Understanding Colocation Hosting – What is It, How Does It Work, and Is It For Me?

Since the rise of the popularity of the internet in the 90’s, computer technicians have wrestled with the process of housing devices and equipment to properly manage and operate servers. These days, web hosting companies have become the most common choice for people who want to eliminate the issue of finding a place for their own equipment without losing their website. That’s because housing equipment and devices can be very technical and tedious, requiring lots of time and effort just to make sure that everything is properly maintained. In recent years however, all of that has been made easy with the development of colocation hosting.

What is Colocation Hosting?

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Unlike traditional web hosting services that allow you to rent a space on their server that is dependent on their equipment, colocation hosting lets users have their own server on their own devices and equipment which are housed in a rented physical space. The data centers are manned by IT specialists who will look after your equipment for you, saving you the stress of using your own space for the task and handling maintenance concerns on your own. It’s basically the same principle as the cloud, with your servers in an off-shore location. The only difference is that you own everything except the physical space.

How Does Colocation Hosting Work?

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When you rent out a space in a data center, all of the necessary equipment, machines, and devices to keep your servers alive will be coming from you. However, everything else that’s necessary to maintain and operate them – from cooling, to powering, to housing, and securing – will be the job of the data center personnel. These IT specialists are trained and skilled in the task of managing colocation hosting, which will basically guarantee that your stuff is in good hands. It’s the economic choice for any website owner mainly because the shared space means your operating expenses for electricity, HVAC, backup generators, and maintenance will all be shared by the different companies with whom you share the same colocation space.

Is Colocation Hosting for Me?

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If you own a website for blogging or for personal use, availing of collocation hosting services might be a little impractical. However if you run a business and you have a site that needs to be robust, able to take on multiple guests and processes at a single time, and if you prefer to have complete control over your website, server colocation might be your best bet. Helping to reduce the costs of housing your own devices and equipment, server colocation is the economical choice for bigger businesses that require powerful websites.

Colocation hosting can be very easy on the wallet, especially for business owners who want to expand their online presence. If you want to improve your website’s performance and give your online guests a better experience, consider colocation hosting to get better control of your site and to enhance its overall functionality.