How To Cut Your Fitness Routine In Half And Get Away With It



First half of the year is almost over and we are kicking off the third quarter. Were you able to accomplish at least half of your New Year’s resolution? Especially your action plan to get back in shape? Were you able to continue your subscription with that fitness center you have enrolled in? Does your gym buddy still keep in touch with you to track your progress? Or you’re just burnt out because you don’t have any idea how to keep yourself going and still maintain your stamina? Don’t give up guys, it’s not yet too late. You still have enough time to catch up and attain your fitness goal. Want to know how? Here are some tips for you to practice should you want to go back into routine.


This is being enumerated into a day-to-day basis so you will have a calendar of activities specially if you are a busy individual.


MONDAY. Start of the week, so you better start with smooth transition. Why not attend a Yoga class to set your mood. Flex those stagnant muscles, stretch those joints and ligaments as you prepare for your next fitness goal. For faster progress, Bikram or hot yoga is the best option. This will allow you to sweat more to burn more calories.


TUESDAY. Spinning or cycling is the best follow-up routine after you stretch muscles from yoga. Spinning is one of the best slimming exercises. It usually burns calories faster, flattens abdominal muscles and is a great work out for shapely legs.


WEDNESDAY. Going to a fitness center will never be the same without attending the most sought after work out, the Zumba class. Zumba dance is an excellent work out for body toning because it requires more movements to all body parts. There are different types of Zumba that you can participate with but I strongly suggest aero Zumba. This will give you more opportunity to shake up and shape up because this will require you move all parts of your body from head to toe. This way, all stagnant muscles will be fire up.


THURSDAY. Now that all your muscles are already active, it’s now time to go beyond limits. And the best next fitness routine is running. Without a doubt, running is today’s hottest and most popular work out for slimming and body toning because it will burn your calories faster than any other work outs. It will also maintain your normal blood circulation. Running at least an hour a day can burn up to 2000 calories. But if you are in a fitness center, the tread mill is the best replacement. Just make sure to adjust the pace depending on your speed.


FRIDAY. You’re almost done with your one-week fitness routine with cardio exercises. It’s now time to gain some muscle and strength. Bench press, kettle ball and dumb bells are great equipment for gaining muscles and strength. This will give you opportunity to work on your abs, biceps, triceps and back muscles to attain your desired body shape.


SATURDAY. After a week-long period of enduring the pain, try to slow down your work out through swimming. Swimming helps you boost your normal heart rate, muscle toning and strengthens your arms and legs. Studies shows that doing at least 1000 laps can burn at least 500 to 800 calories.


SUNDAY. Take time to rest and condition your mind and body for the next adventure. Just like in the bible, Jesus rested on day seven and you need to rest as well.


But while resting, review your first week of routine and evaluate which work out should you focus on. And of course, working out is not good enough if you don’t have self discipline. Take enough rest, proper diet, more water intake, and eliminate vices.

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