How To Choose Cycling Gear For Safety


Cycling is a great sport that lets you burn calories, meet new friends and have fun at the same time. Cycling gear can be found online at great prices. If you are new to cycling, then you can purchase basic gear such as a new bike, helmet, gloves and a cycling jersey. Cycling jerseys in Malaysia are made out of fabric that breathes when you sweat. Follow a few safety tips
How to Choose Cycling Gear 

Even though you can ride in almost any clothing, the active cyclist wears clothes that meet the special needs of cycling. Improvement in fibers and fabrics make cycling gear more comfortable, fit better and wear longer. In warm weather, most cyclists wear a jersey and shorts. These shorts have no pockets and allow for a smoother ride without having to worry about objects rattling against the moving thigh.

A cycling jersey is usually zippered around the neckline and fits tightly with short-sleeves. It should be long enough to reach well below the waist with pockets over the lower back or chest area. Cooler weather calls for adding arm and leg warmers that extend from the wrist to the jersey sleeve. They may also wear a windproof jacket to keep out the wind.

Many cyclists wear fingerless gloves with padded palms made out of leather. The leather palms help cushion the hands against the handlebar and prevent numb fingers. They also provide protection in case of a fall. Shoes must be both wide enough at the toe and long enough for plenty of room. Cleats provide many advantages for cyclists and make the drive smoother by improving the grip on the pedals. Helmets provide protection for the head in case of a fall on the road surface. It is important that it fits properly to ensure adequate protection.
Bicycle Safety 

Safety is an important issue when you start cycling. There are tips you can follow to reduce your chance of injuries such as warming up before cycling. Bicyclists are free to enjoy many of the roads located in the city. Check your state laws before you head out for a bike ride. There are also miles of bike paths found in large cities. Riding your bike on a city street with a lot of traffic is riskier than riding on a bike path. Choose a helmet that fits properly to ensure your safety while riding.
Tips for Riding in Traffic 

Bicyclists must yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. You must also stop at red lights and stop signs when riding with the traffic. Keep your headphones off while riding in traffic to stay aware of the traffic around you. Bicyclists are encouraged to stay far to the right as possible. Keep your bike at least three feet away from traffic in front of you. Be aware that exiting passengers from a vehicle in your path also pose a risk to bicyclists. Make sure you are visible to the traffic around you by wearing reflective gear and installing reflective decals on your bike.

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