5 Family-Friendly Ideas For A Quality Time With Your Kids On Valentine’s Day

Some people think that Valentine’s Day is way too commercialized, and that’s why many parents would rather eat dinner at home than book on fancy restaurants. To many Malaysian parents, time spent with their children is enough to celebrate the occasion. If you are one of those parents who would rather spend quality time with their family than go out on a date night or anything more lavish on Valentine’s Day, you could get low-cost, fun ideas from this post.


  • Go to a theme park in Malaysia.

Unleash your inner child by taking the family to a theme park. It is an unconventional way to spend V-Day that the kids will surely enjoy. Take the adventure to greater heights with bungee jumping or go extreme with a roller coaster ride. Just remember to start the day early and plan things well, so you and your kids can get the most out of your day trip.


  • Visit an animal sanctuary.

If you cannot go to a theme park in Malaysia, watch the animals up close and enjoy various activities offered by the zoos on V-day. There are zoos that offer loyalty cards so you can get discounts on your visit.


  • Do some arts and crafts.

Introduce art to your kids by touring them to a painting gallery or a photo exhibition. You and your kids could even get those portraits as your souvenirs. Or why not try some pottery classes? This is a chance to learn a new skill.


  • Go on a nature trail.

Get close to nature by visiting botanical gardens, where the kids can learn more about ecology. Besides, it is an escape for you and your spouse. With too many things to do as parents, a place closer to nature will be a great way to spend the day of hearts. Visit a butterfly bank or let the entire family discover the exotic flora and fauna in various nature parks in Malaysia.

Father and children lying on the floor at home and looking into a portable computer

  • Learn something new together.

Enroll in cooking class or join coffee workshops. Kids tend to learn more when they are having fun. You can also apply those new skills at home to make V-day extra special.

Although Valentine’s day is not a public holiday for many Malaysians, it still calls for celebration to some. Romance is universal and it should not be limited to couples. It could be an opportunity for the family to learn new skills or do something fun together.

5 Best Tips on Organizing Educational Field Trips for Kids

The words “field trip” bring a lot of excitement to school kids, and a lot of anxiety to the teachers organizing the trip. Educational field trips are important due to the hands-on learning they provide. However, to most people, pulling a trip together is a daunting task.

Without the required planning and preparation, organizing an educational field trip can be a stressful and tiring experience. Fear not if you have been tasked with organizing a trip, as there are numerous tips to guide you through organizing one successfully.


The following are the five best tips on organizing educational field trips for kids:

  1. Visit the site Kids’ field trips revolve around getting out of the school environment and having fun in a different environment. When planning, visit the site beforehand to determine whether it has amenities that will suit the kids.
  2. Check with the school administration Follow the procedures of your school administration for approval, coordination of food and bus services, as well as completion of permission slips paperwork. Before you mention the trip to kids, ensure the administration has approved and signed off on them.kidzania-malaysia
  3. Develop an activity schedule and prepare the kids for the trip Come up with the learning objectives the kids should complete, where and when to eat lunch, and also when and where to meet. Ensure that the kids have copies of the schedule, and give them to the chaperons before leaving for the trip. Ensure the kids are aware of what they should bring, what they should not, and how they should dress.
  4. Choose reliable chaperons Since you will not be able to single handedly monitor everything that will happen during the trip, ensure that you pick reliable chaperons. Start looking for them two to three weeks prior to the trip, by sending letters to parents of the kids. Talk to any parent that volunteers and have them save the date.
  5. Set field trip rules and be prepared for anything Before the trip, prepare some field trip rules for the kids to follow and have the kids sign onto this as a behavior contract. You can assign groups of kids to different chaperons for easier management. Have a first aid kid on stand by at all times in case of a kid suffers a fall or sudden sickness.


With these tips at your fingertips and the right attitude, you are in a position to organize a field trip with fun learning activities for kids. This gives the kids a unique way of exploring new environments while relating the experience gained on the field to their classroom lessons.

3 Fun Activities to Get Kids Active and Moving Indoors

The call to keep our kids healthy is at an all time high, especially now that more digital means of fun and play have taken over their interest. Gone are the days when children would gladly run around and explore, leaving them susceptible to childhood obesity now more than ever. Unfortunately, while a lot of parents do recognize the need to keep their kids physically active, the outdoors aren’t quite as safe as they used to be. However, going outside to play isn’t the only way for your kids to stay fit and active. Find out how to keep your children moving to maintain their health with these three fun activities that you can do indoors.


  1. Obstacle Course – For many specialists, obstacle courses are the ultimate fun activity for kids, because they stimulate the senses and activate lots of different parts of the brain and body. Putting together an obstacle course in your home can be loads of fun (even for you), and designs can be limitless. Be sure to guarantee safety by making use of cushions and play mats where kids might slip or fall. It also pays to incorporate some puzzles and riddles along the way to keep their minds working all throughout the course.mainimg_22
  2. Indoor Playgrounds – Up until the age of three, your kids will be mostly body-centered. That explains why a lot of kids prefer jumping, running, rolling, and every other possible bodily movement you can think of, over sitting down and performing table top activities. An indoor playground can be a great way to stimulate their bodies because at early ages, this is how they best learn. You can put together a small playground with jumping, swinging, and rolling in your home with what furniture you might have. But if you really want to go the extra mile, you can buy a pre-made indoor playground for your kids. Be sure to check all your options and consider all retailers.kids-racing-istock_46010548_large
  3. Mini Olympics – What better way to encourage your kids to engage in sports than with your own mini Olympics? Choose a bunch of safe and simple Olympic games that you can do in your home and arrange it like the actual games. Some examples of Olympic events you can adjust and alter for indoors include the disc throw using paper plates, relay with spoons or make-shift batons, or the long jump. Just be sure to move away some furniture to make room for safety. Provide prizes for winners and even assign someone to do commentary. This idea is great for older kids, giving them the chance to experience healthy competition and to learn sportsmanship at an early age.

Should you and your kids find the urge to go somewhere else but dont like to spend the outdoors, you can search for an indoor playground in Kuala Lumpur online for some options.

Your kids don’t need to go outside to have some exercise. Staying indoors can be a great option if you exercise your imagination. Be sure to give your kids a happy and healthy childhood by putting together these three fun indoor activities for their benefit.



3 Ideas For Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Kids Indoors

With more urban children raised in concrete jungles like Kuala Lumpur, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many kids prefer to stay indoors or are hesitant to sample Mother Nature.

But before you plan on taking your kids camping, why not get them to have a taste of outdoor fun first? Here are three suggestions to do just that.

  1. Visit an outdoor-themed children’s park

Image result for There are plenty of options in KL for a quick weekend getaway in a children's theme park. The Petrosains Discovery Centre at KLCC and KidZania KL are two unique examples of "edutainment" centres that offer many indoor activities for kids.

There are plenty of options in KL for a quick weekend getaway in a children’s theme park. The Petrosains Discovery Centre at KLCC and KidZania KL are two unique examples of “edutainment” centres that offer many indoor activities for kids.

The first is science-based and revolves around Malaysia’s petroleum industry. Your kids can experience the vacuum of outer space and even feel the thrill of riding a virtual helicopter to an oil rig.

KidZania is a miniature “kid-sized” city, where children can live the life of more than 90 actual professions. Let them put out fires as a fireman or pull teeth as a dentist. Maybe their ambitions can start from here!

  1. Start a small indoor garden

Image result for Start a small indoor garden

One of the easiest is to try growing bean sprouts or “tauge” as these are almost maintenance-free and produce results quickly. Just fill about a fifth of a glass jar with mung beans and then fill with water. Tie a piece of cloth over the jar with a rubber band and leave it to soak away from sunlight overnight (up to 12 hours).

Next, drain and rinse the beans before leaving them in the jar with cloth covered in a dark place. Every six to 12 hours, repeat the rinse and drain until the sprouts have reached desired length. The idea is to keep the beans moist without being waterlogged.

You can even use different beans (mung beans, soya beans and even lentils are suitable) for each child so they can see the different types of bean sprouts!

  1. Get a bug box for your home

Image result for Get a bug box for your homeA good option if you’re not afraid of catching bugs!

Pet stores these days sell bug boxes made of plastic with breathable covers. You can fill them with twigs and leaves from outside to prepare for any bugs that venture into your home such as moths or lizards.

Let your kids observe it and take photos for their IG before releasing. Ask them to look up the bugs on the internet and read up interesting facts about them.

Hopefully, these small doses of the world outside the house will entice your children to take bigger bites out of the outdoors.