How Do You Get The Right Road Bike In Malaysia?


The road bike in Malaysia that you use will make it pretty easy for you to get the best ride in the country. You have a lot to look at, you need to make sure that you will be able to get there on a specialized road bike that you can enjoy. You can ride a road bike pretty easily if you have picked the right one, and you should be sure that you visit USJCycles for more information about the bikes that you want.

There are a lot of people who want to be sure that they can get the right kinds of bikes for their own needs. You need to get a bike that is easier to ride for your spouse or the kids, and you can get the best ride when you go out with the group. You can hoist all these kinds of bikes on the rack that you get for the car, and you can go to a lot of different places easily with everyone in tow.

The Sizes 

You can get a lot of different bikes in the country that you can give to everyone in the group. You need to make sure that you have one for the kids, one for the adults and one for anyone who is very serious about riding on these bikes. The smallest bikes do not need to have a lot of gears, and you can get bigger bikes that have many gears for people who love their rides on the roads of Malaysia.

The Racks 

You can rent or buy a rack when you are driving around. You can pull the bikes off the car when you are ready to ride, or you can leave the bikes on the rack while you make your way to a new trail. The trails of the country are all over the place, and you should make sure that you are getting a rack that you think will fit your car. There are some that fit to the back of the car, and there are other people who will be able to fit the rack to the roof of the car.

Finding The Best Routes 

The best routes in the country can be found in many different places, and you should make sure that you get a map that will show you all the best places to go. There are some people who are trying to make sure that they are getting the best rides out of their trip. You do not want to miss any of the best sights, and you can find them all when you get help from someone who knows all the best places to go.

You Also Get Accessories 

You can get accessories for the bikes that will be very easy to use, and they will help you have more fun on the road. Pumps, repair parts and other accessories will make the trip safer. You can ride anywhere you want safely with the right bikes.


Get A Good Pump For All Your Bike Trips


You need to make sure that you have prepared yourself for your next big bike trip, and you can do this pretty easily by making sure that you have chosen a good pump. The bicycle Topeak pump you choose will make it easy for you to handle problems on the road, and you can adjust your tires when you are on long trips with your family or team. Bicycle pumps in Malaysia will help you have a more successful trip, and you can use these pumps to get a lot of things done.


The Pump Travels With You 

The pump travels with you to make sure that you can pump up the tires any time there is a problem. There are a lot of people who want to be able to strap these to their bikes or put them in their packs or support vehicles. You need to make sure that you have the pumps with you so that you can pump up a lot of tires at the same time. Someone who is trying to make sure that they can keep their tires in good shape, and you will be able to bring a lot of them along pretty easily.


The Pump Is Easy To Use 

The pump is easy to use when you are on the road because you can set it up pretty fast. You can pull it out, and you can start pumping up tires in just a few minutes. You can get the tires up to the right weight, and you need to make sure that you are going to be able to get it packed back up just as fast. There are some people who are going to be able to pump up their own tires, and you can avoid having to do repairs all the time.

The Pumps Move Fast 

These pumps are really efficient, and that makes it really easy for people to get the pumping done fast. You could have a flat in a bad place, and you need to be able to make sure that you can get all the air in the tires in just a couple moments. You could be in a storm or stuck in the middle of the night. You can get the tire going, and you will be able to get back to safety a lot faster.

The best thing that you can do to make sure that the bikes are running the right way is to think about what you can do to get the tires going with the right pump. You can pump them up to the right level all the time, and you can check the pressure in the tire with the pump. This is a simple way to make sure that your bike is easier to ride, and you will be much safer because you are not using the tires that you know are not worth riding on. You can get the pumps in your pack, and you can use them any time.


The Pump: a Bicycle’s Best Friend


There are a lot of benefits that accrue to a person in regards to the practice of cycling. There are health benefits and exploration opportunities that are achieved when one is on top of a bicycle. Certain bikes are made for rough terrain and unpaved areas such as mountain bikes while some are made for the tarmac surfaces like road bikes.

The common factor in all of these bicycles is the tools and equipment that are meant to keep them in good shape and improve the riding experience. Some of these tools include the pump, wheel spanners, and oil.

Some of the pumps in the market can only be used on certain tires, but different brands provide their pumps upon the purchase of their bicycles. The pumps usually have their holders on the bike frame, and when set right, they do not impede the rider during a race or an excursion.

The pump is an essential part of the bicycle because as conditions change and depending on the use of the bicycle, the tires will usually deflate and need some air, and this can be within one’s home or on the road. Carrying the pump with you will ensure that the need to stop at gas stations or to ask for help from other riders is minimized

topeak-mini-morph-pump-tmm-1Topeak Pumps.

The bicycle Topeak pump come with a flexible pipe or hose and boast over forty different ways that one can inflate their bicycle tires. They are detachable, light, and portable and have interchangeable valves for different tires.

This is especially practical when a group is riding the same type of bicycle or using tires with the same type of valves. Cycling without a pump is not only dangerous and risky; it also means that you will have to push your bicycle to the nearest pump station that negates the use of a bicycle.


Malaysian Market.

Bicycle pumps in Malaysia can be bought from every dealer of bicycle parts as well as those brands that have shops in the city. Although the rates may vary, the important thing is to make sure that the interchangeable valve function applies as this will be practical even when one buys another bike.

There are many bicycles in the market meaning that one can have many pumps whenever one purchases a bicycle. The idea is to make sure one takes with him the lightest and the most practical pump as this will make sure that tires are not a problem when it comes to an outdoor riding experience.


When maintaining the bicycle, the other equipment should not be ignored. A pump is a vital tool and as such, it warrants its maintenance. Oiling and cleaning of dirt and mud should be regularly performed preferably after every excursion.


The condition of the tires can determine whether the ride will be smooth or will cause unnecessary strain on the rider. Knowing how to use the pump and how much air is needed for the riding terrain is the contrast between a good and bad experience.


Evolution of the Road Bike

The cheapest and perhaps the most common mode of transport is the road bike. They are easy to ride, practical in cities with a lot of traffic and are cheap to maintain. Becoming a pro-rider of the road bike requires a few days of training to acquaint the rider with the pedals, handles, gears, safety gear and road signs.

The secret to becoming a pro-rider like the ones who participate in the Tour De France is consistent working out as well as making riding a hobby. Riding can be done recreationally or competitively but for both, one has to enjoy the experience.

cycling specialized road bikes

The Malaysian Situation

Road bikes in Malaysia are a common sight within the major cities especially as people go to and from work. The use of the road bike is considered cheap among the middle class as it requires a little if no expense to maintain daily.

The road bikes ensure that employees maintain a fit body thus reducing absenteeism as well as lateness. It is notably so in cities that have a lot of motorists. Cycling lanes that have been provided ensure that the people who own and use road bikes are kept safe and are protected from a serious injury that can be caused by motorists.

specialized road bikes in garden

Specialized Road Bikes

Specialized road bikes are made by different companies and are mostly mass produced for different people, terrain, trends, and uses. They are made using different designs that can range from the thickness or size of the tires or the position of the bars.

These road bikes can enable a person to move from city to city if they have the capacity, ability and will to do so. It helps cuts down on fuel or bus fare costs and allows a person to stop anywhere they want to enjoy the scenery.

Sspecialized road bikes in carome road bikes are also foldable which is especially convenient for those living in the high-rise flats that are a staple of Malaysian cities. Folding them ensures that they occupy less space inside the apartment and are easy to carry up the stairs. Since most establishments provide a parking spot for riders, most people who commute using road bikes find it convenient for shopping and running errands. Besides, adding extra compartments for carrying goods or even a passenger is easily done on specialized road bikes.

Owning a road bike is not only for cutting costs, but it is also a fun way to spend one’s weekend. Forming a riding group and taking family excursions around the city or other areas that have paved roads is a nice way to create lasting bonds with friends.

The road bikes are also user-friendly in that they can entail specialized designer bikes or those that support people with disabilities. Ultimately the maintenance of these bikes will determine their shelf life and the efficiency they display while in use. Those interested in making road bikes a part of their life can visit USJCycles for more in-depth information.

How to Be a Good Cyclist

Cycling is a sport, just like any other. This means you have to take care of yourself when you are out there. This is what connects the two. In sports you want to be all big. Well in cycling you aim to be the same, just on a different level.

Below are a few ways to achieve this goal with your MTB.


When you are out on the road with your mountain bike, treat pedestrians and drivers with a fair shake. Use hand signals. Let them know what you are going to do. Do not just so something blindly. This is another major cause of bike fatalities. Bikers just do what they want. Do not be like this.
Let the drivers know where you are heading. Ride with the traffic, never against it. Stay out of the blind spots. This is not a game. Do not treat it as such.


This might not sound cool, but get yourself some bicycle accessories. This is especially important for those driving in heavy traffic, on narrow roads. If a car wants to pass, let the car pass. This is not the time to show of your inner bad boy. In doing so, you could become liable for something. Do you really want that to happen?


In order to succeed as a cyclist, you need to learn proper braking. Do not know how to? Well you might want to learn that before you are out on the road. Talk to another rider about proper braking protocols. There is hard braking and feather braking. These are your two main ones. Learn these before you do anything else.


It’s never a good idea to pedal in high gear for very long periods of time. Disregard anybody who tells you otherwise. Get into the habit of 60-80 RPMs. If you are in racing form, you will need to up the intervals by about 20. If you are having a hard time figuring out how to do this, speak to someone professionally who knows.


After you go for an intense uphill climb, it’s a good idea to coast going down. Do not forget to pedal though. Some riders forget about the pedalling.


When you go uphill you are building up lactic acid in your muscles. When you start to pedal, the acid will slowly be removed. This is what you want to have happen. This will reduce the stress that your muscles are already feeling.


Get in the habit of changing positions. This will give you neck and back a break. Avoid cramping up your hands and wrist too. Just relax your hands and do not allow your elbows to lock up.


By not locking up your elbows, you will absorb the bumps that much better.


Just go slowly. Do not try to be the biggest cyclist on your first day, or even your second and third. Build up your stride. Let it come naturally. Always wear comfortable clothing for the ride. Bring plenty of water too.

cycling with mountain bike

Top 4 Cycling Tips for Beginners

If you are into cycling and riding a bicycle has been your hobby and passion, andjoeblowmaxII2 then there are some guidelines concerning bike usage that you must at all time keep in mind. You are required to take care of your bicycle and make sure you have bike pump or topeak pump that will help you when the tires are inflated.

Whether you are young or aged, athletic or sedentary, cycling is a pleasurable and healthy way to take a trip and experience the outdoors. If you do it vigorously, it offers the heart and circulatory systems exercises and can burn 500 calories in one hour. Currently, the development of new models of bikes especially the hybrid that combines the speed of a road bicycle and the ruggedness of a mountain bike. The development has made riding simple and provides more alternatives to suit your specific requirements. Here are the tips on how to improve your performance, safety and comfort when you are cycling.

Ensure it fits your frame

For you to find the perfect frame size for your body when purchasing a bike, straddle the bicycle and stand flat footed. On the road bike, there must be one to two inches of clearance between you groin and the top tube. If you want a mountain bike, the clearance is supposed to be at most two inches. Your handlebars must be one inch subordinate than your seat top. It is good to purchase a bike from a trustworthy dealer who will assist you to get a fit and perfect bike.

Pick the right seat

The stiff and narrow seats on a racing bicycle can be uncomfortable mostly for women who tend to possess widely spaced sit bones. Special saddles that are automatically designed with wider and have a cushion at the back are easy to fix. Place the saddle in such a way that your knee is only faintly bent at the bottom of every rotation. If it is bent too much, it indicates that the seat is very low; if the knee locks the moment it is extended, or you have to reach the pedal, it indicates that the seat is positioned higher. Fiddle with the fore-aft of the seat and ensure that the seat is level.

Start slowly

For new riders, it is a good idea to begin slowly. It is recommended you cycle for just 30 minutes in a day on a flat landscape for the one month. Little by little, you will enhance the intensity of your cycling and your preference of landscape, adding mountains for an excellent exercise. You can as well share the enjoyment with your friends. Cycling in a group can make the miles zip up faster and encourage you to turn out to be a perfect cyclist.

Cycling gear

It is crucial to use the right gear when cycling. Consider putting on a pair of sleek riding shorts. They do not have much fabric for them to crumple or bunch up, so the possibility of having a skin irritation is minimal. For more safety, select cycling clothes that do not have seams at the crotch and they should have a lining to wick away perspiration. If your bike uses pedals with no clips, then you will be required to wear special shoes that have a cleat fixed to the sole.