ORGANIC IS THE NEW NORMAL – 5 Good Reasons to Use Only Chemical-Free Skincare Products on the Skin

green_products_maincarouselThe sales of natural skincare products online are reaching astronomical proportions. The unrelenting marketing blitz on chemical-free skincare products has awakened the consumers’ consciousness about safety. Yet instead of clearing up the air, it gets a little more confusing. Chemical-free seems far-fetched considering the presence of chemicals in everyday products. No wonder people turn to social media for reliable customer feedback.

Beauty junkies have become discriminating in the choice of skincare products. Attractive packaging and technical sounding names were the advertisers’ key branding elements before. Throw in a popular celebrity as product endorser for good measure. Today, buyers are scrutinizing the ingredient list behind every product. Going organic or all-natural is the new normal.

But are there sufficient reasons why it is safer to use only chemical-free products for skin health? Let us take a look and review what is at stake here.


  1. Harmful chemicals are present in most mainstream everyday beauty products. The human health is exposed to danger when lethal chemicals are used as ingredients. Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in skincare products. When mixed with water, this deadly chemical unsettles skin hormones which can actually cause cancer.


  1. The chemical compound Nitrosamine is also a toxic ingredient found in almost all skincare products. Although the dose is quite small per product, the dose increases with every layering – from creaming to a base then from applying foundation to blushing. Nitrosamine is not listed as an ingredient because it is not an actual ingredient. What should be worrisome is that certain combinations of ingredients yield nitrosamines.


  1. Fragrance is a deception when it comes to its composition in makeup products and perfumes. Little is known about the dirty “trade secrets” of parfum. Since product makers are not obliged to reveal the secret behind the smell, the likelihood of harmful chemical ingredients is very high.


  1. Regular skincare products do not provide nutritional ingredients that would benefit the skin. The purpose of using skincare products is obviously to restore balance and regain healthy skin. However, instead of improving skin texture, the presence of harmful chemicals aggravates skin problems. Products that contain essential vitamins like Vitamins A, C and E give the real nutritional value to the skin.


  1. There is apprehension among consumers when buying all-natural skincare products. It stems from a misguided notion that organic products are more costly. While it is correct in some aspects, take into account the products being bought are not junk food for the skin. Value for money, it is all worth it. There is a higher price to pay when customers economize on cheap, mass-based chemical-laden skincare products. Why take the risk when realized savings are higher on safer, chemical-free products?


Going organic is the new normal. The skin that coats the entire physical being deserves the very best treatment. Products that can nourish and balance the skin are no-brainers for beauty lovers. As added bonus, these organic products are gentler on the most delicate skin. Banish the toxins and think intelligently. Indisputably, organic is now the common sense option in skincare products.

5 Essential Tips for Great Skin for Night-Working Men

Working at night can take a toll on your skin quality in many ways. While there is no sunlight to burn or dry out your skin, there are many other skin problems that arise for men who work the night shift. If you work nights, here are five essential tips to keep your skin vibrant, healthy and youthful.

Know Your Skin Type

If you don’t know what type of skin you have, you won’t be as effective at caring for your skin. Skin generally is either normal, oily, dry and sensitive, a combination of those, or aging. Each skin type requires its own unique care, but in general, the following advice can help you to properly care for your skin when you work nights.

Get Lots of Sleep

Image result for Get Lots of Sleep men

The biggest threat to your skin when you work nights is the lack of sleep you often get during the day. Because staying up all night working is not a normal activity for most people, when you work third shift, you often will find yourself sleep-deprived until your body adjusts to unnatural working hours. The best way to get a good day’s sleep is to go to bed as soon as possible when you get home, as studies indicate early morning is the best time to get sound sleep.

Make Night Cream Your Day Cream
Image result for men Night CreamLike many men, you probably are aware of night creams that help to keep your skin tight, wrinkle-free and moisturized. Yet, like many men, you might not consider that night creams designed to improve your skin work just as well when you sleep during daylight hours. Disregarding the “night” portion of night creams lets you use it during the daylight hours during which you sleep.

Use an Eye Serum for Men

Image result for Use an Eye Serum for MenIf you find yourself with baggy eyes and droopy lids due to sleep deprivation, a good eye serum for men can help solve the problem. A good eye serum or eye cream helps you to eliminate baggy, droopy eyelids. It also can help you to get rid of any wrinkling around your eyes, like crow’s feet and other conditions that arise when your skin is dry and you are having a hard time getting the sleep you need.

Moisturizers Keep Your Skin Soft

Image result for Moisturizers Keep Your Skin Soft menRegular use of moisturizers also can help you to keep your skin looking young and vibrant. Many night-time workers don’t consider the dryness the skin encounters when working during the evening. Yet, even without the sun, nighttime can be very dry and hard on your skin. When you regularly use a good moisturizer, it will help you to maintain your skin’s youthful look and help to keep you looking great for years to come.

Taking the time to care for your skin and get a good day’s rest after a long night of work is a simple and effective way to provide many benefits for your skin. Using the correct products for your skin type and to treat specific conditions, like eye cream for men does with baggy eyes, will help to ensure your skin looks great, even when working nights.

These 7 Treaments Will Quickly Get Rid of Acne Scars and Damaged Skin

Having acne can result in a few types of skin damages. Acne scar is one of the most common skin damage types that are caused by acne, which can be quite difficult but possible for anyone to treat. There are a few treatment options available for you when it comes to repairing acne-scarred skin. Find out the seven types of acne-damaged skin treatments that can fix your skin instantly:


  1. Cosmetic fillers Cosmetic fillers have the ability to improve your scars’ appearance. During this procedure, fat or collagen is injected on your scars to provide your skin an even texture. However, these injections would only last about three to six months.img-outpatient-surgery-banner-resized-600
  2. Acne scar surgery For those who are fine with a more invasive medical treatment, a surgery that repairs acne-damaged skin can be considered. During the procedure, a doctor will extract your scar tissue manually, which is a process known as punch excisions. The incision wounds will then be corrected using a graft or suture. Post-procedure, you’ll see your skin having a more even and smoother texture.laser-therapy
  3. Laser therapy A laser therapy can resurface your skin. During the procedure, your skin’s outer layer will be destroyed before the layers underneath the skin are heated. New skin cells formation is encouraged through this process and the underlying tissue is tightened, which results in a reduction of acne scars appearance.platelet-rich-plasma-prp-therapy-adelaide-medicine-of-cosmetics
  4. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) If you don’t know about platelet rich plasma or PRP, it’s one of the most exciting new methods to repair acne-damaged skin, especially acne scars. Informally known as the Vampire Facial, this popular treatment uses your very own blood to fix the acne scars on your skin. During the fast procedure, blood is drawn from you before the red blood cells are separated from its platelets. These will then be injected back into your scars. PRP is mostly effective on patients who have severe acne scars for a long time.dermabrasion
  5. Dermabrasion Besides repairing your acne-damaged skin, dermabrasion can also rejuvenate the skin. Similar to chemical peels, this treatment involves removing your skin’s surface layer. A rotating blade or brush is then used to clear out your skin’s epidermal layer, which leaves a wound. Once the wounds are healed, your scars will be less severe and less visible compared to before.steroid-injection
  6. Interferon or corticosteroid injections Interferon or corticosteroid injections can reduce the severity and size of your scarring. These medications are injected into the keloid scars or raised hypertrophic. If you opt for this type of treatment, expect to be given injections every two to three weeks.chemical226
  7. Chemical peel Just like a dermabrasion, this treatment helps to revitalize your skin using an acidic agent applied to your skin. This will cause peeling, resulting in a forming of new skin.

If your topical medications aren’t showing any sign of fast or major improvement, it’s time to consider other treatment options to repair your acne-damaged skin. Before making the final decision on a treatment option, get a second opinion and consult with your dermatologist first. He or she will assess your skin, and the severity of your scars will help your dermatologist to determine the best treatment option. Inform your dermatologist if you’d rather opt for a non-invasive treatment, as not everyone is comfortable to be under the knife.

4 Skin Care Trends For A Healthy And Vibrant Skin In 2017

If there’s one beauty resolution you need to make this coming new year, let it be giving more attention to the health of your skin. And what better way to achieve this than to introduce new and enhanced routines into your beauty regimen. Caring for your skin is very important, especially in tropical countries like Malaysia, where the harsh heat and humidity can cause a myriad of skin problems; like acnes, pimples, flaking, and even infection. To help you maintain a more vibrant skin this coming new year, here are some of the skin care trends you should try:

Image result for Facial-cleansing brushes

  1. Facial-cleansing brushes – Although these brushes were introduced to the market a few years ago, it hasn’t caught on until now. It’s now considered as a must-have product for a lot of people, because it’s very effective in washing off dirt, grime, and excess oil from the skin. It’s advisable that you get one that is cordless so that you can use it anywhere. What’s great about these brushes is that they also serve another purpose as exfoliants. They help in getting rid of dead skin cells, thus keeping the skin pores less susceptible to clogging.

Related image

  1. Bubble masks – These foamy suds originated from South Korea are among the biggest beauty trends today, mostly because of word of mouth through many beauty bloggers. The masks are so popular that even big brands started making their own formulas. The bubble masks are very efficient in cleaning out skin pores because of the fizzling bubbles that dig deep into the pores. These are also commonly referred to as oxygen masks, because the ingredients react with the oxygen in the air when applied to the skin.

Image result for The drops help in keeping your skin hydrated and evenly vibrant throughout the day

  1. Magic water drops – If you constantly suffer from dry skin, this is definitely a beauty product that you should try. Technically, it’s a different version of a serum, but many women say that it’s more effective in creating moisture for the skin. When you apply the droplets to your skin, they immediately unleash a chain reaction that produces a cool and refreshing feeling. The drops help in keeping your skin hydrated and evenly vibrant throughout the day. They also assist in maintaining the softness of your skin, thus preventing it from either drying or flaking.

Image result for Sunscreen with SPF 15 or SPF 30 (Sun Protection Factor)

  1. Sunscreen with SPF 15 or SPF 30 (Sun Protection Factor) – The tropical heat caused by the sun in Malaysia can be really harsh, so you need protection from its ultraviolet rays. If you’re purchasing sunscreen, make sure that it has an SPF measurement of either 15 or 30. Majority of dermatologists recommend these SPFs, because they are more effective in preventing photons from entering your skin, as they offer up to 97% protection. For instance, if 100 photons are on their way towards your skin, only 3 of these will enter your skin, because the rest will be blocked by an SPF 30 sunscreen. You can easily determine a product’s SPF by looking at the label.

All of the products discussed above are not that difficult to find especially in a beauty-conscious nation like Malaysia, where personal grooming is considered very important. You can find most of the items in health and fitness stores. And if you prefer online shopping for skincare products in Malaysia, there’s no shortage of online stores that you can choose from. Just make sure that the store you are buying from is selling authentic products.