4 Proven Simple SMS Strategies To Gain Social Media Followers


These days, companies that don’t leverage their followers with digital marketing have a lot to lose. Gaining followers has never been easier now, with various different channels available to reach out to the target audience. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to gain more followers on social media is through one way SMS. These are the top four strategies when using SMS marketing:sentences

  1. Concise sentences and short link With so many things done online, be it reading the news, scrolling through people’s IG photos, or online shopping, most people are easily distracted with one thing over the other. When sending out SMS, businesses must grab the attention of their recipients fast. A sentence detailing the company or relevant info should be written concisely, with a short link to the company’s social media. Businesses should avoid fluff, and get straight to the point.science-quiz-contest-1-638
  2. Interactive quiz or contest This is one of the best ways to encourage engagement between customers and the brand. A weekly mini quiz or contest via SMS which rewards customers with prizes can be sent out. Businesses must be creative when coming up with a quiz or contest. The SMS should be concise, with a link to the company’s social media, for example: ‘Want to win XX? Answer our quiz or participate in the contest now!’ The program should be made fun and simple.previews
  3. Post or Tweet Another way to promote customer engagement with the brand is sending out SMSes containing a link that allows them to post or Tweet about their experience of using the brand’s product or service. Businesses can offer prizes to the best submissions. This can also increase customer interaction for the brand, and eventually turning them into loyal followers.A man holding a present for you isolated on white background
  4. Rewards for customers For viral SMS, businesses can include a URL or unique code to offer prizes for customers who refer their friends. This is one of the fastest ways to gain more followers, as referrals are a good indicator of trust and confidence towards the brand. Newcomers should be enticed with a promotion like a 10% discount or reward points. They can be rewarded again if they refer their friends, follow the company’s social media, or become a subscriber.

When sending out SMSes for social media promotion and company presence awareness, businesses must do so with caution by not sending too many SMSes in a week to avoid losing potential followers. All businesses should respect people’s privacy, as no one likes to be bombarded with unsolicited messages from unknown people or company.

4 Great Reasons Why Server Colocation Is A Feasible And Cost-Effective Option



If you are the owner or the manager of a website which needs the hosting features of a large IT department, then server colocation is an option you should seriously consider. The greatest benefit of this setup is that you’ll have access to an efficient data center at a fraction of the cost.


Basically, colocation enables you to place your own server machine in the rack of another company and share in their bandwidth as if it’s your own. Of course, the service is more expensive compared to a standard web hosting plan but it’s worth it if you really want better security and data protection.


4 Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea To Avail Of Server Colocation In Malaysia

1) You can significantly reduce your IT infrastructure and management costs. This is the main reason why a lot of business websites prefer server colocation. It’s understandable because running your own IT infrastructure can be very expensive. Maintaining your own data center can drain your resources. But if you share the data center with other businesses, you can do away with a lot of operating expenses.


2) You have access to affordable and robust bandwidth. If you are running a business website, you would want it to have a 100% uptime. This is one of the things that colocation guarantees for users. In addition, you have the option to scale things in the instance that your website experiences an immense growth in traffic and reputation.


3) Server colocation provides better security and data protection. Data breach is a problem that business owners encounter on a daily basis. You can ensure the safety of your data by taking advantage of the features and resources offered by a colocation service provider.


4) Some colocation providers manage and maintain your server for you. Of course, this usually comes at an extra cost but it’s worth it since you can focus your time on building and growing your business.


In conclusion, if you run a website for a small or medium-sized business, it’s highly recommended that you get the services of a colocation service provider. Finding a company that offers server colocation in Malaysia is not that difficult.

The Many Benefits and Products of PE and EPE Foams

technicke peny

Polyethylene usually abbreviated PE, is the most common plastic with over an 80 million tones annual global production. It is used fundamentally for the manufacture of packaging such as plastic bags, plastic films, and bottles among others. EPE, on the other hand, is the abbreviated form of Expanded Polyethylene. It is a foam product comprising of gas and polyethylene. These two kinds of foam are the ingredients used to make corrugated boards and industrial material items like foams, polypropylene sheets, target shooting boards, and ESD boxes.

Corrugated boards

These are light-weight boards made of plastic. They are exemplary for both outdoor and indoor graphic uses. They are highly durable and come in a variety of colours. These corrugated boards can be utilized for:
• Menu boards
• Special event signage
• Directional and informational signs
• Indoor point-of-purchase signs
• Temporary and promotional signage
• Tradeshows

Caring for these boards is easy. Always squeegee in the directions of the corrugations when cleaning. Never leave the boards in cars or direct sunlight as they may bend if they are not lying flat.


These are substances formed when pockets of gas are trapped in a liquid or solid. A good example is that of a bath sponge. Foams are used in our daily lives through many different ways. Foams can be employed in Chair Cushions, mattresses, basketball pole padding, bed wedges, boat seats, bolsters, bunk beds, chair arms and backs, and church pews just to mention a few.

Polypropylene sheets

These are plastic sheets made using incredibly sturdy and durable plastic. They offer excellent impact resistance and also resist fatigue from flexing. Your imagination is the limit to the functions this building materials can serve. Their ease of use coupled with durability is one of the many merits of using these sheets. Polypropylene sheets are waterproof and resistant to most chemicals and stains.

Target shooting boards

Shooting targets are a necessity to a shooter’s skills accomplishment. Shooting boards are used as a target for purposes of training. These shooting targets are made of a durable plastic which is weather proof. They are available in various sizes and designs. These boards are durable against moisture absorption, weather resistant and dimensionally stable. Due the material used, they are easy to print sharp images of high quality. They are also not expensive considering the material used (Polypropylene).

ESD boxes

ESD is an abbreviation for electronic discharge or electrostatic discharge. ESD is the sudden flow of charges between two electrically charged bodies caused by contact of the two bodies. ESD takes place when two bodies that are differently charged come into contact, often creating a spark. They can be used for storage, moving and shipping of parts and assemblies. Polypropylene has all characteristics and properties needed in making ESD containers. PE and EPE foam when used in making these containers, loss prevention occurs as damage is palliated.

The products of EPE and PE foams have a broad range of applications. You just need to think what to do with an individual piece of product to ease your day-to-day operations. Protecting our environment is vital. Hence, proper disposal of any plastic material is advised. Recycling too is advised.


Advantages of Utilizing a Server Colocation


The business world has dramatically changed over the last several decades, especially since the introduction and integration of the internet. The way we live our lives have completely changed and there is no question that the bulk of the changes have come in the form of technology. Where businesses in the past used to have to operate solely and from their own location, there are a ton of doors that have been opened, mostly based on the fact that the internet has provided a means of conducting business without an actual physical location. Take for example all of the people that are running websites solely, running businesses on the internet, manage blogs and other web based businesses, and all other companies that are essentially operating on the web. One of the very interesting things about these types of businesses is the fact that they do not really need a building, a mailing address, a telephone, or any other type of thing that most businesses that are in operation need. What this has created is the ability for a person, or a company, to operate from their home, or any other basic location.

All sorts of businesses need a server to run the bulk of their business operations, so a lot of these companies seek out a server colocation. If you do not know what a server colocation is, it is basically an area that stores a massive amount of servers, which give the various clients access to private servers. Each client ends up getting a cage and an area to store their server, and they also get access to a large database, which basically takes a lot of hassle out of running a major server. You can kind of think about this as taking a ton of servers and locating them at one place, which cuts down the business costs for a lot of different people and businesses, which require access to such private servers. One of the best things about going this route is the fact that the servers are in an area that is typically protected from things such as overheating, as most server colocations are fully equipped with temperature control, there is a low risk of fires, and there is also security that is generally run at all hours of the day. Servers are important to keep protected, which is such a good idea to use one of these server colocations, as the person or business that is running the server will know that the server that they rely on is being protected at all times. If you have a business and are dealing with running your own server, you may want to consider outsourcing this portion of your company. There is no denying the fact that it is a huge load off to have a server managed at a colocation, so if you think this might be of use to you or your business, you should definitely check out the various server colocations in your general area.


Impressed – and Impressive – Cathodic Protection Systems


There is no love lost between saltwater and metal surfaces; some might even say it’s a “corrosive” relationship. Corrosion in and of itself is a natural process, a reduction-oxidation reaction, that converts a metal in its manufactured state back to its natural oxidation state. Or to put it another way; it’s the destruction of metal by its environment.

Cathodic protection systems have been used to reduce the corrosion of metal surfaces, both exterior and interior) on a wide range of structures in an even wider range of environments since the early 1800’s. The most common application process of cathodic protection is a passive protection technique (galvanic) which uses a “sacrificial” sheath which corrodes in place of the protected surface. Often referred to as passive protection.


For many larger boats and structures where passive protection just won’t do, impressed current cathodic protection(ICCP) systems are widely accepted as a superior alternative to sacrificial systems Requiring less frequent replacement, ICCP systems can also reduce the costs associated with fuel and maintenance making them the preferred choice of ship owners.

Typically referred to as CAPAC systems (a brand name which has become the generic name for the system – like Kleenex has for tissue) they work by supplying DC current directly to the submerged surface, which the system itself regulates and monitors, stopping the corrosion process before it even has a chance to start.


As opposed to passive cathodic systems, which work because of their ability to balance the electrical potential of the protected surface, ICCP systems rely on DC currents. The electrical potential remains uniform as a result of the DC current being forcibly sent through the hull converts the entire structure into an electrical circuit.

Every size and type of sea-faring vessel has benefited from ICCP; cruise ships, oil tankers, recreational boats, and semi-submersibles to name just a few, all reap the benefits associated with CAPAC systems.


Why Is Server Colocation Important?


You have to be pretty confident that you can get many sites onto one server, or you need to be able to move the server virtually from one place to another. You do not have to do this on your own, but you need to work with a company that does this for you. You have to get someone to do it for you so that you do not get lost. You could easily have problems that are impossible to solve, and you cannot allow yourself to be in a situation where you know you cannot fix it.

network server room with computers for digital tv ip communications and internet
The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you get the server co-location done by a pro, and you can try a company like thegigabit.com to help you. They will show you how to make the site move the way that you want it to, and you will avoid problems with the server because you are working with people who already know what to do. You want to have that expertise on your side, and you need to make sure that you have sought it out from the beginning. Do not start with something else only to decide that you should really be on a different path.


The server is going to move to a place that you have picked, and you need to see if you can figure out how to get more space for that site and all our other properties. You have a lot of decisions to make, and you need to start looking at places that will offer you the best chance to get your server set up the right way. These companies will solve the issues that will happen when you migrate, and they will find you a server that will actually hold all the things that you own. You can save a lot of money by doing this just once, and the right company will help you make sure that you are happy with the move.

There are many reasons that you might want to move your seat, and you need to start to see if you can get some help so that you are not alone in the process. You could try to do it yourself, but you could lose all the viewers on your site when you are waiting to get it right. The host that does this job for you will do it so fast that there is no way that you will lose any readers. You do not want to be without your site for a long period of time, and people will find other places to go if they are not happy with you. Make sure that you pick a company that can plan to make this easy for you.

You will find all the options you need when you are getting the colocation done by someone who knows how to do it right the first time. You should not be spending any of your time or money on something that you know is not going to work.


The Ins and Outs of Ballast Water Treatment


The shipping industry is one of the most vital cogs in the process of transporting both goods and people across the world. The shipping process often leaves behind fresh or salt water that was held in its tanks during the shipping process. This water is used to increase the ability of the ship to manoeuvre appropriately and provides stability. The problems arise when this water needs to be discharged from the tanks of the ships.

The tankers, cruise ships and bulk cargo carriers will take on water for ballast in one region and then discharge it in another part of the world. That is where a water ballast treatment system is vital for protection of the environment and ecology of that region.


The System Provides Environmental Safety
Environmentally the problems are a vast because there are a wide range of chemicals or pollutants that can be introduced into an environment when the ballast water is expelled from the tanks of a ship. A great treatment system will take the water from the tank of a ship and put it through a rigorous decontamination process and then safely dispel the water into the environment wherever the boat is being docked. Keeping our waterways clean and free from chemical pollution is important and a major responsibility of those running the shipping industry.


Ecological Safety is an Important Quality of the System
Even more pervasive than the chemical pollution is the potential invasion of non- native species introduced through untreated ballast water from a ship. Literally there are tons of ballast water released from ships each year and inadvertently they can discharge bacteria and viruses that are not native to a region. Most of the foreign bodies do not survive the process but there are going to be some which thrive and grow in a foreign environment. They may destroy a natural habitat and change the ecological landscape forever.


Ballast Water Treatment Provides Success
All of these concerns for the environmental health of all regions in the world is the force behind the development of outstanding ballast water treatment systems that allow for the efficient and effective treatment of ballast water in ports all across the world today. These systems were developed originally for land based water purification but have been adapted to manage all of the water being treated each and every day. They allow shipping to continue in a cost efficient manner and help to shipping companies adhere to strict controls placed on the discharge of ballast water.
Ballast Water Management
The shipping industry is obviously a huge part of the global economy moving goods and people to all corners of the world effectively and efficiently. Each ship that uses ballast water for safe navigation is required to have a modern and efficient ballast water treatment system on board. Fortunately there are many options available on the market today in order to keep our oceans clean and protect all native environments and species.


Finding Quality Web Hosting in Singapore Doesn’t Have To Be a Nightmare: Our Advice for Perfect Web Hosting

Web Host Basics

If you’re looking to create your own website in Singapore, it’s time to search for reputable website hosting. A web host, in short, is a company that gives clients server space. Clients can either lease or purchase this service space. Web hosts generally don’t only offer server space, either. They also frequently provide their clients with access to the Internet.

Web Hosting tips

Many Choices in Web Hosts

If you’re a Singapore resident, you’re lucky. There are many high-quality Singapore web hosting choices available to individuals and businesses that are based out of the island nation in southeastern Asia. Since people in Singapore have so many options in highly respected web hosting companies, they never have to settle for anything that doesn’t perfectly suit their needs and preferences. If you’re in need of website hosting in Singapore, do your research and take your time. The last thing you want to do is waste your hard-earned money on a web host that’s not ideal or even satisfactory.

Beginner and Professional Web Hosting Services

When you’re looking for a web host, assess your situation. Some web hosts are geared toward seasoned professionals. Other web hosts, on the other hand, are geared toward beginners to the world of website creation and development. Although many web host companies specialise in both beginner and professional services, some of them focus on just one type.

Look for Quality Web Hosting features suitable for you.


Available Web Hosting Plan Features

Choosing a suitable web hosting plan is a task that involves ample consideration and time. You don’t want to risk selecting a plan that doesn’t properly accommodate your needs, after all. Be sure to review all of the details that are part of all of the available plans you encounter. Many plans offer benefits such as unlimited email accounts, subdomains and parked domains, for example. Many even offer unmetered bandwidth. If those things are important to you, make sure that you opt for a plan that includes those perks. Remember, no two plans are exactly the same. This is why it’s so important to never be slapdash in making these big choices. It’s also extremely important for people to be aware of disk place in web hosting plans. Many web hosting plans offer their clients 5 GB of disk space, for example. This varies greatly, however.

Find Good Web Hosting

Technical Support Availability

Technical support is a significant aspect of any web hosting company. Selecting a web hosting company and plan that can offer dependable assistance at any time can offer immeasurable peace of mind and comfort. If you’re worried about problems with your website popping up in the middle of the night, reliable assistance from a technical support team can give you the convenience you deserve. Many web hosting companies in Singapore provide their customers with technical support that’s available at all hours of the day, every day, no matter what. If you want to work with a web hosting company that has technical support available around the clock, you have an abundance of choices available to you throughout Singapore.

A Few Tips for VPS Newbies

Virtual Private Servers (VPS), also known as cloud hosting or cloud computing, is a type of hosting solution that is ideal for growing websites and businesses. VPS are basically a hybrid between dedicated servers and shared hosting.

do best with a managed VPS

Shared Servers vs. VPS
With shared hosting, many users share a single server. When it comes to basic websites such as small blogs, single landing pages, this is a suitable option. However, if your site expands and grows or if you keep data that you would prefer to keep private, using a shared server will slow down your experience and, depending on the individual users, can absolutely ruin you experience. With VPS hosting, your data is private and hidden from other customers. It also provides you with User Interface options that simply aren’t available with shared hosting services.

With VPS hosting, you pay for what you use. Also known as “bursting,” you can pay for plans that fit the exact needs of your business. No more and no less. While there are cheap dedicated servers, they use old or outdated equipment that will slow down your user experience considerable. With VPS, you enjoy the use up-to-date equipment at all times. Over time you can easily add resources and upgrades such as more disk space, faster performance at a much lower cost than a dedicated server.

Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS
This a question of skills and knowledge. If you know very little about the technical aspects of VPS, then you will do best with a managed VPS. With a managed VPS, you place complete trust in the web hosting provider to keep the server running smoothly. If, on the other hand, you are knowledgeable and experienced with servers and you wish to customize your experience, then an unmanaged VPS is the more ideal option. With this option, you are responsible for your server’s performance and speed.

Company Reliability
If you search around, you can find really cheap or even free VPS hosting providers. Before you make a purchase decision, you must check the reliability and reputation of the company offering the VPS.
Popular ones, such as Hostgator and BlueHost, have a good reputation because of their overall reliability even though their prices are not the lowest. Ask people in your network or search in your favorite/most trusted forums for information about reliable and affordable VPS providers. In the end, you will have to pay a little more for a good service but it is worth it.

When to Switch to a Dedicated Server
Let’s assume that you website has grown more than you anticipated. If you are at a point where your site is getting lots of traffic and you have exhausted the features of your VPS, then it is time to use a dedicated server. It is the most powerful option, but it requires your attention just like an unmanaged VPS. The good news is that your site might never need to expand to a dedicated server as relizble VPS providers are really fast and powerful.

6 Things to Check if Your WiFi Isn’t Working

Sometimes, your Wi-Fi Internet probably works perfectly. You are able to check email, chat with friends and stream movies all at once. Other times, you’re ready to throw your router across the room because you either can’t connect to the net at all or the connection is so slow that you might as well be disconnected.

This problem is annoying if you are trying to check your email or look something up with your web browser. But if you own and operate a business from your Wi-Fi connection, this issue can lose you a large amount of money and truly set your business back. Fortunately, there are several things that you can easily check to fix your slow or non-existent Wi-Fi connection.


1. How Much Is Your Wi-Fi Being Used? 

Most Wi-Fi routers are made to be used with several different devices at once, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t sometimes get overused and burnt out.

2. What’s the Temperature Near Your Wi-Fi Router? 

It is important to keep your Wi-Fi router in a cool location. It doesn’t have to be cold, but excess heat will definitely hinder the router’s performance. Make sure that you don’t stack electronics because their collective heat could cause these types of problems.

3. How Far Are You From the Router? 

Wi-Fi routers have a certain area around them in which they will work. If you are trying to operate a device on the very edge of that area or outside the area, you will likely run into trouble.

4. Make Sure to Check for Obstructions 

In a similar vein, there are obstructions that can limit the range of a router. It’s a good idea to keep routers outside of cabinets or cupboards.

5. Is Your Password the Problem?

If you don’t have the proper Wi-Fi password, you won’t be doing any email checking or Internet searching. Be aware that some hackers may attempt to steal your connection by changing your password so that you can’t login.


  1. Make Sure There’s No Interference

    Some home appliances have electromagnetic waves that can disrupt your Wi-Fi connection. For this reason, always keep your Wi-Fi router as far away from refrigerators, microwaves and stereos as possible.

    As a final note, if you are still having trouble with your Wi-Fi connection after checking all of the issues listed above, it may be time to call your Internet service provider. Hopefully, a technician will be able to help you out over the phone, or your ISP might send a technician out to your home or office to examine the problem.

    In some cases, when this issue happens continually and doesn’t get better, it may be time to switch service providers. If this is the case, make sure that you look for deals. For instance, check out a Streamyx promotion. This will help you save money each month on your Internet bill, and it will finally get that pesky Wi-Fi problem fixed!