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We sat down with a representative from MTB the other day. We discussed many things, chief among them was cycling advice for biking enthusiasts.

“My advice works for everyone. Whether you own a mountain bike or one of those cycles you see in those marathons. I have been cycling for a long time. It’s taken me some great strides and pain to understand the complexities and seriousness behind riding. I’ve been there before. I’ve learned a lot when it comes to cycling. If I can help someone out, someone who is going through something I have already done, than I have accomplished my task.”

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So let’s get started, shall we?

1) Let’s say you are vacation in a foreign area. Let’s say you are in Malaysia. Some of those back pathways tend to be dirty and rocky. Let’s say you are riding your mountain bike in Malaysia, down on one of those very trials. You have to be strong and flexible.

If you are climbing a smooth trial or terrain, you need to stay in the saddle. When you are going down the hills, you need to bend your knees. Stand on your pedals, with a slight bend in the knees. This bend will also come in the elbows and waist. It’s an athletic movement.

Those of you trying it out for the first time, expect some bumps and bruises. The trick is to get passed this stage. You will fall down a few times, especially in the terrains that are very rocky. It’s okay. Just know that it will get better.


2) It’s important to keep shifting your weight when riding. Say you are riding up a deep hill. You need to push your weight forward. Now, let’s say you are travelling down the same hill. It’s time to push your weight back. The reason you do this is to avoid being thrown off.

When you are going downhill, your bike is going to be pushed at a faster velocity. If you don’t learn this control the first few times you are out, you will constantly be thrown off the bike.

Now let’s say you are being pulled inwards, especially in tight corners and situations. It’s better to move your weight outside. You need to counteract the motions in order to keep balance, and to avoid being thrown off.


3) This suggestions will work the same for those who drive a car. When you are going downhill, it’s important to pump the brakes. I am not kidding here. Pump your brakes. If you slam on them, this could also result in your being thrown. This happens a lot to first-timers. You will get better control over your speed and bike when you do this. This is a good way for beginners to learn about controlling speeds and the velocity of their bike.

You can find more of these tips online at the official site. It’s important that you learn some of the tricks early on. If you don’t, you will never learn complete and total control.

Your bike is the beast. It’s up to you to control and tame the beast; or else, the beast will control you. Which way would you prefer it?


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