Different Kinds of Halal Makeup

Many makeup brands use harsh chemicals and animal products in the production of their make-up. Not only are these methods not halal, they are often damaging to the skin and harmful to the environment and the animals involved. For many Muslims, vegans, environmentalists and others who desire safer cosmetics, this issue is clearly problematic. The integrity of the brand and its certification as “halal” are things Muslim consumers should be aware of. Luckily, there are alternatives to be found in any halal cosmetic directory. The following paragraphs will discuss halal makeup and the different kinds that exist.

halal cosmetic directory

What is Halal Makeup?

Halal makeup often follows these criteria:

• Cruelty-Free – For a product to be halal, its production cannot involve the use of animal slaughter in a way that is not Islamically prescribed.
• Alcohol-Free – Muslims are expressly forbidden from consuming alcohol. Although there is some debate and questioning over which type of alcohol used in makeup is halal, alcohol is generally avoided.
• Pork-Free – Makeup that is halal has no pork fat or residue whatsoever.

There are three major types of makeup that are often Halal:

Mineral Based – Natural mineral based makeup is often halal as many brands do not utilize animal testing or animal fats and generally don’t contain alcohol. In lieu of animal fats, natural vegetable fats such as coconut oil and castor oil are utilized. Mineral makeup also has the quality of feeling lighter on the skin.


Many vegan brands of makeup are halal by virtue of having no animal products whatsoever. These brands have a tendency to avoid harsh chemicals as well. Although some brands include alcohol, many make a point of excluding it, making the product completely halal.


Animal testing is an unfortunate reality in the makeup industry. However, makeup made with the use of animal testing is also haram. Cruelty-free makeup is not produced using any form of animal testing.

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