Helpful Tips to Remember When Getting A Cosmetic Surgery



People agree to undergo cosmetic procedures for a multitude of reasons.  Whether it’s enhancing one’s physical features or correcting an imperfection that affects one’s confidence, going under the knife has always been the ultimate step towards improving a person’s overall health condition.  You will experience pain and discomfort but only for a little while.  You know that the rewards of a better, more beautiful you far outweigh whatever soreness the process may bring.


If you have decided to undergo a particular cosmetic procedure, you need to remember these simple yet helpful tips to keep you from too much discomfort and minimize the tell-tale signs of your operation during post-surgery.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a minimally invasive laser hair removal for your legs or a rhinoplasty session, it is best to know how you should prepare for the procedure and what you can expect to see right after you emerge from the doctor’s office.


  1. Minimize bruising.


Avoid having the procedure done during your premenstrual dates.  A woman’s blood vessels tend to leak more during these days, causing her to bruise easily with the slightest of pressure.


  1. Prepare your medicine cabinet ahead of time.


Secure a copy of the medicines you’ll need after the surgery and buy these before you go under the knife.  It is best to head straight home after your operation than wait in line at a pharmacy with fresh wounds.

If the area needs to be iced every now and then, make sure you have enough at home too.


  1. Stock up on healthy and easy-to-digest food.


It is actually wise to cut down on salt weeks before the procedure.  Salt promotes water retention and will contribute to post-surgery swelling which can be unsightly.  Stick to fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and water instead.


  1. Avoid the sun.


Get a good pair of sunglasses and a scarf especially when the procedure was done on your face.  UV rays will harm your stitches and possibly infect the wound beneath it.


  1. Hold the cosmetics for now.


You have no idea how the minute particles in your face powder can harm the sensitive area where you had the procedure done.  Some women develop allergies as a result of their skin’s reaction to cosmetics, applicators, and brushes.  Wait until the wound has completely healed before going the whole nine yards with your makeup.


If you want to get the best out of your cosmetic surgery, you have to be mentally and physically prepared to take on the responsibilities of caring for the area after the procedure.  It is no different from being sick and needing time to recuperate as your body adjusts to being strong and able once again.  Remember to keep an open communication line with your doctor and report any unusual development you observe.


Now that you got everything in place, sit back and enjoy the quiet moments you have before the world sees the new you!  Shine on!

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