5 Easy Tips on How to Apply an Eye makeup that lasts the Whole Day


Eye makeup is an important feature every girl should emphasize on as it says a lot about them. It defines how natural or dramatic one can be. However, these five amazing tips together with the right tools that are readily shipped to those that shop online in Malaysia will ensure your makeup lasts the whole day:

1. Start with cleaning your face

This may sound obvious but it isn’t, some people either don’t clean their face first before applying makeup or just don’t do it thoroughly. The makeup therefore ends up looking terrible because it was applied over the previous day’s residues. It is a requirement to first softly clean and dry your face before applying makeup.

2. Apply a concealer to the under-eye as the first step

Every woman that has applied eye makeup before knows that the color of the eye lids is not even. The under eye skin is slightly darker that the rest of the eye circles. It is therefore important to even it out so that your makeup appears evenly toned. The concealer also covers up any other dark spots that may have developed around your eyes.

3. Then apply the eye shadow primer

This is another quite important tip to having your makeup in place for a long time but one which most people either ignore or aren’t familiar with. The main function of the primer is to hold the makeup in place and preventing it from melting off. The primer also prevents it from being washed off by water if rained on or by sweat during workouts. The primer and concealer can be shopped from global online beauty stores such as the Etude House.

4. Then the eyeliner

Depending on your preference and how dark or light you want your makeup appear, you may use the eye pencil or the liquid liners. Apply the liner from the inner eye outwards while keeping it as close to the lashes as possible. The Miss Hana eyeliner kit is a must have for every girl wishing to perfect in eye makeup.

5. Finish with the eye shadow

The last but the most significant step into eye makeup is the application of the eye shadow. Depending on how bold you may want to appear, you may go for a single color or a combination of two or three colors. The Clio Brow Tattoo comes handy at this point.

These tips are helpful for to regular eye makeup users. Proper application makes a person feel their best for any day or a special occasion. They also can be helpful to new users that are testing eye makeup for the first time.