10 Awesome Luxury Watches Worth Saving For In 2017

Watches are a reflection of class and personal style. Also, for a lot of people, wearing a premium watch isn’t merely for utility purposes, as it also exudes character, taste, and individual branding. These are just a few of the reasons why the market for luxury timepieces has been booming in Malaysia during the last several years. In fact, the majority of the biggest brands that manufacture luxury watches have set up shops in the country. If you are a luxury watch collector, here’s a quick overview of the premium timepieces you should start saving for this coming new year:


  1. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner –  There’s a reason why Rolex is the most well-known watch brand. Not only are their watches classic examples of creativity and ingenuity, they were able to maintain the quality of their timepieces for decades. With a beautiful and streamlined design, the Oyster Perpetual Submariner is a watch every enthusiast should have.


  1. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph – Not many watches can compare to the forged black carbon design of this watch by Audemars Piguet. Its carbon fiber case will ensure that the watch will last for a lifetime.


  1. The Vacheron Constantin World Time Gold Automatic – The main attributes of this beautiful watch include a polished gold case, a white dial, a globe design in the center, and a brown leather strap.


  1. The Patek Philippe Geneve Calatrava – This is the perfect timepiece for those who prefer minimalist designs. With a white gold case and a black leather strap, this watch has a classic look.


  1. The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Chronograph – Encased in sapphire crystals and water-resistant, this watch is a favorite among adventurers.


  1. The Chopard Caliber Classic – As you’d expect from a well-known watchmaker like Chopard, this timepiece has a sophisticated design and a body that’s built to last for the longest of time.


  1. The IWC Schaffhausen Automatic – One of the more affordable luxury watches out there, this piece has a stainless steel case and a blue croco-embossed leather strap.


  1. The Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer – If you want a little bit of color in your watch, this is the piece you are looking for. It has a dark blue background and a blue strap.


  1. The Jaeger LeCoultre Diving Chronograph – This watch comes with a ceramic black case and a shiny black strap. Unique features of this piece include black dials, index hour markers, and silver-tone hands.


  1. The Panerai Radiomir – With its sleek design and neutral colors, this watch reminds you of the classic watches from generations past. Its mechanical system is even hand-wound.

When purchasing luxury watches in Malaysia, you should always make sure that you are purchasing them from legitimate sellers. Keep in mind that there are a lot of fake watches out there. For instance, a watch may look like a real Rolex on the outside but if you are to look inside, the parts are all wrong. It’s also worth mentioning here that some of the most expensive luxury watches often come with certificates.

A Luxury Gift Guide: 10 Unique Gifts For Watch Enthusiasts

Many Malaysian watch collectors are a fan of luxury, and would not settle for anything less. Luckily, the country boasts various high-end designer brands which attract many tourists looking to shop and snag the best deals. These days, more and more luxury watch brands open their flagship stores in Malaysia. In addition to watches, they also sell a variety of watch-related products and accessories. With Christmas coming, it’s the moment to impress the watch enthusiasts in your life. Here we have listed 10 unique gifts that only watch aficionados would love and appreciate:

  1. Watch movement cufflinks

Sometimes exhibiting the luxury watch on your wrist is not enough. The watch movement cufflinks adds uniqueness to a person’s personality, style, and taste.watch-movement-cufflinks


  1. Watch case opener

Most watch lovers are passionate about the aesthetics and mechanics of watches. With a watch case opener, it truly seals the deal.watch-case-opener


  1. Leather watch strap

Many watch addicts have multiple watch straps made of different high-quality materials. Give them a leather watch strap for a touch of luxury to add to their collection.leather-watch-strap


  1. Watch-related coffee table book

One can’t be a fan of horology without knowing the mechanics of a watch. A watch lover would be delighted to learn more about the art of making clocks and watches, as well as the measurement and study of time. What better ways to learn about them than reading a watch-related book? One of the books worth reading is Masters of Contemporary Watchmaking.watch-related-coffee-table-book


  1. Watch roll

A lot of watch collectors and enthusiasts fall into the busy jet-setting bunch. Make their lives easier with a watch roll. Its main function is to safely keep the timepieces intact in one place. Plus, it’s easy to carry during extended trips while minimizing space. Check out brands like Convoy or Smythson.watch-roll


  1. Luxury watch

What would watch lovers do without a luxury watch in their possession? There are various luxury watch brands that cater to different watch enthusiasts. Give them a watch they haven’t owned yet and shop for luxury watches in Malaysia, like Rolex or Patek Philippe.luxury-watch


  1. Watch winder

A watch winder is not only stylish and a good decoration for one’s study or living room, it also does the trick by keeping one’s spare watch wound and running like a normal functioning watch. Check out Wolf 1834.watch-winder


  1. Vintage marine chronometer

A vintage marine chronometer makes for a good desk clock and graces one’s study room in ways that a typical clock couldn’t, by giving it a classy look.vintage-marine-chronometer


  1. Vintage pocket watch

Relive the old ways by owning a vintage pocket watch, which most gentlemen used to have. A pocket watch adds flair to one’s style and personality.vintage-pocket-watch


  1. Bracelet sizing and strap changing tool kit

A tool kit for bracelet sizing and strap changing comes in handy and enables one to fix their watch without going to a watchmaker.bracelet-sizing-and-strap-changing-tool-kit


Most of these unique watch gifts can be purchased online for an added and better shopping convenience, and they all come in a special, luxurious designer-worthy packaging. However, be wary and buy only on reputed online stores that sells luxury watches in Malaysia to avoid buying the fake ones.

The Millennial’s Guide to Luxury Watches


“Every generation brings its own trend, its own taste, its own way of living. The younger generation is more disruptive.” – Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer.

If you are reading this, chances are, you are a millennial. Unsure? If you’re born between the early 80s to early 2000s, have a smartphone nearby and is always connected to the internet, doubt no more. You, as part of the rising demographic of millennials is no doubt going to be the largest spending generation there will be.
With most millennials receiving peak income at their disposal, they’ll want nothing less than the finer things in life. They’ll have fine dining, expensive wines, designer clothing and luxury watches. And when it comes to watches, we have listed below some points to remember when picking the right luxury watch for you.

Luxury brands don’t happen overnight. You might hear a good sounding brand with a respectable logo but they can’t deliver what luxury brands can – quality timekeeping and subtle display of wealth. Look for a brand that is highly respected and also communicates with people who appreciates fine details and luxury like you do. These are also the kinds of brands that creates watches that gives you lifetime satisfaction. Brands that are worthy of getting passed on as an  heirloom. You might also consider prestigious brands that command impressive prices if it hits the resale market.

Millennials are smart and passionate. Most of them are wise when it comes to spending. They want to know where their money goes and they want it to go to something they are passionate about. They have this need to contribute to what they feel is important to the world.
We can see a trend for luxury brands partnering during sports and music events. Now this will definitely get the attention of sports and music enthusiasts. What better way to support their passion than to support the brands that keep it alive. Surely, we’ll see a trend for more brands advocating more passions close to millennials’ hearts.

Perhaps another thing that clearly sets the millennials apart from other generations is that it’s an experience-oriented generation. They might think twice on spending a fortune for a luxury watch but would gladly spend the same amount for a tropical island trip. Now luxury brands are trying to change this mindset by offering experience only their brand can deliver. Perhaps as part of their advocacy, we start seeing commercials and ads for these brands that try to invoke emotions, or touch our inner sentiment self. These are often timely reminder brushing with the relationships we currently have, or long to have. At the end of it, these brands will try to remind you of that same experience and feeling with the products they offer. These millennials will not mind the price tag as long as the product comes with a deep level of emotional connection.

Up to date and connected
Millennials continue to disrupt industries, and they’re doing it fast. Luxury watchmakers may be known for the detailed precision they incorporate for every timepiece, but millennials want more than just that. Luxury watch brands don’t necessarily make a fortune by keeping up with the times, but they recognize this generation’s preference. They see the need to be always connected for this generation. They thrive to be relevant by incorporating their brand of luxury to their own lines of smartwatches. Millennials will appreciate how these brands keep in mind the millennials’ on-the-go and always connected nature but never falling short on keeping the luxury feel on the watches that they wear.

Even though luxury and millennials are two words that do not seem to go together, millennials continue to surprise. And for fine jewelry like luxury watches, it’s the person wearing that defines it, not the other way around.

Luxury Watches Tip: How to Spot a Tag Heuer Watch Replica


Image result for luxury watches

Collecting luxury watches is indeed a very expensive hobby. There are luxury watch brands that cost more than $100,000, making it absolutely tempting to search for the best deals out there in the market. One of these luxury watches is Tag Heuer.


However, you can’t deny that there are also times when you’ll see counterfeit watches that closely resemble the original. If you don’t know how to spot a fake Tag Heuer in Malaysia, the chances of you having an imitation in your collection are very high.



Before paying for the luxury watches, you need to find out certain things about the watch that you are going to buy. Knowing the ways to differentiate a genuine from a fake Tag Heuer really helps a lot especially if this is your first time buying one.

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Here are some things that you should pay attention to when buying a watch:


  • Research. Before buying your luxury watch, make sure that you already know how the original looks, feels, and even smells like. Know the materials used in specific models. Look for defects in stitches, the brand name, and the print that goes in the box. Try to listen to the watch and see if there’s any ticking sound that is coming out of it. If there are ticking sounds on the gears of your watch, it’s definitely a bogus.


  • Know your seller. Are you going to purchase your Tag Heuer from authorized retailers or through an auction? You should only buy luxury watches from legitimate sellers. If someone presents himself as a seller of Tag Heuer watches without showing proof that he is indeed a licensed distributor, don’t trust him.


  • The paperwork. If you are going to buy classic luxury watches, always look for the paperwork. See to it that the serial numbers, boxes and certificates match with the presented paper.


  • Compare the price. Getting a good deal is awesome, but a price that deviates too much from the commercial price can be suspicious. If the Tag Heuer in question is originally priced at $100,000 but you are getting a $50,000-deal, it’s already a warning sign. Stop the transaction and look for the same watch somewhere else.


As they say, there is always a counterfeit for every luxury item in the market. When buying your Tag Heuer in Malaysia, don’t be in a rush. Make sure that everything is in order to prevent getting yourself in trouble and mixing your collection with a deceiving replica.


Considerations that you Need to Make When Buying a Luxury Watch

There are a number of reasons why people invest in luxury watches. One of the reasons being, that a luxury watch adds a certain allure of sophistication. A luxury watch speaks class and tells people that you are of a certain status. Additionally, for men who love luxury machines and gadgets, getting a luxury watch can help add to their collection. This is just to mention a few reasons of having a luxury watch. Having been convinced to purchase a luxury watch for the above reason. One needs to understand the following aspects that come in to play when purchasing a luxury watch. Here is a few tips on how to go about it;

The Fit 
Fit is everything for a luxury watch. You do not want to spend a lot of money on something that you will never get to wear. Therefore, be careful to have the right measurement of your wrist taken to ensure that you don’t get a watch that is too big and baggy on your hand or one that you can barely wear for two hours without your hands hurting. When looking at the fitting, it is advisable that you go for luxury watches with adjustable straps. This will help add a durability benefit to your luxury watch.

What is your Preferred Style? 
Before getting a luxury watch, you need to first determine your style. Your luxury watch should be able to fit with your daily clothes and accessories without feeling out of place. Also, you need to go for designs that can fit all occasions.

When getting a luxury budget, you need to consider the amount just how much you are willing to use. Some luxury watch brands are more expensive than others. You need to ensure that you get the luxury without going over budget. However, you also need to be prepared to spend more on this watches than you normally would with the regular watches.

What makes the Watch Tick? 
When purchasing a luxury watch, always seek to understand how they function. Are their movements digital, quartz or mechanical? Understand how this three systems function and their various advantages. If you like the finest, go for mechanical systems, but be willing to spend more.

Bottom Line 
Buying a luxury watch requires a lot of caution. You have to ensure functionality as well passing the intended message with your luxury watch. For simplified luxury watch buying, visit Tag Heuer in Malaysia.

6 Factors to Consider When Buying Luxury Watches


Purchasing a watch can cause anxiousness more so when buying luxury watches. Since it takes some time to save enough money to afford a luxury watch, you wouldn’t contemplate buying a watch that will fail you both aesthetically and functionally. Purchasing the best luxury watch is determined by the effort you put doing research on luxury watches. Also consulting with your watch enthusiast friends can give you the basic tips on buying the right luxury watch. Some of the determinants to consider when purchasing a luxury watch include:
1. The World Time Function 

For folks who love travelling all over the world, they should find a luxury watch with the global time function. This will be of excellent help to them in keeping track of time when they are in different time zones. This feature on your luxury watch allows you to see the 24 different time zones of the world. Global time functioning luxury watches will ensure you travel all over the world without losing the exact time.
2. Diving Luxury Watch 

The majority of the luxury watches are equipped with a feature of waterproofness. Whether you are going to use your luxury watch for diving purposes or just as a fashionable accessory, waterproofness is a characteristic you would want in your luxury watch. Having a watch that is not waterproof may leave it prone to damages from rainwater or even spill adversely leading you to lose your watch as well as your money.
3. Glass vs. Crystal 

Luxury watches typically uses sapphire or mineral glass on their watch dials. Compared to mineral glass, the sapphire crystal provides resistances to scratches. Luxury watches made from crystal are more likely to get damaged if exposed to shock or stress. Athletes and lovers of adventure should consider buying luxury watches with sapphire crystal, which is not easily damaged.
4. Self-winding Mechanism 

Automatic movements or manual techniques power most of the luxury watches. Professional watches that functions automatically generally use mechanical movements. Currently, almost every luxury watch has a self-winding mechanism exclusively developed by a specific brand.


  1. Cost This is one of the most fundamental factors to consider, as you cannot possess what you cannot afford. Keeping in mind your budget is crucial to avoid interference with your plans. Having insufficient funds to buy the luxury watch you desire can lead to buyer’s remorse when you buy what you can afford but do not desire. It is nice to save more to purchase the luxury watch that you want and can afford.
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    6. Aesthetical Appeal 

    If you desire to go back to your luxury watch shop the next day to return your watch, think of buying a watch that is not appealing to you. You would want a luxury watch that displays the value of your money as well as class and elegance. Research well beforehand to ensure you make no mistake of making the wrong purchase. Always avoid suggestions that sway you away from your ultimate choice of an aesthetic luxury watch.

    Always choose luxury watch brandsthat you are proud to show off and wear. Most luxury watches lasts for a very long time with some being passed on to other generations, so make no mistake of flushing your money down the toilet. Make sure you buy Tag Heuer in Malaysia if you want a good deal.