3 Easy Exercises You Can Do Every Day to Lose Weight 


If you are not into high intensity or fast-paced exercise, moderate workouts like swimming, Pilates, and Yoga can offer a low-intensity alternative, yet still, make a significant impact on your calorie burn count.1

  1. Swimming In general, water workout is ideal for people who are just starting to exercise regularly or back after an injury. Swimming has proven to be a great cardiovascular workout for people of all ages because it is non-load bearing with the water supporting our joints as we swim.

There is no harm in swimming for 30 minutes a day, as long as you always start with a proper warm-up. You can simply go to the nearest gym for a quick swim in the morning or relax your tense muscles after work with an evening swim at your apartment complex. The Breaststroke is the most common stroke which burns fewer calories – around 180 calories for a half hour, while the Butterfly is the highest intensity stroke – burns up to 450 calories in a half hour.  2

  1. Pilates The exercise is named after Joseph Pilates, a German-born who overcame his childhood weaknesses by practicing his own regime of exercises – focusing on the back, abdominal and hip muscles.

Although Pilates is not the most calorie-efficient workout, it would improve your flexibility, posture, joint mobility, and tone specific muscles, i.e. arms and stomach. In the end, it helps to increase self-esteem and reduce stress levels; two factors that have a direct impact on weight loss. Even if you have a busy schedule, you still can set aside an hour for simple Pilates exercises at home, which would burn around 240- 420 calories.

Young yoga instructor leading a class in stretching

  1. Yoga For many years, celebrities like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore have used Yoga exercises to lose weight and maintain their mind-body wellness. This regime has become so popular in Malaysia that we can find dedicated Yoga classes in regular gyms, i.e. Peak Fitness, CHi Fitness, or Fitology. Some even offer free entry in other countries, such as Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness. There are a wide range of Yoga exercises to lose weight – from Power Yoga to Bikram Hot Yoga. A typical one and a half hour session will burn between 330 and 550 calories.

Once you are committed to doing one regular exercise or more, always remember to combine them with a healthy balanced diet to optimize your weight loss.

3 Basic Triathlon Gear Must-Haves You Should Splurge On


Competing in your first triathlon? It can be a bit daunting. If you’re a first timer, there might be a lot of questions in your head as to how to go about the entire process. However, how you perform during the triathlon itself won’t be the only thing that determines your success. All in all, how you prepare yourself with the right gear can either make or break your entire performance. If you want to bring home the gold, be sure to buy the right gear to help you perform at your peak. Splurge on these three triathlon must-haves to guarantee success on the trail.1

  1. Complete Bike gear – The biking phase of a triathlon takes place as the second event, sandwiched right between swimming and running. Many of those who have participated in triathlons before will tell you that the biking phase is actually the one that will give you a chance to breathe because it’s the least demanding of the three phases, but only if you have the right gear. Choosing the wrong bike and biking shorts could tire you out, losing you the chance to maximize what rest you could have gotten. Be sure to check all of your options and select biking gear that is specifically designed for triathlons. Aside from brick and mortars, you might want to check an online bicycle shop to learn more about your options.2
  2. Waterproof Sports Watch – Going through a triathlon without a watch is a lot like going through a foot-race without shoes. According to triathletes, your watch is an essential accessory that will help you pace your performance to maximize your effort. Without a watch, you might end up burning yourself out or spending way too much time trying to slow down the pace. What’s more, this will also help you gauge your performance in terms of heart rate, speed, and distance, so you can have something to compare with next time you join a triathlon.3
  3. Athletic Belt – An athletic belt isn’t for fashion if that’s what you thought. This essential triathlon accessory is where you will hook a lot of the stuff that you need throughout the race. Your water bottle, your goggles, and your sunglasses, all hooked to your belt for easy access and seamless use. If you thought you could just stuff your things in your pockets, it’s important to remember that your triathlon gear probably won’t have pocket provisions to make you more streamline and speedy on the course.

Be sure to prepare yourself as best as possible for your first triathlon to help you win the race. Even if you don’t – it’s alright, there’s always next time. Just make sure you practice, prepare, and splurge on the right triathlon gear.

Top 5 Bike Gadgets To Rock Your Ride Like A Boss!

Around summer in Malaysia, it’s when you’d expect to find lots of bike enthusiasts gearing up for long rides with a bunch of cycling buddies. At this particular time, hunting for a cool cycling gear can be very essential, as most bike accessories can more likely make your cycling experience become more convenient, safe, and very comfortable than you can imagine. Following is a detailed list of the best bike accessories all cyclists should be hunting for all the time, to make their cycling pursuits become more appealing and fun all the time.


1)            Heart rate monitor. If you’re trying to keep track of your heart rate every time you’re riding, a heart rate monitor is an invaluable tool because it offers consistent readings of your heart impulse rate while on-the-go. This device also gives you very detail-specific data in real-time about any body calories burned, to make sure you’re charging in the proper increments. Heart rate monitors come in a wide range of colour combinations, so that you can easily pick the one that appeals to you most.


2)          Reflective Vest. This may not be much of a novelty in the cycling world, but this cycling apparel is quite convenient for all bike enthusiasts, in that many of these vests are easily visible from a long distance of about 200 meters away. This means at night when riding on tarmac, you can expect to have a smooth ride with no worry of any accidents because other motorists can see you clearly. Also many vests usually come with a pair of reflective armbands to ensure maximum visibility all the time.

3)            Multi-tool Kit. Every time you’re arranging to set for a long ride, make sure you have at least a multi-tool kit nearby all the time. You may never know when the likelihood of a repair can occur. Sometimes, you may need to replace or fasten a loose nut on your bike. Most multi-tool kits come in a wide range of tools and an easy storage area. So anytime you’d ever need to adjust your bike’s chain or pedals, this tool kit will come in handy all the time.


4)            Freestanding Bike Stand. When you are not riding your bike, you’d need to park it somewhere, right? This is quite a great option for bike renters who find it difficult to equip a stable bike rack into their apartment wall. Luckily, freestanding bike stands are quite easy to put together, and many of them are backed up with a lifetime warranty. Most racks are quite leveled to the ground, which makes many people calm and enjoy some peace of mind. The bike stand also has another much smaller footprint, which makes it quite convenient for people living in crowded houses.

5)            Head Helmet. And lastly, head helmets make it easy for you to protect your head from potential damage while on the road. And most helmets come in a wide range of bold colours and sizes to fit anyone’s head and style altogether.


Above all else, bike enthusiasts everywhere know that there’s way more to a person’s bike than just having an ordinary bike. In fact, now is the high time everybody should consider adding some more cutting-edge accessories to start their ride in high gear. Whether you’re looking for heart rate monitors, reflective vests, bike stands and other top-notch bike stuff, this handy guide has got all the best and most convenient accessories for road bikes you need to make your cycling experience a smooth one and fun all the time.

3 Practical Cycling Tips For Beginners



If you are new into the sport of cycling, there are certain things that you need to be aware of before you get started. Cycling can be a dangerous sport especially if you plan on biking through crowded urban areas. The first thing you need to do is educate yourself about the written and unwritten rules of cycling. There are tons of resources and communities online where you can find information about the ins and outs of the sport. To help you get started, below are some practical tips for beginners like you.


1) Always think about safety first. Whether you are cycling through a mountain trail or through city streets, always see to it that you are wearing the right safety gear. These include wearing a helmet and knee pads if necessary. If you are cycling at night, always put on bike lights. There are also traffic rules that you need to follow when cycling through busy roads and streets.


2) Don’t ride with headphones on. There can be an exemption to this rule if you are 100% sure that there are no other riders or vehicular traffic going through your route. A huge percentage of cycling accidents often involve cyclists who aren’t aware about incoming traffic. If you want to ride with music on, try using a clip-on speaker. At least this won’t drown out the sound from your surroundings.


3) Get the appropriate gear. The gear you carry with you depends on the location of the bike trail. For instance, if you are going to commute to a mountain trail, it may be necessary for you to bring a folding bike as it will be a lot easier to lug around. If you are going for a biking trip that would take you more than a day, then it might be necessary for you to carry bike spare parts to prepare for unforeseen events.


The bottom line here is that if you are planning to get into cycling, make sure that you are well-prepared before you get on your first trip or race. Educate yourself about cycling etiquette, always keep safety in mind, and last but not the least, try to avail of biking gear that’s appropriate for the type of terrain you will be riding through.

3 Best Tips to Prepare for Yoga Class



Yoga has become a popular form of fitness, relaxation, and detoxification.  Practicing yoga helps in harmonizing the mind and body through various breathing techniques and postures.


There are a lot of different types of yoga available for everyone.  One of the more popular, and clearly different from most other yoga classes, is the Bikram yoga.


Bikram was developed by Bikram Choudhury about three decades ago.  Like most other types of yoga, it subjects the yogi to different poses during the session.  The only difference is that these poses, back bends, and breathing exercises are done in an artificially heated room.


If you are planning on joining a Bikram yoga class, here are some tips that can help you prepare your mind and body for this unique experience.


  1. Avoid heavy meals before your class.


You would want to stick to fruits, crackers, and water if you feel you really need to have something.  Rice, breads, and potatoes can make you feel sluggish and even promote gas.  You don’t need that kind of distraction when you are concentrating on finding your center.3101C-2_yoga_sports_clothing_for_women_top_trousers_pants_sport_clothes_wear_cheap_online_sportswear-600x600


  1. Wear light, minimal clothing.


Cotton shirts and gym pants might not be appropriate with this kind of yoga.  You will be sweating a lot than you normally do and the cotton in your clothes will absorb most of your perspiration.  The excess liquid will weigh you down.  Choose apparel made of dry-fit fabric or wear your trusty bathing suit to allow you to move freely in class.


  1. Avoid making too much noise.


You will find the need to grunt and sigh more often in a Bikram class.  Performing difficult yoga poses in a 38°C room is not going to be a walk in the park.  But making too much noise will not only distract the people around you, it will also deplete your oxygen supply faster.  So focus on your breathing until you have achieved a phase that is comfortable enough to help you keep your balance.


The objective is to get you to practice the usual routines to achieve balance and better flexibility while getting rid of toxins through sweating.  It would seem challenging at first but most yogis who tried it once found themselves coming back for more.



So go ahead, discover how Bikram yoga can help you achieve better balance, posture, and flexibility.







How To Cut Your Fitness Routine In Half And Get Away With It



First half of the year is almost over and we are kicking off the third quarter. Were you able to accomplish at least half of your New Year’s resolution? Especially your action plan to get back in shape? Were you able to continue your subscription with that fitness center you have enrolled in? Does your gym buddy still keep in touch with you to track your progress? Or you’re just burnt out because you don’t have any idea how to keep yourself going and still maintain your stamina? Don’t give up guys, it’s not yet too late. You still have enough time to catch up and attain your fitness goal. Want to know how? Here are some tips for you to practice should you want to go back into routine.


This is being enumerated into a day-to-day basis so you will have a calendar of activities specially if you are a busy individual.


MONDAY. Start of the week, so you better start with smooth transition. Why not attend a Yoga class to set your mood. Flex those stagnant muscles, stretch those joints and ligaments as you prepare for your next fitness goal. For faster progress, Bikram or hot yoga is the best option. This will allow you to sweat more to burn more calories.


TUESDAY. Spinning or cycling is the best follow-up routine after you stretch muscles from yoga. Spinning is one of the best slimming exercises. It usually burns calories faster, flattens abdominal muscles and is a great work out for shapely legs.


WEDNESDAY. Going to a fitness center will never be the same without attending the most sought after work out, the Zumba class. Zumba dance is an excellent work out for body toning because it requires more movements to all body parts. There are different types of Zumba that you can participate with but I strongly suggest aero Zumba. This will give you more opportunity to shake up and shape up because this will require you move all parts of your body from head to toe. This way, all stagnant muscles will be fire up.


THURSDAY. Now that all your muscles are already active, it’s now time to go beyond limits. And the best next fitness routine is running. Without a doubt, running is today’s hottest and most popular work out for slimming and body toning because it will burn your calories faster than any other work outs. It will also maintain your normal blood circulation. Running at least an hour a day can burn up to 2000 calories. But if you are in a fitness center, the tread mill is the best replacement. Just make sure to adjust the pace depending on your speed.


FRIDAY. You’re almost done with your one-week fitness routine with cardio exercises. It’s now time to gain some muscle and strength. Bench press, kettle ball and dumb bells are great equipment for gaining muscles and strength. This will give you opportunity to work on your abs, biceps, triceps and back muscles to attain your desired body shape.


SATURDAY. After a week-long period of enduring the pain, try to slow down your work out through swimming. Swimming helps you boost your normal heart rate, muscle toning and strengthens your arms and legs. Studies shows that doing at least 1000 laps can burn at least 500 to 800 calories.


SUNDAY. Take time to rest and condition your mind and body for the next adventure. Just like in the bible, Jesus rested on day seven and you need to rest as well.


But while resting, review your first week of routine and evaluate which work out should you focus on. And of course, working out is not good enough if you don’t have self discipline. Take enough rest, proper diet, more water intake, and eliminate vices.

3 Easy Tips on Buying Your First Mountain Bike



Cycling is definitely fun and very engaging sport. However, you need to invest on a quality bike in order to ensure long lasting fun and safety on the road. If you love cycling yet you don’t have your own bike, there are certain things that you need to consider before buying your first MTB in Malaysia. This article will help you choose the right bike for you.



What to Look for in Your First Bike


  1. Types of Bike. There are three kinds of bike for every cyclist out there – rigid, hardtail and full suspension. Rigid mountain bikes are those that don’t have suspensions. This is perfect for street or some off-road trail ride. The hardtail on the other hand, has suspension on the front fork. This is very ideal for challenging yourself a little bit by riding on a slightly rough trail. The full suspension has front and rear shock absorbers. This is very good for long rides, such as cross-country rides, and for very challenging terrains.


  1. Key Features. Frame materials, wheels, suspension, gearing and breaks: these are the things that you need to learn more on a bike before testing it out. These key features will have a huge impact on how you ride your bike on the road. Also, the wheel size will determine the distance that you can cover on a single hammer of the pedal.

budget - iStock_000041295790_Large

  1. Budget. How much are you willing to spend on your first mountain bike? If you want to gain more experience first, the best bike choices for a beginner like you are the cheaper ones. As you get better in cycling, you will upgrade your bike slowly and spend more money on it faster than you think.


When buying MTB in Malaysia, make sure that you ride one first in order to see if it fits your build. You also have to make sure that it properly supports your weight and you can easily maneuver it. Study its features so that you can easily pinpoint the problem once you encounter a problem while on the road. Look for cyclists who are selling their old unit to get cheap yet battle-tested mountain bikes. You can also wait for clearance sales in shopping malls. Sports shops are of course the best place to shop for bikes since shopkeepers know their products well. This will save you time and money searching for bikes that are normally sold with expensive price tags.

How To Choose Cycling Gear For Safety


Cycling is a great sport that lets you burn calories, meet new friends and have fun at the same time. Cycling gear can be found online at great prices. If you are new to cycling, then you can purchase basic gear such as a new bike, helmet, gloves and a cycling jersey. Cycling jerseys in Malaysia are made out of fabric that breathes when you sweat. Follow a few safety tips
How to Choose Cycling Gear 

Even though you can ride in almost any clothing, the active cyclist wears clothes that meet the special needs of cycling. Improvement in fibers and fabrics make cycling gear more comfortable, fit better and wear longer. In warm weather, most cyclists wear a jersey and shorts. These shorts have no pockets and allow for a smoother ride without having to worry about objects rattling against the moving thigh.

A cycling jersey is usually zippered around the neckline and fits tightly with short-sleeves. It should be long enough to reach well below the waist with pockets over the lower back or chest area. Cooler weather calls for adding arm and leg warmers that extend from the wrist to the jersey sleeve. They may also wear a windproof jacket to keep out the wind.

Many cyclists wear fingerless gloves with padded palms made out of leather. The leather palms help cushion the hands against the handlebar and prevent numb fingers. They also provide protection in case of a fall. Shoes must be both wide enough at the toe and long enough for plenty of room. Cleats provide many advantages for cyclists and make the drive smoother by improving the grip on the pedals. Helmets provide protection for the head in case of a fall on the road surface. It is important that it fits properly to ensure adequate protection.
Bicycle Safety 

Safety is an important issue when you start cycling. There are tips you can follow to reduce your chance of injuries such as warming up before cycling. Bicyclists are free to enjoy many of the roads located in the city. Check your state laws before you head out for a bike ride. There are also miles of bike paths found in large cities. Riding your bike on a city street with a lot of traffic is riskier than riding on a bike path. Choose a helmet that fits properly to ensure your safety while riding.
Tips for Riding in Traffic 

Bicyclists must yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. You must also stop at red lights and stop signs when riding with the traffic. Keep your headphones off while riding in traffic to stay aware of the traffic around you. Bicyclists are encouraged to stay far to the right as possible. Keep your bike at least three feet away from traffic in front of you. Be aware that exiting passengers from a vehicle in your path also pose a risk to bicyclists. Make sure you are visible to the traffic around you by wearing reflective gear and installing reflective decals on your bike.

Cycling Tips/ Guides/ Advice



We sat down with a representative from MTB the other day. We discussed many things, chief among them was cycling advice for biking enthusiasts.

“My advice works for everyone. Whether you own a mountain bike or one of those cycles you see in those marathons. I have been cycling for a long time. It’s taken me some great strides and pain to understand the complexities and seriousness behind riding. I’ve been there before. I’ve learned a lot when it comes to cycling. If I can help someone out, someone who is going through something I have already done, than I have accomplished my task.”

Cycling Pair 460

So let’s get started, shall we?

1) Let’s say you are vacation in a foreign area. Let’s say you are in Malaysia. Some of those back pathways tend to be dirty and rocky. Let’s say you are riding your mountain bike in Malaysia, down on one of those very trials. You have to be strong and flexible.

If you are climbing a smooth trial or terrain, you need to stay in the saddle. When you are going down the hills, you need to bend your knees. Stand on your pedals, with a slight bend in the knees. This bend will also come in the elbows and waist. It’s an athletic movement.

Those of you trying it out for the first time, expect some bumps and bruises. The trick is to get passed this stage. You will fall down a few times, especially in the terrains that are very rocky. It’s okay. Just know that it will get better.


2) It’s important to keep shifting your weight when riding. Say you are riding up a deep hill. You need to push your weight forward. Now, let’s say you are travelling down the same hill. It’s time to push your weight back. The reason you do this is to avoid being thrown off.

When you are going downhill, your bike is going to be pushed at a faster velocity. If you don’t learn this control the first few times you are out, you will constantly be thrown off the bike.

Now let’s say you are being pulled inwards, especially in tight corners and situations. It’s better to move your weight outside. You need to counteract the motions in order to keep balance, and to avoid being thrown off.


3) This suggestions will work the same for those who drive a car. When you are going downhill, it’s important to pump the brakes. I am not kidding here. Pump your brakes. If you slam on them, this could also result in your being thrown. This happens a lot to first-timers. You will get better control over your speed and bike when you do this. This is a good way for beginners to learn about controlling speeds and the velocity of their bike.

You can find more of these tips online at the official site. It’s important that you learn some of the tricks early on. If you don’t, you will never learn complete and total control.

Your bike is the beast. It’s up to you to control and tame the beast; or else, the beast will control you. Which way would you prefer it?


5 Road Biking Tips to Give You a Better Ride


Whether you are athletic or not, or old or young, cycling can be a great way to get some exercise, as well as travel around. Cycling can get you outdoors and burning a lot of calories. There have been many types of new bikes coming out recently, for example, the specialized road bikes which can make riding easier and more comfortable for long biking journeys. Whatever bike you choose, there are some pieces of advice you should know to improve your bike riding safety and performance.


1) Wear A Helmet 
When cycling, you should always wear a helmet, especially in order to road bike in Malaysia. Helmets help to prevent injury and damage to the brain if you happen to crash. Many cyclists require emergency care every year due to head trauma. Select a helmet that fits snuggly and that is in a bright colour so that other riders or drivers can see you.

2) Pick the Right Seat 
The narrow seats on racing bikes can be uncomfortable, especially for women, but there are wider seats that can easily be installed. Gel-filled seats can help to ease some of the pressure and will reduce friction when riding. The saddle should be positioned so that your knee is only slightly bent at the bottom. If your knee is bent too much, then your seat is too low. If you have to reach for the pedal, then the seat is too high.

3) Use Common Sense on the Road 
If you’re going to be riding with vehicle traffic, be sure to give cars and pedestrians the right of way. Use hand signals when needed and obey all road signs. Communicate with drivers the best you can by staying out of their blind spots and making eye contact with them so they know that you’re there. Watch out for potential hazards such as, potholes or car doors swinging open.

4) Switch Up Your Gears 
When using a road bike, keep switching gears throughout your ride. Staying in a high gear for a long period of time, can increase the pressure on your knees. By switching to lower gears, you’ll be pedalling faster which will give you more exercise with less stress on the joints.

5) Change Positions 
Change your hand and body positions often throughout your ride. By switching it up, the angles of your back, arms, and neck will change, which will take off pressure and release stress from certain areas. Try to keep from riding with your hands on thee curved part of the handlebars for a long period of time. That angle can cause cramping in your hands, neck, and shoulders.

When it comes to using a road bike in Malaysia, these are some great tips to keep in mind when going on your bike journeys. By following these pieces of advice, you will be able to have a more fun and comfortable bike ride. Specialized road bikes can bring a lot of enjoyment in your life, so get started with one today.