Organizing Cluttered Crafting Materials

If you’re someone into crafts and art, then you’ll have experienced the suffering of a cluttered work/living space. It becomes an unsightly view, and may also present difficulties such as losing things and deterioration of certain items, for example paint that dries out due to lack of proper storage. That’s why this post is dedicated to help you organize your things.



Image result for PICKING CONTAINERSThere are a few things to keep an eye on, and this list below serves as a guide in picking the ideal container for your crafts materials:

–           The first step is to know the items—what do they need? Do they have to be kept in an air-tight environment? Air-tight lunch boxes would be a perfect option. If something’s color fades under sunlight, make sure you don’t use transparent containers.

–           The size of items to be stored. This is important, because you don’t want to end up with craft paper that has wilted edges or be forced to jam something inside and risk damaging other items.

–           This is optional, but portability comes in play if you do crafting in more than one space. If you have to move crafting tools and items in a moderate amount on a regular basis, you might need a trunk that has wheels for practicality.

–           The material of containers. Is it sturdy enough to hold items? Corrugated plastic might be fine for paper, but metal or wood is probably more suitable for heavier items.



One must always know how to utilize space. Here are some tips to do that:

Image result for multiple containers in shelves

–           Stack vertically. If you have multiple containers in shelves, it comes in handy because you don’t have to constantly move stacks of random things in order to reach something at the bottom.

–           Use hangers. Lots of things such as stickers and ribbons usually have holes in the packaging that lets you hang them.



–           Color-coding things makes life much easier.

–           Keep in mind what the items are made of. Metal stamps may leave dents when stacked on softer things like corrugated plastic or cardboard.

Image result for corrugated plastic

These tips will help you to keep your workspace in control. Never underestimate a clean space, because it clears the mind. Keep crafting, and stay organized!

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