How to Find Hotels In Petaling Jaya Without Busting Your Wallet

If you love to travel, choosing a nice place to stay near a particular tourist destination is one of the requirements for having a fun and comfortable tour. This is to ensure that you have easy access to every place that you wish to visit. However, even with the use and convenience of the internet, finding a good hotel is difficult. It is hard to filter through all the information that you get. Which one is useful and which is not? Which website is reliable and which is not?


Search for Personal Experiences of Other People

Let’s face it, not all travel and hotel websites deliver accurate information about hotels and other accommodations worldwide. There are websites that don’t regularly update the information posted on their pages. There are also those that place just the good things about a hotel and fail to write about the negative aspects.

The best way to find the right hotel in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia is to look for blogs that post their recent travels. Learn about the trip as much as you can. Contact the owner of the blog or comment on their blog posts. This way, you will know what to expect and how much they have spent on their trip. How was their experience regarding the staff, the food and the accommodation itself? Reading travel blogs will give you a good insight on the hotel you are eyeing.


Here are other tips that you can use to book a comfortable and luxurious but budget friendly hotel in Petaling Jaya:

  • Don’t call the hotel directly. This is the biggest mistake that travelers make when they are planning for their trip abroad. Why, you ask? Of course, they will tell you exactly what you want to hear! They will only give you positive answers to your questions. This will cloud your judgment because you will believe that you have found the best deal.
  • Search online to compare rates. Again, don’t blindly trust hotel search engines. If you are going to use the internet, look for the offer and the corresponding rates. Collect them and compare the prices before making a decision. Some websites offer more affordable rates because they usually have a deal with local hotels, wherein they would drive more customers to the hotel as long as they provide the website a lower price as compared with others.
  • Look for deals. There are hotels in Petaling Jaya that offer free meals if you book for several days. If you can save money for food, this will become a huge advantage in your trip. Also, look for package deals such as accommodation plus tours around the city.
  • Your Timing Matters. Staying ahead of the game is the key to finding the best hotel. It is common knowledge that demand for hotels and other accommodations reach its peak during holidays. Saving money during holidays is almost next to impossible only if you don’t know what you are doing. It is therefore important for you to book ahead of schedule to avoid competing with other travelers. If you want to visit Petaling Jaya, booking two to three months ahead of your travel schedule will definitely save you money and time.


Planning carefully will make your trip more enjoyable and worry-free because you are focused only in what lies ahead in your destination. Using the tips listed above, you can be sure that you will have a relaxed and unforgettable stay in Petaling Jaya.

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