Spring Cleaning Can Refresh The Soul


With spring quickly approaching, you may find yourself preparing for the big spring cleaning. Every spring, people sit down and prepare to tackle each room of the house. The bedroom is one of the rooms that often need spring cleaning the most. In this article you can find some tips on what all you should do during your bedroom spring cleaning project.


De-cutter Any Surfaces

Night stands, dressers, and desk are the most common surfaces that seem to become catch-all. Therefore, you will want to de-clutter all surfaces. It has been a proven fact that just by de-cluttering, your mood will instantly brighten. After you have de-cluttered, it is time to dust.

Pull Furniture Away From Walls

Dust collects on every surface in your bedroom, during the Winter months the dust gathers more heavily. Therefore, you need to pull all the bedroom furniture away from the walls so you can thoroughly wipe them down. Dust can eat away at wood surfaces. Therefore, it is important to keep them clean and properly up keep. While you have all your furniture shop furniture away from the walls, you can vacuum any dust accumulations as well.


Go Through Clothing

This is something that seems to accumulate more than anything. As humans, we are prone to collecting clothing. However, spring is the perfect time to go through those clothes that no longer fit. Pull all your clothes from your dresser and closet. You can place them on your bed as you go through and donate whatever no longer fits or you no longer like. As you go through them, fold them and put them away neatly. Make sure you have no fallen clothes under your bed, as you do, clean the side boards in case you missed them while whipping down the furniture.

Remove Linens

With the warmer weather comes need to take down the heavy curtains and blankets and trade them out for lighter fabrics. This means taking all the curtains and drapes, along with blankets sheets and mattress covers. Replace what you can and launder the rest.

Clean or Dust All Areas Missed

During your normal cleaning routine, it is common to miss areas out of reach or even out of sight. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to make these areas like new again. Take the time out to dust all corners of the ceiling, and wipe down the fan and any baseboards.

Spring Cleaning Child’s Room

Use these same tips if you are cleaning your children’s room as well. Only if you are cleaning their room you will also need to de-clutter and organize their toys and belongings as well.

While Spring cleaning your room if you notice any damage to your bedroom furniture, you should contact your furniture shop to get it repaired or replaced. Spring clean does wonders for your bedroom as well as for your soul. A clean room can provide you a better night’s sleep and a refreshing area to relax. Most of these bedroom tips can be used for the rest of your home as well.


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