No More Puffy Eyes: Tips for ABrighter Eye Area


Puffy eyes are not considered to be a serious medical condition according to the Mayo Clinic. This credible organization classifies puffy eyes as a cosmetic problem, but they also offer suggestions for medical solutions as well as home remedies. Aging can cause a variety of problems in the muscles beneath your facial tissues. One of these problems is the atrophy, or weakening, of the muscles that support the face and move the eyes. Other causes of puffy eyes include swelling or the slight shifting of adipose tissue under the eyes.
Remedies for Puffy Eyes 

Home remedies are designed to address the most likely underlying problem that is causing the puffy eyes. These techniques will be effective only if they address the actual problem you are experiencing. However, if you try these holistic methods and don’t see positive results, you might need to try some of the more aggressive medical options. It is usually a good idea to try natural home remedies first before moving into options that involve invasive procedures or medications.

Some of the most popular home remedies for puffy eyes include:


  • Increase your total amount of sleep. This might include taking an afternoon nap or making time to get to bed at an earlier time.


  • Improve the quality of sleep by practicing gentle yoga exercises before bed. You can also improve your quality of sleep by receiving a professional massage, trying acupuncture or including other wellness activities into your life.


  • Remove inflammatory products from your diet. Anything that promotes inflammation can contribute to swelling around the eyes.


  • Remove allergens from your diet. Learning how to identify allergens and inflammatory ingredients requires some self-education, but learning opportunities can always be embraced even when the circumstances are distressing.


  • Putting certain products over the eyes can reduce puffiness and swelling. These items include cucumbers, bags of tea, potato poultice or even chilled spoons.


  • Eye Lift Serums and CreamsThere are also medical solutions available for individuals who are willing to consider surgery, medication or laser therapy. These types of methods require the assistance of a qualified professional. However, eye serums and eye creams present a viable middle ground between home remedies and invasive medical treatments.Eye lift serumcan increase collagen production in the skin cells, which promotes healthy skin around the delicate areas of the eyes. The serum option is also designed to moisturize the skin around the eyes using a variety of anti-aging ingredients.

    Eye creams are designed to moisturize the sensitive skin around the eyes, which differentiates them from other kinds of moisturizers. Ingredients may include Vitamin C, retinol, ceramide, hyaluronic acid and peptides. Many people get good results by combining the use of a good cream with other natural home remedies.

    The Combination Approach

    There are a variety of ways to address puffy eyes, and combining the best methods is very effective. For curious people, puffy eyes can even be an interesting problem to tackle because it is an opportunity to learn about the nature of the problem as well as all of the available options.


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