Kuching’s Top 7 Budget-Friendly Attractions


Kuching, Sarawak is a good example of a city that has everything. Despite being small compared to the other major Malaysian cities, it has a lot of good tourist spots, making it a famous holiday destination .

A great plus is the fact that most of the attractions here won’t break your bank. Check out the following interesting and affordable destinations this side of Malaysia:uu

  1. Kuching Waterfront. In the past, the government spent a considerable sum of money trying to reclaim this area. The Waterfront is a beautiful and well-landscaped esplanade along the river. The Sarawak river divides the city. Good entertainment areas and eateries abound along the Waterfront. An observation tower looks down the other buildings, and some historical buildings as well as sculptures can also be seen. If you’re strapped for cash, you can just take a good stroll and enjoy the pleasant view.

The Waterfront is also a good place to encamp if you are planning to stay in the city for a few days. There are affordable accommodations around. You can stay at one of Kuching Waterfront hotels and easily access the rest of the places on this list.img00913-20111204-1228

  1. Taman Budaya. This is a public garden, so entrance is free. It started off as a water reservoir, and is still called as such by some of its employees. The hilly landscape of the area makes it very popular for joggers and walking enthusiasts. If you are up for some refreshing stroll, this is your place. Those looking for some natural history will also enjoy it here.newport_beach_dusk_900x600_c_nic_lehoux
  2. Civic Center. The Kuching civic center provides a good view of the city’s budding skyline. This is done through the viewing platform at the top floor. You can also visit the Sultan Iskandar Planetarium, which is located on the ground floor. If you are looking for a quick, affordable snack, the civic center also has some food stalls that fit the bill.japanese_friendship_garden_phoenix
  3. Friendship Garden. The Garden stands as a monument of friendship between China and Malaysia. It has a beautiful, Chinese-inspired design. There are wishing wells and koi ponds as well as Chinese structures. The focal point of the garden is a towering statue of Cheng Ho, a Chinese admiral and ambassador of the 15th century.sarawak-cultural-village-06
  4. Sarawak Cultural Village. For those looking to meet the natives of the land, there is no better experience than this place. About 45 minutes away from the city center, the village showcases a lot of traditional tribal buildings. These include longhouses and simple shelters that nomads use. Tourists can also meet the members of the indigenous tribes. These include the Iban, who are headhunters by tradition. The experience comes with hands-on use of native crafts and hunting weapons. The village has the priciest entrance fee on this list (RM60), but the value for money is extraordinary. You can stay for hours here and still keep yourself busy.gl-bako2-jpg
  5. Bako National Park. This is a botanist’s heaven. It is especially for the plant enthusiast who can’t pay to tour the entire region to check out its variety of flora. The oldest national park in the area, it contains samples of all the existing plant species in the Borneo region. It is also home to interesting animals such as the silvered langur, macaques, monkeys, giant lizards, bearded pigs, and more.img_8807
  6. Fort Margherita. Built from the time of British colonization, the Fort is perfect for the more adventurous tourists. It was once used to protect Kuching from attacks. Today, the original cannons, cannonballs, and even guns can still be found here. The old area of the fort is now a museum for the Police force, showcasing interesting exhibits. These include weapons and opium dens. It also has exhibits showing the different types of criminal punishment. At half a Malaysian Ringgit, the Fort’s entrance fee is for everyone.

Kuching is still not on the radar of many tourists, so it is not as crowded as other destinations. But checking out all the above-mentioned attractions is worth it and will probably make you want to come back here soon.

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