Polypropylene is the Miracle Plastic in Our Lives

Without argument, one of the greatest modern day advancements is the polypropylene sheet. The ability to easily shape and form polypropylene sheets has made it possible to manufacture tens of thousands of items that were once not cost effective to make. In addition, polypropylene has helped to vastly improve many products.
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Our world would be a very different place if it were not for this great gift that is polypropylene. Things we use, enjoy and rely on every day were once a part of a blank polypropylene sheet. And if we were to remove all of these items from our daily lives it would be like stepping back in time. Products that are manufactured from polypropylene have become such a part of our landscape that we are unaware s to how important this modern day miracle is to us.

In Our Homecontainer

Items in our home, formed out of polypropylene sheets, are most abundant in the kitchen. A fun fact about polypropylene is that its chemical composition happens to hinder the growth of bacteria which makes food storage plastic containers a perfect candidate for polypropylene use. The same holds true for food wrap which is also made from polypropylene.
Another in-home item that is widely molded from polypropylene sheets are children’s flexible toys.

Our Automobile


There is virtually no place one can look on an automobile that does not have a component molded from a polypropylene sheet. Inside our auto there is the instrument panel and interior trim pieces while on the outside, much of the body and exterior trim pieces are also molded from a polypropylene sheet. The same for under the bonnet were fluid reservoirs, petrol system components and a variety of other fixtures are all produced from polypropylene.

In Our Garage

Garages are typically littered with a variety of items, many of which are molded from a polypropylene sheet. Maybe the most common of those garage items are those large, clear and colored storage containers that are used to organize and store parts, seasonal and keepsake items. Buckets are another common garage item that are molded from polypropylene sheets.

The Benefits of Items Made From Polypropylene

Aside from being easy to mold and shape, polypropylene possesses a number of other attractive characteristics. Polypropylene is a benign plastic which makes it the perfect choice for any type of storage container used for food products. Polypropylene is both flexible and durable making it excellent for repetitive use items. Polypropylene is also water resistant.

This barley scratches the surface as to the many uses and places we can find polypropylene in our daily lives. Try for a moment to imagine a world without this miracle plastic, it would be a very different and far less convenient place.