is crucial to do your research about the company a day before your set interview schedule. Your employer will surely be impressed if you can show them that you know a lot about their business. It can also help if you can convince them that your skills can contribute to growing the firm even further.


  1. Dress for the job you want

Make sure that you dress the part by making yourself look as professional and presentable as possible. Instead of wearing jeans and a t-shirt, be sure to wear a nice clothing and shoes. Moreover, you need to tidy up your hair to impress your interviewer.


When you are applying for a job, chances are you are up against a tight competition. Even if the employer calls you for an interview, this does not necessarily mean that you will get the job that you are eyeing for. Using the tips above can help you get noticed by the employer and stand out from the crowd.

Land Your Dream Job: 3 Secrets to Getting Ahead

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a working adult seeking greener pastures, it’s undeniable that job-hunting is no walk in the park. With the number of graduates increasing yearly, employers are becoming more selective in recruiting new talents. These days, it takes more than a 4.0 CGPA for you to secure a job. Employers want people who can fit in seamlessly into their company’s culture as well. Need help in searching for employment in Malaysia? Here are some tips to get you started:

#1 Update Your Résumé and CV RegularlyRésumé and CV are important in making a great first impression during a job interview in Malaysia

Résumé and CV (curriculum vitae) are important in making a great first impression during a job interview. It’s not merely a written summary on your personal, educational, and professional experiences. The way these documents presented indirectly reflects who you are. Always proofread your résumé and CV thoroughly to ensure there are no grammatical errors. Ideally, each document should not exceed two pages – unless you are applying for top-level management positions and you have an extensive list of achievements to include. Even so, keep the information in your résumé relevant to the job you’re applying for. You can omit certain elements deemed unnecessary. Never falsify your résumé and CV – if caught, you’ll find yourself in the state of joblessness.

#2 Broaden Your Search

Besides uploading your résumés at job portal sites like JobStreet.com, Monster, and JobCentral, you can expand your search by attending career fairs. Held several times a year throughout the country, such events boast participations of companies from various sectors. Some job fairs organize talks featuring respectable industry leaders, so take the opportunity to join in and gain insights. Some company representatives may even conduct interviews on the spot, so do prepare your résumé, CV, and other relevant documents beforehand.

#3 Sharpen Your Networking SkillsSharpen Your Networking Skills is about building lasting professional relationships with the right people

Social media is widely used for numerous reasons, including networking. However, having 500+ friends and followers on these sites does not necessarily translate to a bigger network. It’s about building lasting professional relationships with the right people. Consider creating a profile at business-oriented social networking sites such as LinkedIn. Unlike other social media websites, the focal point of LinkedIn is your professional profile itself. Not only it boosts your online presence, but it also helps in making yourself visible to prospective employers too.

Above all, you need to have self-confidence in facing the interviewers. Give it your best shot, and you’ll land that dream job soon enough.

5 Development Strategies That Will Effectively Boost Any Business

In the field of entrepreneurship and business, there are many aspects that must be taken into account: target market, projected quality, supply and demand, and many others. However, a successful venture would include something that is often overlooked: business development strategies. But what exactly is a Business Development Strategy? Often defined as a long-term plan for a company, BDS is the plan for further improvement of a business that can include programs, projects, practices, and activities in order to ensure that quality of product and service is continuous at a given time. It is the catalyst for the company’s advancement, either to maintain the consistency of the company, ensure longevity and stability or overall enhance everything.

As it is truly crucial to business groups, companies always look for qualified employees in this department. This is especially true in countries with booming economies, such as Malaysia. As this country continues enjoying its healthy and growing economy,  there are always opportunities for business development jobs in Malaysia. What are the most consistent techniques that industries mostly maximize? Here are the five effective business strategies that work effectively in any business.

  1. Right Person, Right Time – Hiring the best person at the best possible time is very important in every business. Knowledge and experience must always be a factor, but so are attitude and drive towards work. It only takes one weak brick to make a tower crumble. There are three stages in the process of commercialization: scouting, testing, and scaling. These are the things to consider when finding the right person. If one can do all three with great results, then the person is good for the company.Hiring the best person at the best possible time is very important in every business development jobs
  2. Always Look For Growth Opportunities – It is important to always keep a steady eye on the horizon. Always be on the look-out for various ways to improve in terms of opportunities in better partnerships and deals. Study the field carefully. Take time to know about various companies that can help you further advance in the present or in the future. If you know your way around, then you know who to call for what, where, and when. Use your network wisely.
  3. Know Your Market – Your audience should always be your main focus. To provide quality supply, you must first know what the demands are. Always listen to the consumers so you know how to adjust your pitch and improve your product in accordance with their wants and/or needs.As a business developer you should know your market and always listen to the consumers
  4. Provide A Clear Framework – Setting the goals in a clear and concise manner helps the company so everyone must know what the end goals of this process. Is it to generate more income? Improve quality? Foster lasting partnerships? With this, you can set a specified timeline for the program, and also improve communication as the addressing of issues and concerns become easier.
  5. Brainstorm, Innovate, Repeat – To be able to stay on top of everybody else in terms of professional competition, you must always be in a league of your own. Always look for opportunities in breakthroughs and challenging the norm. To be able to always think outside the box is to be one step ahead of the pack. Creativity partnered with the knowledge of the market creates success and more opportunities.Business development jobs always look for opportunities in breakthroughs and challenging the norm

While there are still more to business developments that can be tackled, here are the top five that are mostly needed in all markets. If you think you are equipped to do this kind of work, there are many business development jobs in Malaysia that opening up. Go and look for one and help a company make it to the top.

3 Simple Ways To Integrate Digital Marketing And PR To Generate Leads

Technology has contributed to a lot of changes in various industries, leading to new career opportunities that were unheard of before in Malaysia. For example, public relations used to about building relationships and creating brand awareness in the real world offline. These days, however, it can simply be done online, and be integrated with digital marketing to generate leads. These are 3 simple ways you can integrate PR and digital marketing to get better quality leads:the most effective communication job strategies is to launch a relevant project that fits within your goals

  1. Launch a relevant project You need a long-term commitment when it comes to working on your public relations campaign and digital marketing. When integrating the two elements, one of the most effective digital marketing and public relations strategies is to launch a relevant project that fits within your goals. For example, if you’re working at an ethical fashion company, you can launch a platform that provides great information to your customers as well as the global ethical fashion community regarding the negative effects on the environment and people caused by some practices conducted in the apparel industry. Start a new social media campaign with interesting hashtags like #climatefashion complete with a call-to-action, such as by introducing your new earth-friendly clothing line.
  2. Boost post Brainstorm with the content marketing team and come up with an interesting article relevant to your business. Find the right platform to publish the article that features all the wonderful things about your business (make sure the platform or the media is influential enough). Boost the post further by featuring the great press you received in your ads or customer emails. This is one of the fastest ways to build credibility which in turn will generate leads. By having your digital public relations team to boost the positive article in the press, you’ll have an advertising asset which helps to create a huge momentum for the business.Brainstorm with the content marketing team and come up with an interesting article relevant to your communication business
  3. Turn press mention into long-term assets Get as much press mention as possible and turn them into long-term assets by using them creatively. For example, if your business has been mentioned on the local news, you can upload the video of the broadcast to your Facebook page and run a few advertisements that target the right people. Sometimes, all it takes is one single piece of public relation in order to have a successful ad campaign, so make sure you strategize and brainstorm with the team.In communication jobs you need to get much press mention and turn them into long-term assets by using them creatively

It may take a while before you’re able to integrate digital marketing into your existing public relations campaign. Compared to a decade ago, there are now plenty of new jobs in almost every industry that didn’t exist back then. If you’ve always been interested in communications jobs in Malaysia, having the knowledge of digital marketing and public relations and knowing how to integrate them would be highly beneficial.

Top 6 Perks You Get When Working In The Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is one of the most lucrative industries to work in in Malaysia. Because travelling by air is the fastest mode of transportation and is less dangerous (compared to other modes of transportation), there’s a constant demand for aviation workforce, whether within the country or in other countries. What are the benefits of working in the aviation industry? Find out the top six perks:Aviation industry require you to interact and deal with people of various nationalities

  1. Meeting new people For the extroverts and people person, working in the aviation industry requires you to deal and meet with people on a daily basis. Most roles in the aviation industry require you to interact and deal with people of various nationalities. This is a great opportunity for you to meet new people and learn more about their culture and quirks. Plus, since you have to converse with lots of people on a daily basis, this allows you to practice a new language, learn new languages, or sharpen your communication and interpersonal skills.
  2. New challenges every day No workday is ever the same. Your daily routine may be the same and repetitive, but there will always be new challenges every day. The aviation industry is considered to be one of the most challenging industries to work in, and comes with its own dangers and adventures. If you thrive in a stressful and fast-paced environment, the industry can give you the excitement you crave that no typical office jobs can offer.there will always be new challenges every day for aviation industry
  3. Travel opportunities Most airline companies offer travel opportunities for its airline staff, from engineers to cabin crews. Besides pilots and cabin crews who get to travel the most, non-cabin crews also stand a chance to travel if you work for an airline company, with perks like family and personal travel passes, or paid vacations.
  4. Health and life insurance The majority of roles in the aviation industry offer health and life insurance for each individual. Because the industry poses its own threat and danger, the insurances provide protection for your family in case you’re involved in a disaster that leaves you with a permanent and total disability or death.
  5. Sick pay You’ll still get paid even on your day off, particularly when you take the time away to recuperate from your sickness. Furthermore, a visit to the doctor and your entire medical needs will be covered and taken care of by the airline company that you work for. However, this perk may vary between companies and depend on whether you’re a full-time or a part-time employee.
  6. Vision care and dental coverage Vision care and dental coverage are a priority depending on the job roles, especially in roles like pilots and cabin crews. For pilots, it’s of utmost importance that you care for your eyesight as you’re required to meet certain vision standards. For cabin crews, the role requires you to look presentable all the time since you’ll be dealing and interacting directly with passengers. In general, the coverage can be claimed when it is time for you to do your regular check-up, or whenever is necessary.

If you’ve always dreamed of working in the aviation industry, find out what kind of opportunities are available and look for aviation jobs in Malaysia. There will be different requirements for different aviation roles, such as academic requirement, height requirement, work experience, and in some cases gender requirement (this is normally for roles involving some physical work, like baggage handlers).

5 Rewarding Reasons Why You Should Seek A Job In Human Resources

Human Resources Department is rapidly growing into prominence in Malaysia because of the country’s ever-improving economy. The rise of companies has opened a lot of opportunities for people who want to work in the department that oversees the hiring and management of employees. If you think that you have the skills and the qualifications to work in Human Resources, now is the time to polish your resume and start job-hunting. Below are some of the most important reasons why you should pursue a career in HR:

  1. It offers ample opportunities for the advancement of your career. Keep in mind that when you work within a company’s HR department, you are part of the administration. This means you will be rubbing shoulders with the most important people in the company. If you perform an excellent job, you will always be in contention for promotions. This is because you are among the most visible people within the company. It’s an established fact that HR employees have the fastest promotion rate in most business organizations.hr-job-offers-ample-opportunities-for-the-advancement-of-your-career
  2. The compensation is usually higher compared to other company positions. Of course, your salary will largely depend on the size of the company you joined, but expect your pay scale to be higher in relation to other entry-level jobs within the same organization. Furthermore, HR employees are often eligible to bonuses and other performance-based compensations.
  3. It offers a great platform for you to learn about running businesses. If you have plans on striking out on your own and start a business, working on HR would be a great training ground. As an HR employee, you will be exposed to almost all aspects of the company. You will be working alongside sales people, marketing people, suppliers, team leaders, procurement officers, and other employees. Daily interactions with these people will teach you everything you need to know about operating a business.working-in-hr-department-can-exposed-to-almost-all-aspects-of-the-company
  4. You will serve a very important role in the company. For a lot of HR people, the most rewarding aspect of the job is the feeling of fulfillment, knowing that you are contributing to the success of the company. It boosts your morale, improves your self-confidence, and makes you a more effective worker in general.
  5. It allows you to nurture critical connections with other companies and organizations. This can come in handy should you decide to apply for better jobs in other companies. The connections you made with other companies during your tenure will make it easier for you to find greener pastures. In fact, these connections might even serve as your ticket to climbing the corporate ladder within your own company.working-in-hr-allows-you-to-nurture-critical-connections-with-other-companies-and-organizations

In conclusion, a job in human resources is a very rewarding one. It will benefit your career in more ways than one. It can serve as a stepping stone for your bigger career goals. It’s also worth mentioning here that many of company presidents and CEOs today started from HR then worked their way to the top. You can look at this as a source of inspiration in pursuing your own ambitions. So what are you waiting for? Get your resume ready and start looking for human resources job vacancies now. As we mentioned earlier, there’s no shortage of HR positions in Malaysia if you take the time to hunt around.

10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Miri (And How Much is the Pay)

Whether you currently have a job in Miri or not, you are likely able to find something that is far more in demand than your current position. In fact, Miri offers a wealth of career opportunities with some of the highest paid positions available. Many of the jobs offer you a challenging yet rewarding experience.looking-for-high-pay-jobs-in-miri

In terms of salary, more than half of all Malaysians agree that the amount of money they earn is top priority when it comes to choosing a job. Usually, the jobs that pay high are from those in the in-demand sectors. One reason is they have a lot of potential for growth. Another reason is that these sectors are critical in developed areas and in the national economy. They are also essential in making the lives of consumers more convenient and in the everyday operations of most businesses.

Identifying the Sectors

Key sectors include the following:

  • Oil & Gasoil-and-gas-sector-is-famous-in-miri-and-provide-many-vacancies
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Telco & Multimedia
  • Information and Communications Technology & Global Business Services
  • Financial Services
  • Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism & Economics

Among those sectors, it is important to identify which one you feel best suits you and the skills you can offer. For instance, if you are good at crunching numbers, you are likely going to find a job in the financial services or accounting sector. If you are good at selling and providing customer service, the tourism as well as the economics sector is likely better suited to you.

Identifying the Jobsidentify-and-think-wise-what-job-you-want-in-miri

Now that you know which sectors to focus on, you should pay attention to which jobs pay the most, which is part of what makes them such in-demand careers for jobseekers. The competition can be fierce for these jobs. But with the right skills and formal education, it is possible to secure one of the work opportunities.

The following are among the highest paying jobs in Miri:

  • Electric & Gas Operations Manager ( RM 27,000)
  • Legal Services Sector (RM 29,083)
  • Pilot (RM 29,375)
  • Strategy Director (RM 30,000)
  • Risk Management Director (RM 40,111)
  • Real Estate Brokers (RM 50,000)
  • Clinical Research Associate (RM 52,917)
  • Marketing Director (RM 55,000)
  • Chief Financial Officer (RM 70,000)
  • Surgeon (RM 70,000)

Keep in mind that qualifying for many of the positions listed above will require more than just skills. You will likely have to acquire formal education to secure one of the top paying positions listed above. However, knowing which positions you are interested in will help you determine what you should study in school. Many of the positions listed above have experienced forward-moving progression, which means they are not showing any signs of slowing down. As such, you are likely to find job vacancies in Miri in at least a few of these positions relatively easy.

Planning to Move and Work in Kuala Lumpur? Here’s a Guide for Future Expats

Malaysia is a unique country in that it is a melting pot of various cultures. From historical buildings to modern day highrises, there seems to be a balanced blend of both employment and living opportunities for expats who seek the country’s forward-moving progression.check-out-job-vacancies-in-kl-malaysia

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is perhaps one of the most beautiful places to settle. However, if you have plans to move there, you will need to know the best way to seek out employment and a living space so you can support yourself.

Track Down Employment. First step is you will need to check out available job vacancies in Kuala Lumpur. If you wish to eat and live in the city, you must have the funds to do so, which means securing a job is of the utmost importance. The biggest job sector throughout the city is the tertiary sector, which factors in roughly 83% of the city’s current workforce.track-down-employment-in-kl-when-you-decide-to-work-here

Because of the city’s economic strength and fast-growing job service sector, it is attractive to Malaysians and expats alike. In fact, foreign residents make up nearly 9% of those who currently live and work in Kuala Lumpur. The city also offers a strong financial center as well as an attractive medical and tourism sector, all of which will provide you with plenty of job opportunities.

When it comes to seeking a job, make sure you present yourself and the skills required in the specific job sector you wish to apply for so you can stand out from the crowd. For instance, if you apply for a job in the medical sector, find something in your history that qualifies you for the position. If you have previous history working in the medical field, highlight that on a resume or within a cover letter.

couple choosing paint swatch for new home

Choosing a Place to Call Home. After finding a suitable job, the next step involved is finding a place you can call your own. The great thing about Kuala Lumpur is that it offers a variety of living spaces ranging from open floor plans with floor to ceiling windows commonly found in newly constructed homes to smaller bungalows or condos.

Some of the larger, newly constructed homes are available with three bedrooms. Some even offer five or six bedrooms to accommodate larger families. If you are in search of something smaller, check out the many bungalows and condos sprinkled throughout the city and suburb areas. Although condos and bungalows tend to be a bit smaller than newly constructed homes, the bedrooms are still quite spacious.

By following the guided tips listed above, you are sure to find both a place to live and a job within a very short time. There are plenty of great reasons to call Kuala Lumpur your next home and the guide above will help you become successful.

4 Tips to Help You Find Work as a Security Officer

The security industry in Malaysia has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. More organizations and businesses are investing resources to protect their assets and personnel.  If you think this is an industry wherein your skills will fit in, now is the time to join the fray. Below are quick tips on how you can increase your chances of getting hired as a security guard.


1) Sign up with a security agency.

You have to understand that majority of security officers these days get assignments through an agency. This is because companies and organizations usually don’t hire guards directly. They enter into contracts with an agency who will then provide them with the officers they need. You need to take the time to look for a good agency because you aren’t allowed to work for two agencies at once. Besides, most agencies require their employees to work solely for them. What’s great about agencies is that they usually provide you with training and help you process your papers prior to offering you a job contract.


2) Make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork and licenses.

The requirements in becoming a security guard are not that extensive. The most important requirement is that you have to go through accredited training. Most agencies provide this type of training. You should also be healthy and fit which means you must submit medicals as proof that you are physically and mentally fit. Before you will be able to work, you also need to have your identity card confirmed by the National Registration Department.


3) Check your references.

Whether you are trying to join a security agency or you’re applying directly in a company, make sure that the references you placed in your resume are real people. In the security business, trust is very valuable. The first thing your potential employers will do is call your references if they exist. If they catch you lying, trust is broken and you will be lucky if they’ll give you a second chance. Don’t try to cram too many people in your references. Two or three reliable references would suffice.

House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer shakes hands with Const. Samearn Son as other security members look on in the House of Commons as they are honoured for their efforts during the October shooting on Parliament Hill, Thursday December 11, 2014 in Ottawa. (Adrian Wyld/CP)

4) Network with other security officers.

This is very important if you are new and still looking for your first security gig. Talk with other security officers and inquire if they know of agencies, companies, or organizations that are in need of guards. You can connect with these people on social media sites, forums, and job fairs.

These are tips you should keep in mind if you are interested in security jobs. Finding work in the industry is a combination of having the right connections, getting proper training, and updating your licenses. If you have all of these requirements, you will put yourself ahead of the other applicants.

4 Ways To Find A Job In Penang That Works For You

Getting yourself into the workforce may not be the most difficult thing to do but the more complex issue is to find a job that ticks all the right boxes for you.

One can’t argue that there are plenty of jobs in Penang, even in the current economic climate. This is apparent when looking at the local classifieds or job agencies online. Thousands of vacancies are available, but most people will believe that it isn’t easy to find a job that has the right benefits and the right salary.

Here are some things you can try doing to help land you the ideal job in Penang.


  • Use Your Cover Letter To Tell Your Story

These days, we tailor our CVs or resumes to highlight skills and expertise, hoping that the right mix of key words can attract recruiters or bring us to the top of the pile. This is especially true in the era of automated programs that many Penang HR practitioners use to sift through thousands of applicants.

But you still have the option of the cover letter to tell your unique story – what you’re good at, what you’ve achieved and what you’re looking for. You never know, your passion for a particular role or your achievement in a previous job might catch the eye of the hiring manager.


  • Try To Fill A Need In The State

Pay attention to the local news. Recent months have seen major electronic companies announcing potential job cuts in the manufacturing sector as they move out from Penang.

At the same time, the current freeze on new foreign workers has created a shortage of manpower on the island, especially in the retail and service industry, as was apparent when illegals were raided in Penang malls.

In short, find a demand for your talents and you have a higher likelihood of securing employment that not only matches your interest but also fulfills a need. Not only will you be in a better position to negotiate for benefits but you will also be more likely to find your work to be more fulfilling.


  • Don’t Make Salary Your Deciding Factor

If you want to spend your adult life enjoying your career or you want to love what you do for a living, then financial reward should only be a secondary drive – unless of course, making money is your passion!

Furthermore, if you do well at your job, most bosses will take notice and promote you or reward you. As a result, you’ll either earn more or take on bigger roles.

It’s also important to see the value of non-financial benefits. Your salary may not be high, but if you get perks such as housing or transport allowance and good health coverage, then you’ve saved money especially with rising cost of living in Penang.


  • Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals

Finally, be kind to yourself! Don’t limit your job hunt to senior positions or recognised companies. Give all jobs with similar roles or opportunities the same effort. There’s a lot of promise in smaller companies and homegrown start-ups in Penang.

Remember, every success story started from humble beginnings. So don’t burden yourself with unnecessary pressure to find the perfect job. Just get the job that suits what you are now and what you want to be in the future.