Guide to Living Room Design for Entertainment

You might be pleasantly surprised to find that you can turn your living room into a premier entertainment venue without much effort, time or expense by simply following a few important guidelines.

Types of Furniture for your Space

Whether you have a large home with a big living room area or limited space to work with, the type of furniture you choose is key. If you are working with a small space, you will want to use sleeker functional pieces, like the L shape sofa in Malaysia. This will provide maximum seating while at the same time, providing the greatest use of space. In addition, rather than using a large coffee table in the center of the room that might make it difficult to move around, you might want to consider a few smaller tables placed at the ends of the sofas and other seats in the room. If the room is large, you can create a welcoming and cozy feel by choosing larger furniture, for example an overstuffed sofa rather than a sleeker smaller one. Larger coffee tables and rugs will also fill out the space nicely.



Considering your Guest List

It is always important to consider your guest list before you go shopping for your furniture. You wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an antique suede sofa, only to have your guest’s toddler spill their juice on it. Considerations such as ease of cleaning, for example, going with leather vs. microfiber, when hosting younger guests, is always a good option to consider.



Placement of your Furniture

Many books, television programs, magazines and online articles capitalize on giving you information on decoration. If interior designing is not your gift, it might be well worth your while to invest time into using some of these resources. Not only will well placed furniture and décor impress your guests, but it will enhance you and your guests’ entertainment experience as a whole. It can streamline movement, nurture a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere and if done well, not cost you very much extra. Good taste does not have to suffer at the hands of functionality. Placement is key. For example, a shoe rack that is placed right by the door and is one of the first things your guest will see when they walk in, can be artistic and tactfully placed to fit in with other furniture pieces functioning not only as a rack of shoes but can be even considered as part of the overall décor.



Colour Schemes

One of the most important considerations in designing your living room for entertainment is what colour scheme you will go for. A room that has too many colours and patterns can create a tacky and restless feel. A good colour scheme will provide a tasteful and positive ambiance to any living space, and create a sense or harmony that you and your guests will appreciate. Know your colour scheme before you start and be sure it maches the rest of your home.



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