Malaysian Parents: Top 3 Reasons an International School is a Good Idea

There are over 10,000 national schools in Malaysia. However, the number or parents who prefer to register their children in a private or international school in Malaysia is increasing. It is not cheap, but for them, it is worth every penny. Are you thinking of following suit of these parents but not yet 100% sure? In that case, please read these 3 top reasons why many Malaysian parents choose to send their children to international schools:


1) English Medium

It is undeniable that English is the most spoken language worldwide. Even in Malaysia, English is the second language. Therefore, it is important for your kids to learn and speak English. It will be useful for them in their daily life, especially when they go to university.

Government schools’ core curriculum maintains Bahasa Malaysia as its primary language in the teaching of all subjects, except other languages. Yes, students get to learn English, but most of them cannot speak fluent English unless they make their own initiative. This is because the school environment makes them feel more comfortable to speak in their native language. International schools use English medium which means all the teachers speak English in class. So whether they like it or not, your kids will need to speak English every day.


2) More Structured Education Programme

Government schools offer a local curriculum which is not bad. But the policy-making is poor, changing on a daily basis, and sometimes confusing due to the political environment in Malaysia. If you want to avoid being in this situation, maybe an international school is the answer. Even though international schools update their curricula regularly, they do so in a structured, focused, and organized way.

They also offer courses that government schools don’t, such as swimming classes and extensive music classes. What’s more, there are more than one curricula available: American Curriculum, British Curriculum, and many others. All you have to do is choose the curriculum you prefer. For example, if you prefer British curriculum, you just have to find a British international school in Malaysia that you see as the best fit for your kids.


3) Better Class Environment

The school’s environment and social life are some of the factors that can develop a child’s personality. You should consider them when looking for a school for your children. Most international schools have a smaller number of students per class compared to government schools. In an international school, the class comprises up to 20 students only. This gives an advantage to students as teachers can devote more time to every student so they don’t feel ignored.

As Malaysia is a multi-racial country, most of the students in government schools consist of these three races; Malay, Chinese and Indian. This is good, but sending kids to international schools will expose them to a wider range and various nationalities, races, and cultures. In short, they will have a greater opportunity to have friends from around the world.

Now that you know the reasons, why don’t you start making a list of international school in Malaysia you like the most? Take into consideration various factors in making your choice: price, location, extra curriculum activities, and so on. Don’t forget to bring your child along when you visit an establishment, to get to know his or her opinion.

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