3 Things You Have to Do Before Going on A Train Adventure in Malaysia

Malaysia is a land of stunning natural beauty and local attractions. There are just so many things to see and do throughout the country and one great way of getting around is to take the trains. There are intercity trains going up north and down south along Peninsula Malaysia, for example, the Electric Train Services (ETS).

Taking the trains is an awesome way of travelling as you are able to experience various sights that you wouldn’t normally get to see if you were flying or using the highways. In order to ensure that your journey stays safe and fun, here are some main tips to follow:


Keep Your Luggage With You  When boarding the train, it is always advisable to keep your bags and luggage within sight, rather than at another part of the train. This way, you can monitor your belongings and ensure no one gets near them without you seeing. Don’t easily assume that any train ride is completely safe. This is not to say that all trains have thieves, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Do Your Homework  Always plan your trip beforehand by checking train schedules and buying tickets in advance. In Malaysia, you can buy intercity train tickets online without much fuss. You can also obtain information about train schedules, for example, you can check the ETS timetable online. This is important as you want to be on time and not miss your train, as well as keeping up with your own personal travel schedules.


Use Travel Time Productively  Pack along some activities to carry out while you’re on the train ride so that you don’t feel bored. Some things you can do include reading, writing in your journal, listening to an audio book, writing and replying emails and the like. If you are planning to take a nap on the train,be sure to pack a travel blanket  or some warm clothing like a jacket or shawl. You should also try and prepare activities for your kids if you are travelling with any, such as coloring books, sketching blocks or simple games. This is to ensure they don’t run up and down the isles and disturb other travelers.

There are many benefits to travelling by train, including being  more comfortable than buses and less costly than flying. Trains also hold something of a sentimental charm and travelling in them will remind you of simpler and more carefree times.

6 Places You Need To Visit When In Kuching, Borneo

Kuching is a charming city that travelers who are looking for unique experiences will surely admire and enjoy. Even the name of the city is appealing. Kuching is the Malay term for cat, and the city is quite proud of the distinction. There are attractions and monuments in the city that pay homage to its feline heritage. If you are a first-time visitor, below is a quick overview of some of the must-see attractions in the city.


1) Semenggoh Nature Reserve – This reserve is among the few locations in Southeast Asia where you get to see orangutans in the wild. You can watch how they behave in their natural habitat (eat, play, etc), as well as how the conservationists take care of them.


2) Sarawak Cultural Village – Also known as the Living Museum, this village features real replicas of houses belonging to the different cultural groups within Sarawak. There are also demonstrations showing some of the traditional activities in a typical village, such as making textiles or processing sago.


3) Fairy Cave – It’s not a deep cage but has very interesting rock formations. To get to the massive mouth of the cave, you have to go through a series of concrete stairs. There are bats inside, so watch your head for falling guano.


4) Kuching Esplanade – Also referred to as the Waterfront, there are tons of interesting things to do here. You can go for a river cruise, stroll along the banks, or have a nice meal in one of the stalls lining the esplanade.


5) Kuching Main Bazaar and Carpenter Street – If you are looking for souvenirs, handicrafts, and antiques, this is the place to go to. There are also coffee shops where you can hang out if you get tired from shopping.


6) Cat Museum – A visit in Kuching won’t be complete without checking out this novelty museum. The museum has more than 4,000 artifacts like paintings, sculptures, memorabilia, photos, stuffed toys, and porcelain figurines inspired by cats. The museum even has a rare mummified Egyptian cat.


These are just a few of the places you can visit in Kuching. If you have more time to spare, you should try exploring the city’s other sights and sounds. Getting around is not a problem since taxis are always readily available. To make it easier for you to move around, you should pick a budget hotel in Kuching that’s accessible and adjacent to the main attractions of the city. This way, not only will you be able to visit more places, you will also save some pennies.

5 Best Places To Spend Luxurious Christmas and New Year in Kuala Lumpur

Image result for Kuala LumpurDo you hear the festive jingles on radio and at the KL malls? Maybe your office colleagues are talking about a year-end bonus? Or perhaps your partner or kids are dropping hints for the coming holidays.

You really can’t ignore it any longer – Christmas and New Year’s are approaching! If you’re dreading this time of year because you’re out of ideas on what to do with your loved ones in KL, then you’re in luck.

The capital has so much to offer if you’re keen on spending some memorable days or even a special night with your family on these year-end holidays. Read on to see five of the best places you can enjoy a lavish Christmas and New Year in KL.

Image result for The SkyBar Kuala Lumpur

  1. The SkyBar. If you’re looking to spice the night up with your partner with plenty of drinks and a great view of the city, then you have to check out this rooftop bar overlooking KLCC Park.

If you’re lucky enough to book a New Year’s Eve spot at this upscale bar, you’re guaranteed one of the best views of the midnight fireworks show that’s typically held at KLCC.

Image result for Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa

  1. Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa. Maybe you just want to wine and dine over fancy dinner before heading over to a couple’s massage and finally winding down in a posh hotel room with plenty of calls to room service?

Then check out the Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, a luxurious 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur located right next to one of the most recognizable city landmarks: the Sunway Pyramid.

Got a family that likes to eat? There’s always a fantastic buffet spread for Christmas and New Year’s. Or, you can stay up and watch the Sunway Lagoon Volcano fireworks show on New Year’s Eve from the comfort of your room.

Related image

  1. Merdeka Square. Want to hit the streets and join in on the festive mood? Then head to one of the oldest New Year’s Eve scenes at Merdeka Square. There’s plenty of traditional singing and dancing acts – that try to outdo themselves each year; marching bands, and of course, fireworks.

Or, simply stroll along the square and watch entertaining buskers serenade you with impromptu songs.

Image result for Pavilion KL

  1. Pavilion KL. There’s plenty to see and do at Bukit Bintang, but if you’re looking for a white Christmas then you should definitely visit Pavilion KL. It was previously home to the tallest Christmas tree (made from fancy crystals too) in Asia and you can enjoy falling snow (it’s not real, but who cares?) at the main entrance!

The decorations and in-house promotions in all its stores are sure to put a smile on even the meanest Grinch.

Image result for The Curve

  1. The Curve. Okay, The Curve isn’t technically in KL, but this mall in PJ deserves a mention for some of the best Christmas and New Year’s shows in town that attracts bigger droves of people each year.

Usually, the mall puts on a Christmas-themed family entertainment throughout December, but there’s plenty of wild fun to be had for couples at its bars and cafes that compete for the best celebrations on New Year’s.

Some claim its annual year-end fireworks is among the best too.

Now that you’ve read about the five best places to posh up your festive season, pick up that phone and make a booking. With only weeks left, those hints from your loved ones aren’t going to get any subtler!

Remember next time around too that KL has plenty of hidden gems to last you and your family a lifetime of Christmases and New Years.

Only in Sabah: 5 Delicious Local Delicacies



Aside from its beautiful beaches, friendly people, and colorful culture, Sabah is also known for another great thing: amazing food. The convergence of ethnic groups and cultures in Sabah all contribute to the wide variety of dishes you can try.

If you are traveling anytime soon to Sabah, here are some local delicacies you should definitely try:





  • Bambangan    

Bambangan is a fruit that is almost similar to the wild mango. The skin of the Bambangan is brown, but the flesh is orange. When the fruit is ripe, it could be eaten the same way as a mango. What sets the Bambangan apart from mangoes is that it could be eaten in a variety of ways. Locals usually cook it with fish or fried with salted fish.





  • Hinava

If you happen to visit Sabah during their festivals such as the Kadazandusun celebration, you can try one of their unique dishes, the Hinava. It is cooked with fish and lime, which are often combined with other ingredients such as onion, ginger, and Bambangan seeds.





  • Tuhau  

There are no shortages of places to sample Tuhau food in Sabah. In fact, there is Tuhau food being sold even in sidewalks. Tuhau is more of an ingredient than a stand-alone food. The shoots of the Tuhau, which is a ginger-like plant, is often diced into very small pieces and mixed with chili, scallion, salt, and vinegar. This is popular during festivals and is usually served as an appetizer alongside rice and fish dishes.





  • Bosou  

The Bosou, also known as Nonsom, is a preserved dish with required preparation that often lasts for weeks. It is made by combining fish with salt and a local herb called pangi. This mixture is pickled in a glass jar for two weeks. For more flavor, some locals usually include garlic, pepper, and olive oil in their Bosou.





  • Jaruk    

Another preserved delicacy is the Jaruk. It is made from the meat of wild boar or fish, which is cooked inside a bamboo tube with rice and a bit of salt. This is fermented for about two weeks before it is served.


A trip to Sabah will never be complete without having a taste of its local delicacies. The local food is usually made from natural ingredients that could be easily found in Sabah. The wide variety of ingredients that the locals use is a reflection of the differences of culture that are made to come together to form a unique culinary experience.

3 Urban Adventures for your next Kuala Lumpur Trip


3 Urban Adventures for your next Kuala Lumpur Trip


The Kuala Lumpur city centre is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia due to the endless attractions around. The proximity of these places also makes it convenient for first-time visitors and those travelling in groups. The theme parks, fancy restaurants, shopping mall and entertainment centre around the city centre is enough to fill an entire week’s vacation that is perfect for the whole family.        It is easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer number of attractions around Kuala Lumpur. Here are some activities you should try on your next visit.1362907839489

  1. Explore a theme park

The Sunway Lagoon is a collection of 5 different parks: the Water Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park, Wildlife Park, and the Scream Park. Kids will surely love this place because it offers more than 80 rides and attractions. The Water Park is famous for its man-made beach, boasting a total of 18000 square feet of sandy beach. Even though it is a man-made beach, the palm trees and huts make it naturally beautiful. For tourists who crave adventure and excitement, try their newest addition to the theme park: the permanent bungee jump, and a surf simulator, both the first time to be introduced to Malaysia.new-folder-1300x975

  1. Go on a Malaysian Food Trip  

Tourists can explore many types of local flavours in Kuala Lumpur, from street food to fancy high-end restaurants. Within the centre of the city, there are a lot of restaurants that are known for Malay delicacies. First-time tourists should try the spicy beef rending, chicken satay, and oxtail soup.                 Tourists in Kuala Lumpur city centre can enjoy traditional Malaysian cuisine and live performances in Songket Restaurant. For those that are new to Malaysian cuisine, Songket Restaurant in known for their rending daging, which is served with a plate of hot rice.    For fine dining options, 39 Restaurant is famous for their signature diches such as rusuk kambing kurma, ghee rice, ayam golek perchik, and dagung kerutup. What makes it even more memorable is the panoramic view of the Kuala Lumpur city that completes this modern style of fine dining.david-archuleta-sunway-pyramid-mall

  1. Shop at Sunway Pyramid Mall

Tourists on their way to the city centre will not miss this world-renowned shopping centre in Klang Valley, with its very noticeable giant sphinx standing guard at its entrance, the pyramid-inspired shopping complex, decorative hieroglyphics, and Pharaoh Statues.  This complex was only recently renovated, which is why there are now two sections: the old wing and the new wing. It is very difficult to think of something that cannot be found in this shopping complex; it is practically complete, from exclusively middle-eastern stores and boutiques to fast food chains and even an ice-skating rink, the Sunway Pyramid Mall has everything to satisfy every tourists’ impulse for retail therapy.          After an entire day of fun-filled adventures, you can take a quiet walk along the city centre and observe its colourful nightlife. To make your stay in Kuala Lumpur even more memorable and convenient, make sure to choose an accommodation that provides big hotels rooms for families. Most hotels have access to public transportation and have a wide range of facilities that is perfect for couples traveling with their kids.          There are a lot of activities to choose from if you decide on Kuala Lumpur as your next travel destination. Even within the city centre, there are a lot of attractions that will capture the attention of kids and adults alike.

Kuching’s Top 7 Budget-Friendly Attractions


Kuching, Sarawak is a good example of a city that has everything. Despite being small compared to the other major Malaysian cities, it has a lot of good tourist spots, making it a famous holiday destination .

A great plus is the fact that most of the attractions here won’t break your bank. Check out the following interesting and affordable destinations this side of Malaysia:uu

  1. Kuching Waterfront. In the past, the government spent a considerable sum of money trying to reclaim this area. The Waterfront is a beautiful and well-landscaped esplanade along the river. The Sarawak river divides the city. Good entertainment areas and eateries abound along the Waterfront. An observation tower looks down the other buildings, and some historical buildings as well as sculptures can also be seen. If you’re strapped for cash, you can just take a good stroll and enjoy the pleasant view.

The Waterfront is also a good place to encamp if you are planning to stay in the city for a few days. There are affordable accommodations around. You can stay at one of Kuching Waterfront hotels and easily access the rest of the places on this list.img00913-20111204-1228

  1. Taman Budaya. This is a public garden, so entrance is free. It started off as a water reservoir, and is still called as such by some of its employees. The hilly landscape of the area makes it very popular for joggers and walking enthusiasts. If you are up for some refreshing stroll, this is your place. Those looking for some natural history will also enjoy it here.newport_beach_dusk_900x600_c_nic_lehoux
  2. Civic Center. The Kuching civic center provides a good view of the city’s budding skyline. This is done through the viewing platform at the top floor. You can also visit the Sultan Iskandar Planetarium, which is located on the ground floor. If you are looking for a quick, affordable snack, the civic center also has some food stalls that fit the bill.japanese_friendship_garden_phoenix
  3. Friendship Garden. The Garden stands as a monument of friendship between China and Malaysia. It has a beautiful, Chinese-inspired design. There are wishing wells and koi ponds as well as Chinese structures. The focal point of the garden is a towering statue of Cheng Ho, a Chinese admiral and ambassador of the 15th century.sarawak-cultural-village-06
  4. Sarawak Cultural Village. For those looking to meet the natives of the land, there is no better experience than this place. About 45 minutes away from the city center, the village showcases a lot of traditional tribal buildings. These include longhouses and simple shelters that nomads use. Tourists can also meet the members of the indigenous tribes. These include the Iban, who are headhunters by tradition. The experience comes with hands-on use of native crafts and hunting weapons. The village has the priciest entrance fee on this list (RM60), but the value for money is extraordinary. You can stay for hours here and still keep yourself busy.gl-bako2-jpg
  5. Bako National Park. This is a botanist’s heaven. It is especially for the plant enthusiast who can’t pay to tour the entire region to check out its variety of flora. The oldest national park in the area, it contains samples of all the existing plant species in the Borneo region. It is also home to interesting animals such as the silvered langur, macaques, monkeys, giant lizards, bearded pigs, and more.img_8807
  6. Fort Margherita. Built from the time of British colonization, the Fort is perfect for the more adventurous tourists. It was once used to protect Kuching from attacks. Today, the original cannons, cannonballs, and even guns can still be found here. The old area of the fort is now a museum for the Police force, showcasing interesting exhibits. These include weapons and opium dens. It also has exhibits showing the different types of criminal punishment. At half a Malaysian Ringgit, the Fort’s entrance fee is for everyone.

Kuching is still not on the radar of many tourists, so it is not as crowded as other destinations. But checking out all the above-mentioned attractions is worth it and will probably make you want to come back here soon.

4 Sabahan Local Dishes to Whet the Adventurer’s Appetite

Sabah, one of the two Malaysian states in the island of Borneo, is every wildlife adventurer’s dream destination.  If you need to escape from the city and loosen up some tensed muscles on your backs and legs, taking a trip to Sabah may just be the experience you need.


When visiting the place, do not miss out on local delicacies that visitors from all around the world are raving about.  The different ethnic groups have unique recipes that are sure to tickle every traveler’s taste bud.  It would be a shame to leave the island without sampling the distinctive flavor of Sabah local food.

Take your pick from this list on the heartiest dishes prepared uniquely by the different communities that make up this quaint, idyllic Malaysian state:

  1. The Hinavi Tongii or Pickled Mackerel from the Kadazan-dusun community.


This is a type of seafood salad that is sure to get your appetite going for the day.  The tongii or mackerel meat is marinated in lime juice and spices such as ginger, chilies, and sliced shallots. The fresh spices release a zing that makes you want to have more after each bite.

  1. The Sagol Pari or Boiled Stingray from the Bajau community.


Sagol means to mix.  It being from the seafaring Bajau tribe, the sagol pari’s main ingredient are types of fishes that can only be caught from the deeper ends of the sea such as stingrays, sharks, and puffer fish.  The fish meat is finely chopped and cooked with turmeric and saffron.  It is then drizzled with the fish’s liver oil giving it that unique texture and distinct aromatic taste.

  1. The Jaruk dish from the Murut community.


This is a meat dish of either fresh boar or river fish meat that is fermented with rice and salt in a bamboo tube.  Fermenting takes weeks and the wait time makes it more special.  It is good as a side or main dish and a must-try when visiting the place for the first time.

  1. Ambuyat from the Brunei community.


A jelly-like dish made from sago powder and served along with other main dishes.  It may look and taste boring but it actually helps bring out the taste in other food eaten with it.

Take home the unique island experience by trying out every item in the gastronomic feast that only the tribes in Sabah can offer. Coincidentally, there also a well-rated restaurant in KK specializing in Sabah local food to eat to your heart’s content. Enjoy your trip!

3 Tips on How to Choose the Best Resorts in Port Dickson




Port Dickson, Malaysia is a magnificent place filled with diversity and charm. This is also the home of captivating scenery, mixed cultures, and spectacular architecture. There are many places to see and visit in this place, however; you also need a good place to stay in order to fully enjoy your vacation. A good resort is definitely the best choice since all the luxury and privacy that you need should be provided there. In this article, we will give you useful tips on how to pick the best resort for you and your friends or family during your long awaited vacation in Port Dickson.


How to Choose the Best Resorts in Port Dickson without Sacrificing Amenities


There are many resorts in PD that will surely captivate your heart at first sight. However, most of them offer different kinds of services and facilities. Here are some tips that you can use in order to pick the perfect resort for your well-deserved vacation:


  1. Search for resorts that provide activities for everyone. You cannot have an enjoyable vacation without involving your friends or family in fun-filled activities. If you have kids, it will keep them occupied for a very long time while you and your spouse can have a relaxing and romantic moment. You can also pamper yourself such as getting a spa or a nice massage while the kids are enjoying. If you have a baby, you can also get a babysitter so that you can have fun without forgetting about your baby’s needs. Different resorts have different kinds of offers, so do your research and choose the one that suits your needs.


  1. Make sure that the resort has enough room for everyone. Accommodating everyone in your family or your friends can sometimes feel stressful because you have to make sure that they have what they need inside the room. Look for rooms that have enough moving space so that you avoid bumping into each other. Ensure that the rooms have enough space for yourthings as well. There are resorts that offer a connecting kitchen to the rooms. This is great especially if you want to eat together after a day of fun activities. Check if the room has a refrigerator where you can store extra water or snack.


  1. Double-check that the food is something that everyone can enjoy. Adults may not have problems trying new food but it is a little different with children. Check out the food offered on the resort’s menu and see if they have kid-friendly choices. This is to avoid limiting their options which may subsequently lead to loss of appetite. You can also ask the chef to prepare kid-friendly foods. If you like to eat on a buffet, make sure to check the menu for the day so that you could prepare your kids. However, make sure that you avoid buffet fatigue in order to fully enjoy every meal offered by the resort. You can try to have room service for breakfast and buffet meals during lunch and dinner. Or if you get tired of eating in the hotel, look for nearby restaurants in the area. A good resort is one that is accessible to many restaurants and shops.


Choosing resorts in Port Dickson is very easy as long as you know what you are looking for. Before going on a trip with your friends and family, make sure that you are going to get what you need in your chosen resort in order to have a fantastic stay.

4 Best Hotel Spas in Bangkok for Tired Travelers



The best thing about Spas and Bangkok is that they’re very cheap. If you’re willing to spend a little more and avail the services of mid-tier or higher class spas, you’ll be pampered with a deluxe treatment. So, if you happen to find yourself here, it would be a great idea to find a spa hotel in Bangkok that could provide you a comfortable accommodation and a rejuvenating massage or spa.


Here are some of the best spa hotels in Bangkok:


Le Meriden Bangkok Hotel – This place is among the finest places in Silom district that offer a comfortable accommodation and relaxing spa services. Spa by Le Meriden Bangkok has a range of spa and wellness treatments that will surely revitalize your senses. Their most notable spa treatment is the Hot Stone Treatment which uses heated stones to provide a deeply relaxing treatment to the muscles.


Intercontinental Hotel Spa – This hotel spa is situated in the most convenient location in Bangkok. It has a very close proximity to two big malls in Bangkok – the BTS and Centralworld Shopping mall. What sets their spa stand out are the ingredients that they use in the treatment – they’re all natural and organic. It’s the little things that make a huge difference and that is what their spa has proven.


Mandarin Oriental’s Oriental Spa – Oriental Spa at Mandarin Oriental is one of the most celebrated spas in Bangkok. This spa is very notable because of its majestic location – it’s sitting on the opposite side of the hotel which is separated by a river. A river shuttle is needed in order to this spa, which is provided by the hotel. The spa is a preserved teak house across a river from the Mandarin Hotel, that alone is already one of a kind. Their spa treatment service is basically traditional Thai Spas and massages. The ambiance is also exotic yet luxurious, giving their customers a holistic kind of rejuvenation.


The Sukhothai Hotel’s Spa Botanica – A hotel couldn’t’ more tranquil than Sukhothai Hotel. This hotel is crowned as the oasis of absolute calm at the heart of Bangkok. The place is just peaceful, relaxing, and spiritually uplifting. The environment basically amplifies every massage and spa service that this place has to offer. The aromatherapy is the most outstanding service that Spa Botanica has to offer because the botanical products used in this treat and even in all of their treatments leave a far more relaxing scent than those that are non-organic.


The spa experience in Bangkok is definitely a must try, simply because they’re unique and they provide a relaxation experience that you can’t get elsewhere. So if you’re planning to head on to this city, better avail an accommodation in these establishments for an all in one experience. Also, there’s a lot of Bangkok Hotel promo that you could get from these hotel-spa establishments, which offers discounted rates an overnight stay and a rejuvenating spa treatment.



Bangkok is a place like no other when it comes to a relaxing spa and a heavenly massage experience. Asia does not fall short when it comes to options regarding this pampering treat, but Bangkok simply offers the best rejuvenation experience. A trip to Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without having a pampering session at one of their spas.

How to Find Hotels In Petaling Jaya Without Busting Your Wallet

If you love to travel, choosing a nice place to stay near a particular tourist destination is one of the requirements for having a fun and comfortable tour. This is to ensure that you have easy access to every place that you wish to visit. However, even with the use and convenience of the internet, finding a good hotel is difficult. It is hard to filter through all the information that you get. Which one is useful and which is not? Which website is reliable and which is not?


Search for Personal Experiences of Other People

Let’s face it, not all travel and hotel websites deliver accurate information about hotels and other accommodations worldwide. There are websites that don’t regularly update the information posted on their pages. There are also those that place just the good things about a hotel and fail to write about the negative aspects.

The best way to find the right hotel in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia is to look for blogs that post their recent travels. Learn about the trip as much as you can. Contact the owner of the blog or comment on their blog posts. This way, you will know what to expect and how much they have spent on their trip. How was their experience regarding the staff, the food and the accommodation itself? Reading travel blogs will give you a good insight on the hotel you are eyeing.


Here are other tips that you can use to book a comfortable and luxurious but budget friendly hotel in Petaling Jaya:

  • Don’t call the hotel directly. This is the biggest mistake that travelers make when they are planning for their trip abroad. Why, you ask? Of course, they will tell you exactly what you want to hear! They will only give you positive answers to your questions. This will cloud your judgment because you will believe that you have found the best deal.
  • Search online to compare rates. Again, don’t blindly trust hotel search engines. If you are going to use the internet, look for the offer and the corresponding rates. Collect them and compare the prices before making a decision. Some websites offer more affordable rates because they usually have a deal with local hotels, wherein they would drive more customers to the hotel as long as they provide the website a lower price as compared with others.
  • Look for deals. There are hotels in Petaling Jaya that offer free meals if you book for several days. If you can save money for food, this will become a huge advantage in your trip. Also, look for package deals such as accommodation plus tours around the city.
  • Your Timing Matters. Staying ahead of the game is the key to finding the best hotel. It is common knowledge that demand for hotels and other accommodations reach its peak during holidays. Saving money during holidays is almost next to impossible only if you don’t know what you are doing. It is therefore important for you to book ahead of schedule to avoid competing with other travelers. If you want to visit Petaling Jaya, booking two to three months ahead of your travel schedule will definitely save you money and time.


Planning carefully will make your trip more enjoyable and worry-free because you are focused only in what lies ahead in your destination. Using the tips listed above, you can be sure that you will have a relaxed and unforgettable stay in Petaling Jaya.