Getting a Law Degree in Malaysia: Is it Worth the Time and Investment?

After a couple of years of undergraduate education, graduates have the option to continue into higher education or to look for a job. One of the most popular degrees to pursue after undergrad is a law degree. Those who decide to go through this rigorous academic process become lawyers or even lawmakers further into their career and become the very ones that shape our society.


Why study law?   

Those who study law do so because it is very important in our lives. As social beings, people can’t help but interact with its fellow people, and that could lead to both positive and negative interactions. The law is the set of rules that tell us that what we are doing is harmful to society or to other people. It is also important for a nation to have competent lawyers, especially for those with a rising economy such as Malaysia.

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Fields of law        

As big as the field of law seems, we can divide it into two distinct fields: criminal and civil law.

Criminal law is what lawyers do when we see them on television. They go to court trials to defend the innocent. In reality, the criminal law deals with all the things that are harmful to our society, such as murders, drug trafficking, corruption, and more.

On the other hand, civil law deals with lawsuits that are filed by an individual to another, or between individuals and institutions. This ends up in financial compensations if the defendant is found liable, and rarely end up in jail, unlike in criminal cases.


Cost of education   

One thing you should consider when you are planning to study law in Malaysia is the cost of education. The range for a law degree in Malaysia is around RM50, 000 to RM110, 000 a year, depending on the university you want to study in. Among the most well-known law schools are Brickfields Asia College (BAC), KDU University College, Taylor’s University, University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM), Advance Tertiary College (ATC), SEGi College Sarawak, and INTI International University.

A law degree begins with a great university to study in, a burning desire to serve your fellowmen, and uphold what is lawful and just. Lawyers are one of the many groups of people that hold together the fabric of our society. Should you decide that this field is for you, feel free to search for more information and requisites you might need to pursue a career in law.

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