5 Family-Friendly Ideas For A Quality Time With Your Kids On Valentine’s Day

Some people think that Valentine’s Day is way too commercialized, and that’s why many parents would rather eat dinner at home than book on fancy restaurants. To many Malaysian parents, time spent with their children is enough to celebrate the occasion. If you are one of those parents who would rather spend quality time with their family than go out on a date night or anything more lavish on Valentine’s Day, you could get low-cost, fun ideas from this post.


  • Go to a theme park in Malaysia.

Unleash your inner child by taking the family to a theme park. It is an unconventional way to spend V-Day that the kids will surely enjoy. Take the adventure to greater heights with bungee jumping or go extreme with a roller coaster ride. Just remember to start the day early and plan things well, so you and your kids can get the most out of your day trip.


  • Visit an animal sanctuary.

If you cannot go to a theme park in Malaysia, watch the animals up close and enjoy various activities offered by the zoos on V-day. There are zoos that offer loyalty cards so you can get discounts on your visit.


  • Do some arts and crafts.

Introduce art to your kids by touring them to a painting gallery or a photo exhibition. You and your kids could even get those portraits as your souvenirs. Or why not try some pottery classes? This is a chance to learn a new skill.


  • Go on a nature trail.

Get close to nature by visiting botanical gardens, where the kids can learn more about ecology. Besides, it is an escape for you and your spouse. With too many things to do as parents, a place closer to nature will be a great way to spend the day of hearts. Visit a butterfly bank or let the entire family discover the exotic flora and fauna in various nature parks in Malaysia.

Father and children lying on the floor at home and looking into a portable computer

  • Learn something new together.

Enroll in cooking class or join coffee workshops. Kids tend to learn more when they are having fun. You can also apply those new skills at home to make V-day extra special.

Although Valentine’s day is not a public holiday for many Malaysians, it still calls for celebration to some. Romance is universal and it should not be limited to couples. It could be an opportunity for the family to learn new skills or do something fun together.

Romantic Trips While in Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is a popular honeymoon destination with those from other countries. Whether you’re there for your honeymoon or a tourist who wants to have some alone time with your love, there are many romantic destinations and ideas for you in this beautiful country. Whether you stay in a 5 star hotel in Kuala Lumpur or a villa resort, you’ll be able to enjoy all that the city has to offer the lovers who visit.


Boat Cruise 
There are a few ways to enjoy the stunning bodies of water around Malaysia. You can book a cruise on a large boat with other couples and families, but the best way to enjoy your time as a couple is with a Malay-styled canoe. You can pack a picnic lunch to enjoy along the shores either before or after you paddle around the placid waters.

waterfall hikes

Hike to the Waterfalls 
A romantic getaway isn’t complete without a stunning view of a beautiful waterfall. Saga Hills Waterfall is one of the best hiking trails in all of Malaysia. If you hike early in the morning, you can watch the sunrise over the country and glint off the cascading water. There’s nothing more romantic than that kind of view. You’ll remember it for the rest of your life. Couple getaways don’t have to involve spending money. A hike and a beautiful sunrise don’t cost a thing.


Atmosphere 360 
After a beautiful morning watching the sun rise, you can enjoy dinner at the top of the Menara KL Tower. The restaurant, which is often called the revolving restaurant, provides breathtaking views over the city. You’ll be able to see the sunset to end a day filled with romance from the time you visited the waterfalls. Along with spectacular views, the restaurant has a range of culinary delights from venison to dim sum.


Once you’ve finished with your sumptuous dining experience, you can head out to the banks of the river. While there, you can sit together under the stars and see the mystical sight of hundreds of fireflies. This is the time you could take your boat cruise. You can board a rowboat and a guide will bring you to the opposite bank to see more fireflies.


Orchid Garden 
There are more than 6,000 orchids in the garden of 800 species. While you won’t have the spot to yourselves since it’s an attractive tourist destination, you can find a less travelled walkway for photographs and hold hands while strolling through the garden. There’s a spot for buying an orchid souvenir too.

There are plenty of places and things you can do in Kuala Lumpur that are romantic and memorable. The most important thing on your trip is to spend time together making magical moments. Any location can be romantic when you’re in love and are open to new experiences.


Cycling Tips/ Guides/ Advice



We sat down with a representative from MTB the other day. We discussed many things, chief among them was cycling advice for biking enthusiasts.

“My advice works for everyone. Whether you own a mountain bike or one of those cycles you see in those marathons. I have been cycling for a long time. It’s taken me some great strides and pain to understand the complexities and seriousness behind riding. I’ve been there before. I’ve learned a lot when it comes to cycling. If I can help someone out, someone who is going through something I have already done, than I have accomplished my task.”

Cycling Pair 460

So let’s get started, shall we?

1) Let’s say you are vacation in a foreign area. Let’s say you are in Malaysia. Some of those back pathways tend to be dirty and rocky. Let’s say you are riding your mountain bike in Malaysia, down on one of those very trials. You have to be strong and flexible.

If you are climbing a smooth trial or terrain, you need to stay in the saddle. When you are going down the hills, you need to bend your knees. Stand on your pedals, with a slight bend in the knees. This bend will also come in the elbows and waist. It’s an athletic movement.

Those of you trying it out for the first time, expect some bumps and bruises. The trick is to get passed this stage. You will fall down a few times, especially in the terrains that are very rocky. It’s okay. Just know that it will get better.


2) It’s important to keep shifting your weight when riding. Say you are riding up a deep hill. You need to push your weight forward. Now, let’s say you are travelling down the same hill. It’s time to push your weight back. The reason you do this is to avoid being thrown off.

When you are going downhill, your bike is going to be pushed at a faster velocity. If you don’t learn this control the first few times you are out, you will constantly be thrown off the bike.

Now let’s say you are being pulled inwards, especially in tight corners and situations. It’s better to move your weight outside. You need to counteract the motions in order to keep balance, and to avoid being thrown off.


3) This suggestions will work the same for those who drive a car. When you are going downhill, it’s important to pump the brakes. I am not kidding here. Pump your brakes. If you slam on them, this could also result in your being thrown. This happens a lot to first-timers. You will get better control over your speed and bike when you do this. This is a good way for beginners to learn about controlling speeds and the velocity of their bike.

You can find more of these tips online at the official site. It’s important that you learn some of the tricks early on. If you don’t, you will never learn complete and total control.

Your bike is the beast. It’s up to you to control and tame the beast; or else, the beast will control you. Which way would you prefer it?


Beginner’s Guide to Making Gold in World of Warcraft for New Players


New players often wonder how to get gold so they can buy gear and other items for their character in the World of Warcraft game. There are a few ways for new players to make gold quickly. First, there are a few things new players should not do before we get into what they should do.

Leveling with Vendor Gear 
There is so much loot that will drop on the ground including items that you’ll need as a new player. Instead of buying a white item from a vendor, make sure that the items you’re looting aren’t good for your character before you sell them. After you’ve checked all the items, sell them for the copper and silver you’ll receive.

Don’t Buy from the Auction House 
While some players advise that you shouldn’t look at the auction house until you’re maximum level, you can buy gear quickly there if you’re looking to enter a certain dungeon or raid. Otherwise, you should only use the auction house to sell your items.

Selling Items 
As a new player, it’s quite unlikely that you’ll pick up gear or items that will sell very well on the auction house except when it comes to materials that other people will use in their professions. Cloth can be a great item to sell on the auction house, but you should be sure you understand the rates before placing items there.

For the first 10 or 15 levels, you’ll be in the open world questing to gain experience. This is how you’ll earn copper, silver and gold. Quest rewards can be good items for your character, but if not, you should sell them to a vendor to gain the currency.

When you’re selling items on the auction house, you’ll want to find more than one of them. For example, cloth sells better when it’s in stacks for selling. Many players will start a profession and want to advance quickly, so they’ll purchase all of the materials they need.

A great way to gain items to sell on the auction house is with a gathering profession like mining or herbalism. Stacks of copper or other raw materials can be turned into materials used in other crafting professions. New players are often in a good position to gather the beginning materials needed for these professions since they’re in the starting zones.

Once a character is level 15, they can start queuing up for dungeons. They’ll be able to find more unique items that they’ll need for their character as well as items they can sell for the currency. At higher levels, players can step back into smaller dungeons without a group to keep all of the farmed materials and gold for themselves too.

While it might seem that you’ll never be able to gain much gold in WoW, before you know it, you’ll have enough to spend on mounts and flying abilities in higher level areas. For people looking for great gifts for WoW players, you can consider a prepaid WoW card, so the new player can invest in buying items to sell on the auction house in game too.


5 Road Biking Tips to Give You a Better Ride


Whether you are athletic or not, or old or young, cycling can be a great way to get some exercise, as well as travel around. Cycling can get you outdoors and burning a lot of calories. There have been many types of new bikes coming out recently, for example, the specialized road bikes which can make riding easier and more comfortable for long biking journeys. Whatever bike you choose, there are some pieces of advice you should know to improve your bike riding safety and performance.


1) Wear A Helmet 
When cycling, you should always wear a helmet, especially in order to road bike in Malaysia. Helmets help to prevent injury and damage to the brain if you happen to crash. Many cyclists require emergency care every year due to head trauma. Select a helmet that fits snuggly and that is in a bright colour so that other riders or drivers can see you.

2) Pick the Right Seat 
The narrow seats on racing bikes can be uncomfortable, especially for women, but there are wider seats that can easily be installed. Gel-filled seats can help to ease some of the pressure and will reduce friction when riding. The saddle should be positioned so that your knee is only slightly bent at the bottom. If your knee is bent too much, then your seat is too low. If you have to reach for the pedal, then the seat is too high.

3) Use Common Sense on the Road 
If you’re going to be riding with vehicle traffic, be sure to give cars and pedestrians the right of way. Use hand signals when needed and obey all road signs. Communicate with drivers the best you can by staying out of their blind spots and making eye contact with them so they know that you’re there. Watch out for potential hazards such as, potholes or car doors swinging open.

4) Switch Up Your Gears 
When using a road bike, keep switching gears throughout your ride. Staying in a high gear for a long period of time, can increase the pressure on your knees. By switching to lower gears, you’ll be pedalling faster which will give you more exercise with less stress on the joints.

5) Change Positions 
Change your hand and body positions often throughout your ride. By switching it up, the angles of your back, arms, and neck will change, which will take off pressure and release stress from certain areas. Try to keep from riding with your hands on thee curved part of the handlebars for a long period of time. That angle can cause cramping in your hands, neck, and shoulders.

When it comes to using a road bike in Malaysia, these are some great tips to keep in mind when going on your bike journeys. By following these pieces of advice, you will be able to have a more fun and comfortable bike ride. Specialized road bikes can bring a lot of enjoyment in your life, so get started with one today.


Where to Find Halal Restaurants in Malaysia

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic multi-confessional state with a Muslim majority. Muslims make 61% of the population. Halal restaurants though in theory widespread are difficult to get here in Malaysia. Halal food is food that does not contain alcohol, pork, blood, unclean animals and animals slaughtered without a prayer. It has become tough for any Muslim adherent to determine with certainty that the food they consume is compliant.

malaysia race

In a country like Malaysia, the readily available halal foods in most cases don’t meet the standards. It is especially so if the food is prepared and sold by non-Muslims.Halal is not just about the ingredients; it depends on who prepared the food, how it was stored and the utensils used. We are your help in Halal compliant products in Malaysia and you can visit this Halal portal online for any enquiries.

Some quick way of finding halal products


  • as a rule of the thumb when looking for a Halal restaurant, look for neighborhoods with large Muslim Populations.
  • The easiest way is to look for HALAL CERTIFICATE. It should be on display quite quickly. It should be pointed out that it’s quite difficult to get a Halal certificate in Malaysia. To get the Certificate, you need to hire a minimum number of Muslim staff and to offer pork min your premises. Most big hotels don’t adhere to these stringent rules hence are not Halal.
  • Look at the majority of customers in the restaurants. Do they look Muslim? Are the women in headscarves? If they are, then it conforms to the Islamic laws.
  • The majority of chain fast food restaurants serve Halal food. It also includes food outlets in many Malls and major establishments
  • Avoid street food establishment. You can never be sure.
  • Avoid establishments that are written Halal free or pork free. They should provide more than just writings on the wall.

In fact in many parts of Malaysia, you will find niche foods that are compliant with Islamic laws. Today Chinese restaurants are specializing in Halal.You will find Malay Halal cuisine too.In KL, the best Halal restaurants are to be found in Bangsar.You can assess it using public means. There are also online sites that sell food online.


Our five best Halal restaurants in Kuala Lumpur are:

  • Melur & Thyme Restaurant


  • Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju

Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju


  • Arabesque


  • The Ganga Café

Ganga Café

  • Straits food company

Straits food company

Five best Chinese Halal restaurants:

  • Restoran Mohammad Chow

Restoran Mohammad Chow

  • Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant

Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant

  • Haji Sharin Low Grand Restaurant

Haji Sharin Low Grand Restaurant

  • Restoran Haslinda Sim Abdullah

Restoran Haslinda Sim Abdullah

  • Restoran Bei Ping

Restoran Bei Ping

You can enjoy excellent foods at competitive prices by doing your homework. As a Muslim, it is your religious duty to be compliant to Sharia. You should do your due diligence before buying food for you and your family. Always visit this Halal portal online for all your issues on Muslim delicacies. We can only grow our Faith by following the Prophets teachings.