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Choosing a career path is a huge decision, as it is going to end up determining what you do each day for the rest of your life. However, it is important to also keep in mind that what you choose to pursue in college may not be the career path that you wind up with, as studies have come out that show that in general, people switch their career path at least three times.

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Selecting a Career Path 
While this statistic might seem shocking, it remains to be the truth. However, a lot of people decide that they have a distinct career path in mind, and want to become something such as a lawyer or a doctor. These individuals tend to stick with the career path that they selected in the beginning, mostly based on the fact that it takes years and years of schooling, as well as a ton of preparation to become a lawyer or a doctor. The huge salaries that come with these professions are very hard to walk away from as well, so if you want a position where you can make quite a bit of money, live a great lifestyle and hold a career that puts you in high standing in the community, you may want to consider becoming a lawyer or a doctor.


Obtaining a Law Degree 
If you want to pursue a law degree, the best thing you can possibly do is get a degree in business first. Becoming a lawyer involves getting an undergraduate degree and then applying to law school. Another degree must be achieved, which is your law degree, but in order to start practicing law legally, you will have to pass the BAR exam. This is an exam that every single lawyer must pass if they want to start legally providing legal service to other people, or if they want to go to work for a firm. If you want to pass the BAR, you are going to have to go to an A-level program in college, or at least truly know your stuff when you take the exam.


Passing the Bar 
It takes a ton of people multiple tries to pass the exam, but the good thing is that you can try over and over again until you get it, although there is a waiting period. In general, it is highly suggested that a person that has a law degree takes the exam right after they graduate, or as soon as they possibly can. This is based on studies that show that people are most likely to pass the exam when they are fresh out of college, as they likely just finished cramming for exams to get their degree. If you do not pass the exam, however, there is no reason to worry. You can simply focus all of your time studying on the various things you need to brush up on and give the test another try, and once you pass the exam, you will be well on your way to a very lucrative career.


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