10 Awesome Luxury Watches Worth Saving For In 2017

Watches are a reflection of class and personal style. Also, for a lot of people, wearing a premium watch isn’t merely for utility purposes, as it also exudes character, taste, and individual branding. These are just a few of the reasons why the market for luxury timepieces has been booming in Malaysia during the last several years. In fact, the majority of the biggest brands that manufacture luxury watches have set up shops in the country. If you are a luxury watch collector, here’s a quick overview of the premium timepieces you should start saving for this coming new year:


  1. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner –  There’s a reason why Rolex is the most well-known watch brand. Not only are their watches classic examples of creativity and ingenuity, they were able to maintain the quality of their timepieces for decades. With a beautiful and streamlined design, the Oyster Perpetual Submariner is a watch every enthusiast should have.


  1. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph – Not many watches can compare to the forged black carbon design of this watch by Audemars Piguet. Its carbon fiber case will ensure that the watch will last for a lifetime.


  1. The Vacheron Constantin World Time Gold Automatic – The main attributes of this beautiful watch include a polished gold case, a white dial, a globe design in the center, and a brown leather strap.


  1. The Patek Philippe Geneve Calatrava – This is the perfect timepiece for those who prefer minimalist designs. With a white gold case and a black leather strap, this watch has a classic look.


  1. The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Chronograph – Encased in sapphire crystals and water-resistant, this watch is a favorite among adventurers.


  1. The Chopard Caliber Classic – As you’d expect from a well-known watchmaker like Chopard, this timepiece has a sophisticated design and a body that’s built to last for the longest of time.


  1. The IWC Schaffhausen Automatic – One of the more affordable luxury watches out there, this piece has a stainless steel case and a blue croco-embossed leather strap.


  1. The Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer – If you want a little bit of color in your watch, this is the piece you are looking for. It has a dark blue background and a blue strap.


  1. The Jaeger LeCoultre Diving Chronograph – This watch comes with a ceramic black case and a shiny black strap. Unique features of this piece include black dials, index hour markers, and silver-tone hands.


  1. The Panerai Radiomir – With its sleek design and neutral colors, this watch reminds you of the classic watches from generations past. Its mechanical system is even hand-wound.

When purchasing luxury watches in Malaysia, you should always make sure that you are purchasing them from legitimate sellers. Keep in mind that there are a lot of fake watches out there. For instance, a watch may look like a real Rolex on the outside but if you are to look inside, the parts are all wrong. It’s also worth mentioning here that some of the most expensive luxury watches often come with certificates.

The Millennial’s Guide to Luxury Watches


“Every generation brings its own trend, its own taste, its own way of living. The younger generation is more disruptive.” – Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer.

If you are reading this, chances are, you are a millennial. Unsure? If you’re born between the early 80s to early 2000s, have a smartphone nearby and is always connected to the internet, doubt no more. You, as part of the rising demographic of millennials is no doubt going to be the largest spending generation there will be.
With most millennials receiving peak income at their disposal, they’ll want nothing less than the finer things in life. They’ll have fine dining, expensive wines, designer clothing and luxury watches. And when it comes to watches, we have listed below some points to remember when picking the right luxury watch for you.

Luxury brands don’t happen overnight. You might hear a good sounding brand with a respectable logo but they can’t deliver what luxury brands can – quality timekeeping and subtle display of wealth. Look for a brand that is highly respected and also communicates with people who appreciates fine details and luxury like you do. These are also the kinds of brands that creates watches that gives you lifetime satisfaction. Brands that are worthy of getting passed on as an  heirloom. You might also consider prestigious brands that command impressive prices if it hits the resale market.

Millennials are smart and passionate. Most of them are wise when it comes to spending. They want to know where their money goes and they want it to go to something they are passionate about. They have this need to contribute to what they feel is important to the world.
We can see a trend for luxury brands partnering during sports and music events. Now this will definitely get the attention of sports and music enthusiasts. What better way to support their passion than to support the brands that keep it alive. Surely, we’ll see a trend for more brands advocating more passions close to millennials’ hearts.

Perhaps another thing that clearly sets the millennials apart from other generations is that it’s an experience-oriented generation. They might think twice on spending a fortune for a luxury watch but would gladly spend the same amount for a tropical island trip. Now luxury brands are trying to change this mindset by offering experience only their brand can deliver. Perhaps as part of their advocacy, we start seeing commercials and ads for these brands that try to invoke emotions, or touch our inner sentiment self. These are often timely reminder brushing with the relationships we currently have, or long to have. At the end of it, these brands will try to remind you of that same experience and feeling with the products they offer. These millennials will not mind the price tag as long as the product comes with a deep level of emotional connection.

Up to date and connected
Millennials continue to disrupt industries, and they’re doing it fast. Luxury watchmakers may be known for the detailed precision they incorporate for every timepiece, but millennials want more than just that. Luxury watch brands don’t necessarily make a fortune by keeping up with the times, but they recognize this generation’s preference. They see the need to be always connected for this generation. They thrive to be relevant by incorporating their brand of luxury to their own lines of smartwatches. Millennials will appreciate how these brands keep in mind the millennials’ on-the-go and always connected nature but never falling short on keeping the luxury feel on the watches that they wear.

Even though luxury and millennials are two words that do not seem to go together, millennials continue to surprise. And for fine jewelry like luxury watches, it’s the person wearing that defines it, not the other way around.

How to Keep and Maintain a Luxury Watch


You can learn how to keep luxury watches if you know what to do every day with the watch. There are a lot of brands like Tag Heuer that you will appreciate, but you need to make sure that you have a plan to care for the watch so that you do not miss any steps. There are a lot of things you can do yourself to care for the watch, and you need to have a jeweller help you with the rest.


The watches that you invest in are probably getting worn every day, and you will be able to use the watches to look great every day. You might only have one, or you might have more than one. You need to do the same things to all the watches, and you need to be careful about it so that it gets done right with every watch.


The watches need to be kept in a cool and dry place. Water will break down your watch over time, and you will see the problems start when it does not start, the battery goes bad really fast or the band starts to break down. You also need to make sure that you do not wrap it up like it is on your wrist. The bands need to breathe, and you need to oil the leather bands to make sure that they will remain moist. A dry band will break when you put it on one day, but a moist band will last forever.

The watches need to be taken to a jeweller so that it can be adjusted. There are small parts of the watch that need to be cared for once a year, and this is pretty easy to do when you are going regularly. Make an appointment every year to take your watches in just to get the work done, and you will notice that the watches always run better when they have been serviced once a year.


You also need to make sure that you are not using the watch in ways that are too rough. Being rough with the watch will be a pretty big problem, and you will not be able to protect it. You can get it repaired if something happens to it, but these watches were not often meant to be used in really rough situations.

The watch you spent a lot of money on needs to be taken care of the right way, and you will avoid problem with the watch in the future if you are using it the right way. There are a lot of people who are not getting them repaired and taken care of, but you can do this pretty easily every year to make sure that you are getting the best performance.

Taking care of your watch and keeping it in a good place is a much better thing for you to do than to use your money to keep buying new watches that break down all the time.




The history of watches dates back to portable spring operated clocks in the 15th century. Peter Heinlein is in many ways regarded to as the father of watches. Heinlein was the first to make wearable watches that could be worn on the body. The first account of wristwatches was in 1868, the watch was designed especially for the Countess Koscowicz of Hungary and was meant to be a piece of jewellery. Watches have highly evolved since then, today’s smartwatches offer an array of functionality.
The most distinctive of watches today, however, remain luxury watches. A luxury watch is a bold statement and a show of class and elegance. Luxury watches are worn by the affluent in the society, the who-is-who, the cream of the crop, from opulent billionaires to Kings and presidents. A good watch can fetch anywhere from 1500 to millions of dollars and are looked upon as status symbols. Considering the outlay, buying a luxury watch needs to be a well-thought judgement. There a number of perks to owning a luxury watch:

1. Value for money
Luxury watches are built to a standard from matchless materials that are meant to ensure the utmost quality. Luxury watches are great investments; they appreciate as they get older due to the quality of craftsmanship and material. Materials used can range from Gold, silver to other rare metals and stones.
2. Quality of time
There’s a degree of artistry, experience and expertise that goes into building a luxury watch. As opposed to cheaper mass produced alternatives, luxury watches are made with stringent craftsmanship standards that ensure the watch tells time accurately for years on end. A single watch can take up to two or more years to make depending on the complexity.
3. An expression of class
There’s nothing that complements a suit and tie better than a luxury watch. Watches are viewed in today’s society as measures of economic status and tastes. Luxury watches portray success and dignity. Wearing a luxury watch signifies a degree of effort and toil to afford such a priced timepiece. They are also a noble way to get other people’s attention.
Factors to consider when buying a Luxury watch
1. Brand
Luxury watch brands go a long way in trying to outdo each other. There are a variety of brands that offer premium smart watches. Quality watches have distinctive design cues and favor form and functionality over looks. The story and history behind the making of a brand is everything when it comes to the value of a luxury watch. Good brands are known for their work.
2. Weight
The weight of a luxury watch is a good indication of quality. Higher quality builds make use of more durable metals that are usually heavier. The weight of the watch could also have been manipulated to feel heavier; it’s advisable to check on the quality of build visually to ensure the watch is the real deal.
3. Design
There are two primary design models for smartwatches; homage and dynamic designs. Homage designs tend to emulate and borrow design principles from older existing models that have passed down from different generations. Dynamic designs go out of the box to bring in new elements and features. A good luxury watch should ideally be unique in form and suited to the users taste.
4. Finish Quality
As with other industries, fake watches are a huge concern when buying luxury watches. The polish and finish quality tells a lot about how genuine the watch is. The better the finish on the surface is the better the quality of metal underneath. Examine the metal edges carefully to ensure there is no un-uniformity in the finish quality.
5. Movement
Luxury watches have an array of movement mechanisms. Quality luxury watches usually employ mechanical movement algorithms. A mechanical watch can run for decades without batteries. Jewel movement is also common in high-end luxury watches and can be a good alternative to mechanical movement.


A Tag Heuer Watch is a Great Investment

If you are looking to potentially buy a high-end fashion watch, then there are probably many different makes you have been looking at. There are a vast array of choices to make a selection from. However, the prospective buyer should know that there are many watch brands that do not necessarily provide their customers with the quality item(s) they promise. Unfortunately, these very watch companies still exist in our markets due to the demands of the products.

When it comes to finding a long-lasting, fashionable, durable and reliable watch, one should look at the feedback reviews and reputation of said company they are considering investing in. A Tag Heuer watch is one that is dependable, durable and high in quality. There are different models of the brand name watch and provide prospective customers with what they need in regards to luxury.


One common issue many prospective watch buyers come upon is the high price on many of the existing brands in the market. Why spend an entire month or even year’s salary on a single watch? Although that is a situation many people do not find themselves in, there certainly are several watches in today’s jewelry markets that come with price tags worth the same as some people’s yearly salaries! A Tag Heuer price is one that is practical in regards to the quality it provides. Not only is the quality of the watch great, but so is its overall design. When buying a watch, do you not want to ensure that it will match perfectly with your chosen outfits? Many of the watches available can match with a wide variety of styles. Therefore, investing in a Tag Heuer watch may be one of the best decisions you make when it comes to jewelry shopping. Make the right choice of a jewelry piece investment today!

Four Reasons to Wear A Luxury Watch

Luxury watch brands will make you look absolutely amazing, but you must choose watches that are going to work well with your personal aesthetic. Your personal style determines the kind of watch you would want to wear when you leave the house, and you must make sure that you are going to choose the watch that is going to make you look your best.

the best luxury watch brands

The Watch Is Recognizable

The watch you choose to wear must make you look recognizable when you walk into the room. The room you go into should take notice when you walk in, and the watch you wear should make a statement. There are watches on the market that people will recognize from a long distance, or there may be watches that people will think are expensive when they see them from a distance. You can choose a recognizable watch when you are shopping, and you will get away from the standard watch brands that are going to blend in.

The Watch Is Durable

A watch is going to stand up when it was made well, and the best luxury watch brands in the world are going to hold up when you are working with the watch every day. Going to the office every day will put a big strain on your watch, or you can go to the work site knowing that your watch was designed to last in these harsh environments. Luxury watches give you what you pay for, and you must make sure that you are choosing something that is going to last.

The Watch Is Easy To Use

Luxury watches have perfect mechanisms that are easy to use, and the watch can be adjusted with just a few turns of the dial when you are using it properly. Great luxury watches are going to help you set the time when you change time zones, and the best chronographs are going to help you keep time, set a stop watch and keep a long distance timer at the same time. This kind of versatility is helpful when you are on the road, and the watch is going to help you keep up with the time when you leave the house.

The Manufacturer Supports The Watch

The manufacturer of a luxury watch will stand behind the watch they create. You can go back to the manufacturer for service at any time, and you will be able to get repairs or service when something has gone wrong with the watch. You must make sure that you are wearing a great watch that is going to last for several decades. You can get used to going back and forth to the jeweler for help with the watch, and the watch will stand the test of time because it is so easy to service.

The luxury watches you use are going to make you look incredible, but you must make sure that you are going to get the best watch for your wrist. You will make only one watch purchase in your life after making the right choice.

Why Would You Bother To Wear A Watch: Spending Good Money On Good Watches

The luxury watch industry provides beautiful timepieces that are made for a lifetime of wear and tear. You must purchase luxury watches today that will be handed down to your sons or daughters in the future, but you are looking for a justification for spending the money. Brands like Tag Heuer and Rolex and standards in the watch industry, but a cheaper watch does the same job. Choosing to spend your money on a luxury watch is an investment in the future.

#1: Luxury Watches Last Forever

Luxury timepieces are created by their manufacturers to last a lifetime. Each manufacturer offers a very long or lifetime on their work. You are paying a Rolex price for a watch that can be maintained and repaired for the rest of your life. You will hand the watch down to a relative, and that relative may have the watch maintained in like manner. You are spending a massive amount of money on these watches, but they become family keepsakes whose value far exceeds the price you paid. See latest Rolex watches collection at CollectorsTime.com

#2: Watches Are Style Icons

People on the street know a Rolex, Tiffany, Cartier or Tag Heuer watch when they see them. The watch on your wrist speaks for you before you open your mouth, and the watch makes all your clothing look nicer. Someone walking down the street in shorts and t shirt with a Rolex on their wrist automatically looks more stylish. Your simple black suit looks different when you wear an expensive watch, and the watch makes you feel like a more important person.

#3: Watches Command Respect

The Rolex on your wrist commands respect from everyone who sees it, and you must keep the Rolex on your wrist if you want to be taken seriously. Going into a new business or life situation is easier when you have a watch on your wrist that speaks for you. People know what a Rolex is, and your expensive watch says you are someone to be reckoned with. You wear that watch for a reason, and people want to find out what that reason is.

#4: How Many Would You Buy?

Everyone in the world has one keepsake they keep with them every day. There is a watch or piece of jewelry that is worn every day, and that item is typically a watch. Everyone needs to know the time, and a beautiful watch is an easy accessory to use. You can jump start your style with a watch you start wearing every day, and you will get immense pleasure out of looking at the watch every day.

#5: Why Does The Industry Thrive?

The craftsmanship in the industry helps create watches that will last forever, but most customers will buy more than one watch. The quality styling and great customer service create loyal customers. You will recommend your watch to others, and families will keep coming in for new watches. Everyone in the family may wear a watch from the same company, and the customer base for the watchmaker increases as the family grows.

The thriving watch industry is no secret. Beautiful watches that are made perfectly will last forever, and you can wear your nice watches in any situation. Men and women alike benefit from the gorgeous styling, and your family will benefit when your timepieces are handed down to future generations.

Invest in the future of your family and your style when you purchase a gorgeous watch. The money you spend today is nothing compared to the value the watch will hold in the future when it becomes a family heirloom.

4 Tips To Avoid Fake Luxury Watches Online

There are fake luxury watches that are sold online every day, but you cannot afford to be one of the many shoppers who is taken for a ride by a fake. Fake luxury watches look eerily similar to their real counterparts, but fake watches have telltale signs that indicate they are the genuine article. The four tips in this article will help you avoid spending your money on fake watches that have no real value. Each tip will help you avoid a fake watch, but the watches you look at must pass all four areas of inspection before you make a purchase.

#1: The Name

Fake watches do not use the same font as the watches you see from your favorite designers. The differences may be very subtle, but a fake watch does not carry the brand name the way a genuine watch would. You must look at each watch carefully to see that the brand name is printed correctly on the face, and you must avoid any watch that appears to use an improper font.


#2: Improper Bands

The band on a priceless watch from a designer collection will be of the same quality as the body of the watch itself. Improper bands are easy to spot, and they will not match the watch perfectly. You can see if the band on a genuine watch has been replaced with a fake, and you will note a fake watch the band and body material appear to be substandard.


A watch that appears to be genuine aside from the band may have been altered in other ways, and you are better off purchasing a different watch. You cannot be entirely sure that the watch is in new condition, and avoiding the watch altogether is a sound choice.


#3: Improper Metals 

The metalwork on a classic watch from a luxury brand is pristine in every way. You can see that the body of the watch was hammered by hand, and you can see the depth of color in the silver or gold. Classic watches stand up to scrutiny because they do not scratch or tarnish like cheap watches do, and a watch with odd tarnish spots cannot possibly be an original from your favorite designer.

#4: No Paperwork 

The finest luxury watch brands in the world supply paperwork to accompany each watch they produce. The paperwork shows the name of the watch, its year of production, who completed the watch and the mechanisms used to create the watch. A watch that does not have proper paperwork cannot be sold as genuine. The seller may insist that the watch is an original, but you cannot be sure unless you see the paperwork that is supposed to accompany the watch.


#5: Visit A Seller 

You may not feel completely confident about a watch you are looking at, and you may as a certified seller about the watch. Certified sellers can spot fakes just by looking at a picture, and the seller can give you clues that will help you identify the watch properly. You may not be aware of the provenance of the watch, but a seller can point you in the right direction when you are confused.


Your search for a luxury watch brand will send you to many outposts on the Internet, and some stores do not sell genuine watches to their customers. You must use the four steps in this article to identify watches that are not genuine, and you may ask a seller for assistance when you get stuck. Your investment in a luxury watch is no good to you if you buy a fake. Buy original luxury watches in Malaysia here.


The Watch Collector’s Guide For Finding Luxury Watches That Appreciate

There are many different high-end luxury watches available for purchase online. Knowing what to look for when picking the best luxury wristwatches market is important. This is because some wristwatches make better investments than others. Whether you are looking to add one or two timepieces to your collection, you should plan on investing in Rolex watches and TAG Heuer timepieces because these watches retain their value and appreciate over the years.

Purchase Luxury Wristwatches That Retain Their Value and Appreciate Over Time

Unlike other assets that can depreciate over time, some luxury watches do a better job of retaining their value and appreciating over the years than others. Both Rolex and TAG Heuer wristwatches are known to be good investments. If you are currently growing your collection, then adding a watch or two from TAG Heuer and Rolex can definitely pay off in the years to come.

Before getting started, you have to know what to look for in a luxury watch. The brand and reputation of the manufacturer are the first things that you want to consider. However, there are other things you want to take into consideration as well. If you are looking for watches with solid reputations, then you definitely plan on adding a Rolex and TAG Heuer to your collection.



TAG Heuer and Rolex: Two Brands With a Solid Reputation

When selecting a watch, you want to add luxury wristwatches to your collection that known to increase in value. The first thing you want to consider is the reputation of the manufacturer. Reputation and background of the watchmaker is extremely important. This is why companies like Rolex and TAG Heuer are at the top of the list of most watch collectors list. Most watch collectors choose to invest and purchase timepieces from these companies because the value of these watches rarely declines and usually appreciates over the years.

Luxury Watch Infographic

Swiss-Made Watches Retain Value and Appreciate Over Time

When you invest in a watch, you want to make plans to add Swiss-made high-end watches like Rolex and TAG Heuer watches. Wristwatches that are made in Switzerland are made by the top watchmakers in the world. Timepieces made in Switzerland are sold around the world. In fact, many collectors travel to Malaysia to purchase a Rolex watch and high-end wristwatches from TAG Heuer in Malaysia.


Focus on Finding Quality Watches Not The Price Tag

Whether you find a luxury watch on sale or not, never focus strictly on the price tag. Although high-priced watches are often purchased for less in Malaysia, watches purchased for less retain their value and appreciate just like watches that are sold for more. The key is to know how to find high-end watches at affordable prices that retain their value, appreciate and turn a profit in the future. Both Rolex and TAG Heuer have been making watch collectors happy for many years.


By choosing and adding the right Rolex watch and luxury timepieces to your collection, you will be on your way to growing your collection and making money at the same time. The key to success is not to focus on the price tag, but the quality of the workmanship and the brand name. Both Rolex and TAG Heuer in Malaysia are great choices because each watch manufactured by these brands is made in Switzerland. In addition, these companies have solid reputations, which means that Rolex and TAG Heuer watches retain their value and appreciate in value over time.