ORGANIC IS THE NEW NORMAL – 5 Good Reasons to Use Only Chemical-Free Skincare Products on the Skin

green_products_maincarouselThe sales of natural skincare products online are reaching astronomical proportions. The unrelenting marketing blitz on chemical-free skincare products has awakened the consumers’ consciousness about safety. Yet instead of clearing up the air, it gets a little more confusing. Chemical-free seems far-fetched considering the presence of chemicals in everyday products. No wonder people turn to social media for reliable customer feedback.

Beauty junkies have become discriminating in the choice of skincare products. Attractive packaging and technical sounding names were the advertisers’ key branding elements before. Throw in a popular celebrity as product endorser for good measure. Today, buyers are scrutinizing the ingredient list behind every product. Going organic or all-natural is the new normal.

But are there sufficient reasons why it is safer to use only chemical-free products for skin health? Let us take a look and review what is at stake here.


  1. Harmful chemicals are present in most mainstream everyday beauty products. The human health is exposed to danger when lethal chemicals are used as ingredients. Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in skincare products. When mixed with water, this deadly chemical unsettles skin hormones which can actually cause cancer.


  1. The chemical compound Nitrosamine is also a toxic ingredient found in almost all skincare products. Although the dose is quite small per product, the dose increases with every layering – from creaming to a base then from applying foundation to blushing. Nitrosamine is not listed as an ingredient because it is not an actual ingredient. What should be worrisome is that certain combinations of ingredients yield nitrosamines.


  1. Fragrance is a deception when it comes to its composition in makeup products and perfumes. Little is known about the dirty “trade secrets” of parfum. Since product makers are not obliged to reveal the secret behind the smell, the likelihood of harmful chemical ingredients is very high.


  1. Regular skincare products do not provide nutritional ingredients that would benefit the skin. The purpose of using skincare products is obviously to restore balance and regain healthy skin. However, instead of improving skin texture, the presence of harmful chemicals aggravates skin problems. Products that contain essential vitamins like Vitamins A, C and E give the real nutritional value to the skin.


  1. There is apprehension among consumers when buying all-natural skincare products. It stems from a misguided notion that organic products are more costly. While it is correct in some aspects, take into account the products being bought are not junk food for the skin. Value for money, it is all worth it. There is a higher price to pay when customers economize on cheap, mass-based chemical-laden skincare products. Why take the risk when realized savings are higher on safer, chemical-free products?


Going organic is the new normal. The skin that coats the entire physical being deserves the very best treatment. Products that can nourish and balance the skin are no-brainers for beauty lovers. As added bonus, these organic products are gentler on the most delicate skin. Banish the toxins and think intelligently. Indisputably, organic is now the common sense option in skincare products.

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