How to Stop the Chaos and Keep Your Office Running Smoothly


The enemy of every office is chaos. An office can descend into chaos for many reasons from low morale and interpersonal politics to confusing policies and hostile work environments. Managers need to take control and maintain order the second things start to break down. Here are some proven ways to stop the chaos and keep your office running smoothly.

IMG_0763Define Individual Responsibilities on Paper

Something that encourages chaos is an office where no one is really sure about what job responsibilities belong to which employees. This can lead to a situation where no one is directly responsible for certain tasks. The result can be that those tasks are just never done or are done inconsistently by random people. You can combat this by defining the individual responsibilities of each employee on paper. Keep updated lists of those responsibilities to create structure.

910_startDeal With Things Immediately or Delegate

Employees are going to be bringing you paperwork, concerns and problems all the time. Deal with the most important things immediately including office conflicts, important documents and safety issues. If you cannot handle something in a timely manner, then delegate out the work. This will make certain that order is maintained in the office and that you stay on top of what is going on.

knowledge-and-trainingKeep Employees Informed and Trained

An effective way to stop office chaos is to keep all employees informed and trained. Set up meetings about important updates, decisions or changes. Provide trainings when something new is introduced or policies shift. You will want to rent an official meeting room to do this so that everyone is together at once without any distractions. Trained and informed employees will perform more efficiently.

goalsetting-realisticSet Realistic Goals for the Office

Something that can add to confusion and chaos is if employees do not know the larger picture in the office. An employee without direction might start doing things wrong or focusing on meaningless tasks because they are easy. Set realistic goals for the office. Display those goals such as having no paperwork in a particular area at the end of a day or keeping turn times below 48 hours. Acknowledge when those goals are met during the year. This will maintain order and provide motivation.

innovative-furniture-design-Harry-Thaler-Atelierhouse-residence-project-pine-wood-furnitureEnsure Everyone Has Clean and Sufficient Space to Work

A cluttered and dirty office is going to lead to chaos eventually. You want to ensure that everyone has clean and sufficient space to work. Keep the office clean. You can hire professionals to do this or schedule cleaning time for employees every week. If there is too little space, then think about leasing a serviced office where you can expand without spending a fortune. This will make your workplace much less chaotic.

It does not take long for an office to become chaotic if there are problems. The key is to stay informed, include your employees and do everything possible to create structure in the office. Following these tips will give you the tools needed to stop chaos in the workplace.

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