Land Your Dream Job: 3 Secrets to Getting Ahead

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a working adult seeking greener pastures, it’s undeniable that job-hunting is no walk in the park. With the number of graduates increasing yearly, employers are becoming more selective in recruiting new talents. These days, it takes more than a 4.0 CGPA for you to secure a job. Employers want people who can fit in seamlessly into their company’s culture as well. Need help in searching for employment in Malaysia? Here are some tips to get you started:

#1 Update Your Résumé and CV RegularlyRésumé and CV are important in making a great first impression during a job interview in Malaysia

Résumé and CV (curriculum vitae) are important in making a great first impression during a job interview. It’s not merely a written summary on your personal, educational, and professional experiences. The way these documents presented indirectly reflects who you are. Always proofread your résumé and CV thoroughly to ensure there are no grammatical errors. Ideally, each document should not exceed two pages – unless you are applying for top-level management positions and you have an extensive list of achievements to include. Even so, keep the information in your résumé relevant to the job you’re applying for. You can omit certain elements deemed unnecessary. Never falsify your résumé and CV – if caught, you’ll find yourself in the state of joblessness.

#2 Broaden Your Search

Besides uploading your résumés at job portal sites like, Monster, and JobCentral, you can expand your search by attending career fairs. Held several times a year throughout the country, such events boast participations of companies from various sectors. Some job fairs organize talks featuring respectable industry leaders, so take the opportunity to join in and gain insights. Some company representatives may even conduct interviews on the spot, so do prepare your résumé, CV, and other relevant documents beforehand.

#3 Sharpen Your Networking SkillsSharpen Your Networking Skills is about building lasting professional relationships with the right people

Social media is widely used for numerous reasons, including networking. However, having 500+ friends and followers on these sites does not necessarily translate to a bigger network. It’s about building lasting professional relationships with the right people. Consider creating a profile at business-oriented social networking sites such as LinkedIn. Unlike other social media websites, the focal point of LinkedIn is your professional profile itself. Not only it boosts your online presence, but it also helps in making yourself visible to prospective employers too.

Above all, you need to have self-confidence in facing the interviewers. Give it your best shot, and you’ll land that dream job soon enough.

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