Game Online Easier Thanks to MOL Points

MOLPointsIf you’re an avid fan of online gaming, then you know how much of a pain it can be to try and organize all of the various game cards for game time or progression or other currencies between the different games you play. Thankfully, there’s an easier option. Instead of shopping around for multiple types of game cards, you can put your money in one easy place. MOL Points are an innovative way to purchase a universal currency that can be quickly redeemed toward hundreds of different games.

By purchasing MOL Points – which can be done through a number of different locations, including SEA Gamer Mall – you can then go to the MOL website or direct to a game’s website to redeem your points for in-game currency or game time for PC and mobile games alike. Thanks to MOL, instead of trying to buy and keep track of dozens of potential game codes or cards, you can get all of help you need through one resource at the same rates you’d find directly through the games themselves.

screen_711_02_zps5d258bcbHow to Reload MOLPoints

Of course, one of the most important things about using MOL is being able to reload your points as you use them up. Fortunately, MOL makes it very easy to stock up on points. At an exchange rate of 100 points for every dollar in most regions, it’s very easy to load up on points and then shop for your favorite games’ currency, game time, or other buyable rewards. But most importantly, you have a lot of different choices as to where you can reload.

mol8Not only are you able to go directly to the MOL website and purchase points, but you even have the ability to get more points at cybercafes, via physical cards at gaming retailers, using resources like Western Union or PayPal, by redeeming coupons from Coinstar machines, and even through other online retailers such as SEA Gamer Mall. These redemption options give you many versatile methods of gaining more points without the need to go off of the MOL website directly.

MOL_RO_3Another way to earn MOLPoints is through the MOL Rewards Program, available in certain regions. By making purchases through the MOL store with your points, you’ll gradually earn Reward Points that can then be redeemed for a variety of physical items as well as bundles of points.

The best part about MOL is not just the amount of games they feature, but the notable titles includes. This includes hit titles such as EVE Online, RuneScape, Ninja Warriors, and MapleStory. Between these and over a hundred more MMOs, mobile games, and other online titles, MOL is a great way to introduce yourself to a brand new game and get an easy edge up right from the beginning.

Because of the ability to earn points, reload through a wide variety of channels, and redeem points toward tons of great games, MOL stands out as a very appealing option for the online gamer who spends a lot of their time playing multiple online or mobile games.

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