Food Tips: Taste Sabah’s Traditional Food!



Travel has never been fun and memorable without giving your taste buds an adventure! Every place promises a delightful experience with the food it offers. When in Malaysia, stroll around Sabah and give yourself a completely different food trip. The traditional Sabah cuisine will definitely leave you drooling, just like any local in the area.


Pick your top three choices from this list and you’re sure to have a yummy day.


  1. Bambangan

    This seasonal wild mango variety is very popular among the local indigents. It has a spherical shape, with brown skin covering the orange pulp. Just like the common mango fruit, bambangan is peeled and eaten when ripe.


This fruit is extra special because of the ways it is consumed. It is frequently pickled or prepared with fish. Pinasakkan is a recipe using unripe bambangans, with the fruits steamed with fish. Ripe bambangans are fried, along with salted fish. The seed is grated, mixed with the pulp and eaten. Bambangan juice is also available in the market!


  1. Tuhau

    Your Sabah trip won’t be complete without its delicious Tuhau food. It is not a recipe per se, but is a kind of ginger with small stick-like shape. First-time eaters often find its smell disgusting, but the odor seems to fade away the moment you endure it and give its taste a chance to move your soul!


Many dishes use the tuhau stem as ingredient. It is normally minced and fried with salted fish. You can also mix it into the famous Pinasakkan and you’re sure to get a different taste.


  1. Hinava

    If you’re fond of sashimi, this one’s just right for you! The Hinava is prepared by marinating minced fish with lime within a time period until the fish is cooked. The citric acid accordingly, kills the bacteria found in the fish and cooks it eventually. It’s pretty smart, don’t you think?


Onions, ginger and grated bambangan seeds are also added to the hinava mixture. The hinava is an esteemed highlight in Sabah’s festive celebrations. Hinava’s short shelf life though, makes it unpopular among restaurants. But you may try to visit a restaurant in Kota Kinabalu and request for some to be prepared!


If you’re health-conscious, with no compromise still for flavor, these food choices are perfect for you. These traditional delights are both natural and healthy to begin with. You’d definitely have a taste of Sabah while having fun outdoors.

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