Five Effective Strategies for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, often call FUT for short, is a tremendous game that will test your ability to not only play FIFA Football but to assemble and nurture a team that can dominate. That path to domination is shorter than you may think, and there are a number of strategies that you can apply as a novice to make that path even easier.

1. FIFA Coins Can Be Bought Below Face Value 

FIFA coins aren’t a requirement of doing well, but they can make the process easier and faster. If you do decide to purchase coins, shop around. Purchasing these coins in-app isn’t usually the best deal. For instance, you can play now at SEA Gamer Mall and actually buy coins through them at a discount of what it would cost you to buy them directly through the FIFA game.

2. Chemistry Is the Key to Success 

One of the big changes between the newest and earlier iterations of FIFA is the concept of chemistry and how much difference it makes. A green line indicates great chemistry, and that’s what you’re targeting. Yellow is acceptable, and red indicates negative chemistry. You don’t want to use your best cards simply because they’re the best. Identify the effect that chemistry has. It may be better to hold out your best card until you get another card that shares great chemistry with it.

3. Earn Coins in Single-Player Modes 

Another big change for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is that you can earn coins while playing single-player leagues. This eases the process quite a bit. If you’re new, it lets you grow accustomed in a low-pressure environment. Even if you’re not new, it gives you a chance to assemble a reasonable multiplayer team. You won’t win more coins in multiplayer if you’re losing all the time.

4. Target Players from the Same Country, League or Club 

Players from the same country, league or club tend to share better chemistry with each other. These are not the only factors that indicate great chemistry, but they’re the most obvious one. This is important because it can help you to fill out your team early on. Settle on who your core is, and then fill out the team by searching for inexpensive players that share similarities with them.

5. Player Cards Are Only One Type of Card 

The biggest mistake new FIFA 16 players make is focusing on player cards to the exclusion of all others. New players tend to undervalue training cards, for instance, because they’re only good for one match. They’re invaluable in the evolution of your team, however. If you have a particular weakness, don’t be afraid to use those training cards now to overcome them. Those training cards will be less valuable down the line when your team is more complete.


Never lose sight that the goal of playing FIFA 16 is to have fun, and remember that when you do, you have options. You can even play now at SEA Gamer Mall by buying coins that you can then use in-game to acquire the cards that will make your team better defenders and better on the attack.


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