Preserving Pretty – 3 Reasons Why More 20 Somethings are Getting Botox Treatment

In the past 10 years, the number of aesthetic clinics in Malaysia has increased at an astonishing rate. That’s because many of the clients who walk in for services are no longer limited to the older population. These days, providing beauty treatments to 20 somethings isn’t anything new, with people aged 18-24 making up a large number of the client base. The most commonly availed service for these youthful clients? Botox injections. You might be thinking there really is no reason to get a Botox if you’re not in your later years, but you’d be surprised at the benefits of having it done while you’re still in your 20s. Still on the fence? These three reasons should prove why it’s a smart  choice.


  1. It Prevents Wrinkles – Usually, when an older woman walks into an aesthetic clinic, she avails herself of Botox injections to get rid of wrinkles that are already there. But for the younger generations, Botox injections are ideal for preventing wrinkles from developing all together. Because constant furrowing of the brows, squinting, smiling, laughing, and other facial movements can deepen wrinkles in the skin, partially immobilizing facial muscles with Botox at a younger age can reduce the chances of overworking the creases of the skin.


  1. It Maintains Collagen Levels – By the age of 20 years old, people start to experience a decrease in collagen levels by at least 1% yearly. The more you lose, the more compromised your skin’s health will become. This leaves it prone to sagging, another common aging issue that many people have to struggle with. Regular Botox injections will make it much easier to manage and maintain collagen levels at normal for taut, healthy, and smooth skin.


  1. It Costs Much Less – According to doctors, individuals who want to get Botox injections at an earlier age will only have to visit their aesthetic clinics around once every three years. Comparing this to those who receive Botox later in their lives who need an injection every year, it’s obvious that it will cost much less. By having the service earlier on, you can reduce the risk of developing extensive wrinkles, and will thus require just a few treatments throughout your life. Costs for Botox can vary however, and can increase depending on the provider. Don’t settle for deals that seem too good to be true however – always opt to go to a reputed place for a Botox injection.


Staying youthful and beautiful starts in your 20s. Don’t wait for fine lines, wrinkles, and the signs of aging to crop up before you take action. Prevent skin problems and preserve your prettiness by getting Botox injections sooner rather than later.


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