These 7 Treaments Will Quickly Get Rid of Acne Scars and Damaged Skin

Having acne can result in a few types of skin damages. Acne scar is one of the most common skin damage types that are caused by acne, which can be quite difficult but possible for anyone to treat. There are a few treatment options available for you when it comes to repairing acne-scarred skin. Find out the seven types of acne-damaged skin treatments that can fix your skin instantly:


  1. Cosmetic fillers Cosmetic fillers have the ability to improve your scars’ appearance. During this procedure, fat or collagen is injected on your scars to provide your skin an even texture. However, these injections would only last about three to six months.img-outpatient-surgery-banner-resized-600
  2. Acne scar surgery For those who are fine with a more invasive medical treatment, a surgery that repairs acne-damaged skin can be considered. During the procedure, a doctor will extract your scar tissue manually, which is a process known as punch excisions. The incision wounds will then be corrected using a graft or suture. Post-procedure, you’ll see your skin having a more even and smoother texture.laser-therapy
  3. Laser therapy A laser therapy can resurface your skin. During the procedure, your skin’s outer layer will be destroyed before the layers underneath the skin are heated. New skin cells formation is encouraged through this process and the underlying tissue is tightened, which results in a reduction of acne scars appearance.platelet-rich-plasma-prp-therapy-adelaide-medicine-of-cosmetics
  4. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) If you don’t know about platelet rich plasma or PRP, it’s one of the most exciting new methods to repair acne-damaged skin, especially acne scars. Informally known as the Vampire Facial, this popular treatment uses your very own blood to fix the acne scars on your skin. During the fast procedure, blood is drawn from you before the red blood cells are separated from its platelets. These will then be injected back into your scars. PRP is mostly effective on patients who have severe acne scars for a long time.dermabrasion
  5. Dermabrasion Besides repairing your acne-damaged skin, dermabrasion can also rejuvenate the skin. Similar to chemical peels, this treatment involves removing your skin’s surface layer. A rotating blade or brush is then used to clear out your skin’s epidermal layer, which leaves a wound. Once the wounds are healed, your scars will be less severe and less visible compared to before.steroid-injection
  6. Interferon or corticosteroid injections Interferon or corticosteroid injections can reduce the severity and size of your scarring. These medications are injected into the keloid scars or raised hypertrophic. If you opt for this type of treatment, expect to be given injections every two to three weeks.chemical226
  7. Chemical peel Just like a dermabrasion, this treatment helps to revitalize your skin using an acidic agent applied to your skin. This will cause peeling, resulting in a forming of new skin.

If your topical medications aren’t showing any sign of fast or major improvement, it’s time to consider other treatment options to repair your acne-damaged skin. Before making the final decision on a treatment option, get a second opinion and consult with your dermatologist first. He or she will assess your skin, and the severity of your scars will help your dermatologist to determine the best treatment option. Inform your dermatologist if you’d rather opt for a non-invasive treatment, as not everyone is comfortable to be under the knife.

10 Hottest Yet Affordable Makeup Brands That Are Trending In 2017

Planning to update your beauty kit? We’ve got you covered! 2017 is seeing a lot of new trends as well as in-season-again trends. If you’re looking for cosmetics that are of high quality yet affordable, check out these 10 hottest makeup brands that will be trending in 2017 (you may have already heard about some of the brands):


  1. Oriflame This Swedish makeup brand is one of beauty lovers’ most favorite brands due to its affordability and trusted quality. Their products are gentle on the skin, which is perfect for those with sensitive or dry, patchy skin.img_3355
  2. Younique One of the best things about this brand is that their products don’t contain formaldehyde, a chemical compound that could do damage to your skin or health.mac-cosmetics
  3. MAC cosmetics The brand needs no introduction among beauty enthusiasts. The Canadian brand is a favorite among many makeup professionals due to its affordability, wide choice of shades, and ingredients that blend well with different types of skin.artistry-makeup-2
  4. Artistry Artistry is favored among makeup professionals and lovers due to its products that have been backed by science and nutrition. They use natural ingredients like fruits that have been sourced from the Mediterranean and African region.too-cool-for-school-product
  5. Too Cool For School The Too Cool For School cosmetics are favored by many social media influencers and beauty YouTubers, including Michelle Phan and Jenn Im. The brand’s packaging design is artsy and aesthetically pleasing, making them popular among millennials who are into beauty.productosavon
  6. Avon Avon is a timeless brand that has been around for decades. It’s considered a makeup staple for beauty lovers looking for a great bargain. The brand’s color makeup line is one of the most popular must-haves.bs_smashbox_collection5
  7. Smashbox The brand focuses most of its production on eye products and lipsticks. Its most popular product is the 3-in-1 mascara.etude_house_1
  8. Etude Korean pop-culture is all the rage right now, with so many Korean products being in demand. Etude is appealing to the masses with its affordable products and feminine packaging.urban-decay-x-nordstrom-2015-via-the-beauty-look-book
  9. Urban Decay For animal lovers, Urban Decay’s products have never been tested on animals.cover-girl-makeup-5
  10. Covergirl The American brand offers affordable beauty products in a wide range of shade.

If some of the brands are not available in Malaysia, you can always purchase them at their websites or other online beauty stores that ship worldwide. Be on the lookout for the best deals. Lots of online beauty stores often have ‘sneaky’ deal-of-the-day, week or month offer on some of the beauty products. While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask for samples if possible.

Top 5 Beauty Treatments in Malaysia

Beauty is certainly more than skin deep. Today’s modern times require people to pay more attention to how they look and how they present themselves. There is pressure from society to stay trim, young-looking, and well put-together.

Aesthetic centers and cosmetic clinics in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have come up with different beauty treatments to address different problems.

Here are some beauty treatments and what they do:


  1. Regenerate your skin cells.

Your skin cells need to regenerate to replace the old, dying ones. Exposure to too much sunlight and stress can cause darkening around the eyes and other skin problems. One of the well-known beauty treatments is Venuz Freeze which uses pulsed electro-magnetic field with multi-polar radio frequencies that help cell regeneration. Regular treatments promise significant improvement on your skin.


  1. Exfoliate your skin.

Travelling or walking around often exposes your skin to harmful dirt that may cause a lot of skin irritation. This is where skin exfoliation comes into play. Skin exfoliation cleanses the skin from dirt, blackheads, and white heads. It polishes skin, lifts the epidermis, and prevents wrinkling. It also provides a moisturizing effect that improves skin health. One of the most popular treatments for this is called Diamond Peel.


  1. Remove excessive fat.

Excessive fat usually bothers the majority of women. Since it takes much effort and time to lose them, new technologies for removing excess fat have been developed. Mesolipo is one of them. This procedure uses injections that melt fats in desired areas. It is safer as it is less invasive compared to liposuction. It also uses organic and natural soybean lecithin and enzymes.


  1. Keep your skin tight.

Aging can cause so much stress on one’s skin. Sagging and wrinkling are difficult to reverse using creams and serums. If you’re concerned about how your skin looks but don’t want to go under the knife, you can try a new procedure called Ulthera treatment. This treatment is less invasive and does not take a lot of time to heal. You can still go to work and get on with your daily routine. According to reviews, people who have undergone this treatment did not experience swelling or bruising.

beauty concept skin aging. anti-aging procedures, rejuvenation, lifting, tightening of facial skin, restoration of youthful skin anti-wrinkle

  1. Rejuvenate and lift your skin.

As women age, hormonal changes weaken and affect the skin’s density. Lift Replenisher is a new treatment that smoothes out wrinkles, redefines facial contours and reduces skin wrinkles and dark spots.

Skin care and aesthetic treatments in Malaysia cater to both men and women. Aside from skin care and weight loss, they also address issues on hair loss, warts and skin tag removal as well as erasing old tattoos. Always consult a licensed professional aesthetic doctor in Malaysia for these skin and body treatments.

5 Reasons Why Wearing Less Makeup Is Better For Your Skin

While makeup and beauty products come with its own benefits, such as enhancing a woman’s beauty, concealing her imperfections and giving her a boost in confidence, wearing too much makeup (or too often) can further damage your skin.

The bottom line is you should always aim to wear a minimal amount of makeup, and restrict to wearing it only when it’s necessary (i.e. at a business function or work). If you’re not convinced about going out with less makeup, these are five good reasons why wearing less makeup is better for your skin:


  1. You reduce your chances of getting acne

Makeup can cause acne due to certain types of oils used in cosmetics. ‘Acne cosmetica’ is a term that describes acne caused by cosmetics, which leaves you with reddened bumps and blocked pores on the forehead, cheeks and chin. Cream or thick liquid products may cause acne cosmetica since they tend to clog your pores compared to powder-type products.


  1. You avoid allergic reactions

Makeup can give you two types of allergic reactions: allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis. The former gives you blisters, itching and swelling skin while the latter gives you a burning or itching sensation. These allergic reactions are usually caused by preservatives contained in makeup.


  1. You won’t block your pores

Makeup will block your pores, causing acne, enlarged pores and overall make your skin appear dull and dry. To make matters worse, waste products aren’t secreted from your skin, and your skin won’t be able to absorb moisture in the required amount since the pH balance is disturbed, leading to outbreaks of pimples and blackheads. With blocked pores, your skin is also susceptible to inflammation as bacteria find their way.


  1. You reduce ageing effect

Your skin needs to breathe, and makeup will prevent your skin from getting the right oxygen that it needs. The more makeup you wear, the less oxygen your skin will get, leaving you with aged, wrinkled looking skin. Wearing less makeup will reduce the ageing effect on your skin.


  1. You reduce your chances of getting enlarged pores

Aside from causing acne, makeup has the ability to clog oil glands which in turn enlarges your pores. Visible enlarged pores are not a pretty sight to behold on anyone’s face, particularly as you age. As you age, your collagen levels also decrease, leaving you with more enlarged pores that are hard to get rid of.


If you’re left feeling incomplete and ‘naked’ by the thought of going out with less makeup, try a BB cream. A BB cream is short for beauty balm, beblesh balm, blemish base, or blemish balm and is widely sold at beauty stores and pharmacies.

Because BB creams are ‘all-in-one’ – meaning they function as a sunblock, foundation, primer, moisturizer, and a serum replacement – the beauty product helps you to save money and time to apply.

Depending on the brand, hues, formulations and ingredients, the price for a BB cream range from RM50 to RM200, and the most popular ones are the ones produced by Korean beauty companies.

To keep your skin stay healthy and glowing, avoid sleeping with makeup on, and wash your face thoroughly every time you wear makeup. If you can, try to use makeup products that are labeled nonacnegenic (won’t cause acne), noncomedogenic (won’t block pores), and hypoallergenic (less likely to cause allergies).

Anti-Aging Tips: How To Maintain The Skin’s Firmness

Aging may take a toll on someone’s health both inside and outside. This means that as a person ages, he or she will have to deal with extrinsic aging too which include wrinkles, fine lines, and even sagging skin.

The skin is at the mercy of many elements as people age such as exposure to the sun, harsh weather, and bad lifestyle habits. If people would take into consideration many factors to prevent skin aging from happening at a faster pace, there are many ways to do so. These include lifestyle modification, eating a healthy diet, wise use of skin care products, and avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking.

How the skin would age will mainly depend on these factors. For instance, if you smoke, cigarettes can produce free radicals. These are healthy oxygen molecules that become overactive, unstable and dangerous. They actually cause oxidative stress, the main culprit in premature aging.

To help prevent premature skin aging, here are some tips to slow it down.


  1. Limit Sun Exposure Or At Least Protect Your Skin

When the skin is constantly exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, it becomes damaged. Free radicals may also form as a result of this habit. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are the culprit to about 80 percent of skin damage. It’s also one of the main reasons why skin cancer forms.

To prevent skin damage and premature skin damage, you should protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. This can be done through the use of sunscreens. Aside from that, avoid tanning salons and exposing the skin for long periods of time.

  1. Prevent Skin Sagging By Using Body Firming Cream

A body firming cream helps keep the skin intact, firm and elastic. This will make the skin look younger, smoother and healthier. It contains natural ingredients that are safe, hypoallergenic and cost-effective. When the collagen content of the skin diminishes, it may lead to skin sagging. Hence, it’s wise to use this product regularly to reduce the rate of skin aging and to look younger or more radiant.

  1. Eat Healthily

When you eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, your skin becomes healthy too. This is because they are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that work together to make the body healthy both inside and outside. Also, drink lots of water to make sure you’re hydrated.Easiest-Way-to-Stop-Smoking

  1. Avoid Bad Habits

Bad habits include smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, using harsh chemicals on the skin, and lack of sleep. When you are smoking, it promotes the formation of free radicals. Same is true with drinking alcoholic beverages, it promotes premature skin aging. Also, if you lack sleep, the body especially the skin may not rejuvenate properly that may lead to the appearance of premature skin aging.


Skin aging is an inevitable process since everyone is expected to grow old someday. However, it can be slowed down, especially for people who may look older than they actually are. This is because a lot of habits and environmental factors contribute to premature skin aging. If you want to look younger, ravishing and radiant, it is important to take care of your skin since it reflects your health as a whole. Hence, proper skin care practices and skin care products should be used to help achieve a healthier skin.

The New Skin Treatment for Brighter, Translucent Skin

Crystal Tomato (CT) is a new whitening pill being marketed in Asian countries that is so successful that it is creating panic-buying in the Asian beauty-goods market.

Created by the medical team of Dr. Z Teo and Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo, two skin, hair and anti-aging specialists, Crystal Tomato in Malaysia is popular with Asian women who desire to have lighter, fairer skin than that which they were born with. Many women, and men, think a lighter, brighter and more translucent skin complexion is more attractive than a darker one.

This cultural trait is just the opposite from the Western world where Caucasians strive to have darker skin, thinking that it makes them look more attractive. American Pop star Michael Jackson went in the opposite direction and spent huge sums of money on treatments to lighten his skin from dark to almost Caucasian white. If there had been a skin-whitening product like Crystal Tomato available, Jackson probably could have avoided a lot of painful and expensive treatment in his quest.

Traditional skin whiteningSkin whitening has been done for many, many years in many ways. Creams and lotions are the most common method. Then there is the have dermatological procedure of skin peeling. Another method is the oral intake glutathione tablets.

How is Crystal Tomato taken?

Crystal Tomato comes in a tablet form and is taken orally once a day. It’s combination of unique ingredients like colourless phytoene and phytofluence carotenoids were discovered through years of trial and error to have excellent whitening properties.

Are the ingredients in Crystal Tomato all natural?

A unique tomato named the “white tomato” supplies the main ingredient in the CT formula. This particular tomato is rich in carotenoids which have been shown to absorb UVA and UVB rays to reduce the existing black pigment in the skin know as melanin and prevent new melanin from forming.

The 100 percent natural product is guaranteed to be safe. As a side benefit of using CT, the organic white tomatoes also have anti-aging properties aside as a bonus to its skin whitening results.

How effective is the skin whitening treatment?

Taking only one pill a day for about three months should be sufficient to maximize the CLC concentration. After the three month period, the whitening results should be obvious. Some people have successful results after only one to two months.

Other Benefits

There are no harmful side effects from using CT since it’s organic and made from all-natural ingredients. A single tablet is the equivalent to eating three white tomatoes.

CT also acts as a natural sunscreen against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Even so, you should still use sunscreen as double protection.

There are no animal by-products in CT or egg derivatives, so the tablets are suitable for any vegetarian diets.

Another side benefit of using CT is in the fight against the ageing process. The white tomatoes are rich in carotenoids which act as excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. They also help prevent the damages that free radicals create that lead to premature aging.


Start Loving Your Body


We live in a society that is highly focused on appearances. Most people are on or have been on a diet to lose weight. Sometimes dieting and exercise does not always get rid of problematic areas such as the flank, abdomen, inner and outer thigh areas and the chin. Fortunately, in this day and age there are body enhancements procedures that can be done to target those problematic areas. Coolsculpting is a method that is approved by the FDA to help stop fat cells. This procedure can be done without any downtime, is non invasive and you can see the results immediately. The science behind coolsculpting uses the Cryolipolysis method. This method freezes the fat cells to death without penetrating the skin in any way allowing for body reshaping and contouring. This is not meant to take the place of a diet. By losing the necessary weight desired or needed the body enhancement procedures help to fix the problem areas that are not taken care of by dieting ad working out alone.

If you are a person living in the Singapore, Malaysia area and you are interested in body enhancement procedures than Coolsculpting in Malaysia would be a recommended choice. This method is performed worldwide. All coolsculpting procedures are performed by licensed medical professionals. Since this procedure is non invasive there is no need for anesthesia or painful surgical procedure which would take time to heal from. To be considered a good candidate for this procedure you have to be a person who is not for from their ideal weight. This is not like liposuction which actually surgically removes the fat. The most ideal candidates would be a mother who has lost the weight gained after having a baby but still has some problem areas like in the abdomen or anyone having problems firming their chin, flank areas and inner or outer thigh areas. Some procedures are not feasible for all people so it is recommended that if interested you do your research to find a licensed medical practitioner and performs their procedures in a safe, sterile environment.

We all have our issues with appearance. Some people struggle to lose weight after having a baby and some people spend so much time yo-yo dieting that they have problem areas that they would like to get rid of. Coolsculpting is a wise choice for people in similar situations sine it is FDA approved and is performed safely by killing fat cells by freezing method.


More Natural Ways to Slim Yourself Down


Excess cellulite – people have tried almost every trick in the book to get rid of it no matter how expensive or silly the remedy may seem. Whether it’s diet and exercise or innovative slimming products in a bottle, if it claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite, most people will try it. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend thousands on liposuction and other invasive surgeries to get a happier, slimmer you.


5 Natural Methods for Slimming Down


  1. Drink lemon water in the morning.


Lemons pack enough vitamin C to boost your immune system and ward off common colds. Moreover, these yellow fruits also help to break down your food and speed up weight loss. They promote quick energy bursts, clean out internal waste and reduce hunger cravings. Because you’re adding lemon to water, you’re also hydrating your body and aiding in healthier skin.

breakfast (1)

  1. Eat a fat-busting breakfast.


Start your mornings off right with foods that promote weight loss, such as blueberries, oats, low-fat cottage cheese and Greek-style yogurt. Coconut oil, which contains medium-chain fatty acids, increases enzyme production to help break down fats. Adding coconut oil to your meal can help boost your energy while fighting cellulite.


  1. Apply a firming cream.


Magazines and television commercials have announced miracle firming creams for decades, but do they really work? According to a dermatologist interviewed by Allure, these creams may not transform your body, but they will make you appear slimmer. Body-firming creams work by plumping up the skin in areas where it’s dimpled and uneven. As your skin tightens, it looks smoother and gives the impression of having a slimmer, smoother body.


  1. Perform cellulite-focused exercises.


No single exercise can target and remove cellulite from a given area of your body. However, you can perform many different exercises to create smoother and firmer thighs, buttocks, arms and legs. Lunges, squats and other whole-body exercises make your muscles firm while reducing excess body fat. Supplement your exercises further with cellulite creams.


  1. Try intermittent fasting.


Not everyone likes the thought of fasting to slim down, but did you know you fast every day? When you go to sleep, you fast throughout the night and break your fast once you eat breakfast, hence the name. If you eat your last meal of the day at 8 p.m., you can increase the fasting time in which your body can burn excess fat.


It doesn’t take trips to a plastic surgeon or downing chemical fat burners to slim down. By changing your diet, doing a few cellulite exercises and experimenting with body-firming creams, you can appear slimmer before you know it and improve your mood and overall quality of life.

Fit Day –
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How to Anti-Age Your Face

Every day, your skin takes an invisible beating from both inside and out. The resulting damage can accelerate ageing and make your face look old before its time. However, there are simple habits you can adopt to turn back the clock and maintain the health of your facial skin no matter what your actual age.
Hide from UV Rays
The Skin Cancer Foundation points to the sun as the source of 90 percent of the visible signs of aging, including:

• Wrinkles
• Sagging
• Discolouration
• Rough spots

That means taking smart precautions any time that you head outside. To protect your face, choose a daily moisturiser that contains SPF 15, and wear a hat with a brim whenever you’re going to be out for a long time.

No More Butts

The deep wrinkles and sickly colour seen in the faces of people who smoke is referred to as “smoker’s face.” Every cigarette puts thousands of chemicals into your body, many of which cause damage at a cellular level that accelerates ageing. Smoking also decreases blood flow to the face, resulting in thin, colourless skin. Quitting gives your body the chance to clean and repair itself while preventing further damage from inhaled toxins.



Feed Your Skin Well

The essential building blocks for healthy, young-looking skin come from what you eat. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are all needed in good balance on a daily basis to keep your skin healthy. Certain nutrients, such as vitamin C, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids, are particularly important. You don’t get these nutrients from a diet filled with sugary processed foods. In fact, processed fare promotes inflammation, which in turn can cause the cell damage that ages your skin. Make the switch to a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables that includes healthy fats to maintain balance, support collagen and nourish skin.



Be Diligent with Facial Care

It’s best to establish a morning and evening skincare routine while you’re still young, but it’s never too late to get started. Select skincare products suitable for your age and skin type, and make it a point to use them as directed every day. Start each facial care session with a good cleansing and finish with a moisturiser. At night, get a full seven to eight hours of sleep on a clean pillowcase.

Anti aging


Invest in a Retinoid Cream

Retinoids are derived from vitamin A and provide strong anti aging properties in a variety of products. Retinoid compounds promote healthy blood flow and cell turnover to create brighter, firmer skin with an inner radiance. Retinol has also been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Most over-the-counter creams offer sufficient support, but if your face needs some extra care, talk to your dermatologist about getting a prescription-strength face lifting cream.

You might not be able to stop getting older, but adhering to these lifestyle changes and making appropriate adjustments as you age can preserve the youthful facial glow that so many people are looking for.


Different Kinds of Halal Makeup

Many makeup brands use harsh chemicals and animal products in the production of their make-up. Not only are these methods not halal, they are often damaging to the skin and harmful to the environment and the animals involved. For many Muslims, vegans, environmentalists and others who desire safer cosmetics, this issue is clearly problematic. The integrity of the brand and its certification as “halal” are things Muslim consumers should be aware of. Luckily, there are alternatives to be found in any halal cosmetic directory. The following paragraphs will discuss halal makeup and the different kinds that exist.

halal cosmetic directory

What is Halal Makeup?

Halal makeup often follows these criteria:

• Cruelty-Free – For a product to be halal, its production cannot involve the use of animal slaughter in a way that is not Islamically prescribed.
• Alcohol-Free – Muslims are expressly forbidden from consuming alcohol. Although there is some debate and questioning over which type of alcohol used in makeup is halal, alcohol is generally avoided.
• Pork-Free – Makeup that is halal has no pork fat or residue whatsoever.

There are three major types of makeup that are often Halal:

Mineral Based – Natural mineral based makeup is often halal as many brands do not utilize animal testing or animal fats and generally don’t contain alcohol. In lieu of animal fats, natural vegetable fats such as coconut oil and castor oil are utilized. Mineral makeup also has the quality of feeling lighter on the skin.


Many vegan brands of makeup are halal by virtue of having no animal products whatsoever. These brands have a tendency to avoid harsh chemicals as well. Although some brands include alcohol, many make a point of excluding it, making the product completely halal.


Animal testing is an unfortunate reality in the makeup industry. However, makeup made with the use of animal testing is also haram. Cruelty-free makeup is not produced using any form of animal testing.