Luxury Watches Tip: How to Spot a Tag Heuer Watch Replica


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Collecting luxury watches is indeed a very expensive hobby. There are luxury watch brands that cost more than $100,000, making it absolutely tempting to search for the best deals out there in the market. One of these luxury watches is Tag Heuer.


However, you can’t deny that there are also times when you’ll see counterfeit watches that closely resemble the original. If you don’t know how to spot a fake Tag Heuer in Malaysia, the chances of you having an imitation in your collection are very high.



Before paying for the luxury watches, you need to find out certain things about the watch that you are going to buy. Knowing the ways to differentiate a genuine from a fake Tag Heuer really helps a lot especially if this is your first time buying one.

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Here are some things that you should pay attention to when buying a watch:


  • Research. Before buying your luxury watch, make sure that you already know how the original looks, feels, and even smells like. Know the materials used in specific models. Look for defects in stitches, the brand name, and the print that goes in the box. Try to listen to the watch and see if there’s any ticking sound that is coming out of it. If there are ticking sounds on the gears of your watch, it’s definitely a bogus.


  • Know your seller. Are you going to purchase your Tag Heuer from authorized retailers or through an auction? You should only buy luxury watches from legitimate sellers. If someone presents himself as a seller of Tag Heuer watches without showing proof that he is indeed a licensed distributor, don’t trust him.


  • The paperwork. If you are going to buy classic luxury watches, always look for the paperwork. See to it that the serial numbers, boxes and certificates match with the presented paper.


  • Compare the price. Getting a good deal is awesome, but a price that deviates too much from the commercial price can be suspicious. If the Tag Heuer in question is originally priced at $100,000 but you are getting a $50,000-deal, it’s already a warning sign. Stop the transaction and look for the same watch somewhere else.


As they say, there is always a counterfeit for every luxury item in the market. When buying your Tag Heuer in Malaysia, don’t be in a rush. Make sure that everything is in order to prevent getting yourself in trouble and mixing your collection with a deceiving replica.


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