The Ins and Outs of Ballast Water Treatment


The shipping industry is one of the most vital cogs in the process of transporting both goods and people across the world. The shipping process often leaves behind fresh or salt water that was held in its tanks during the shipping process. This water is used to increase the ability of the ship to manoeuvre appropriately and provides stability. The problems arise when this water needs to be discharged from the tanks of the ships.

The tankers, cruise ships and bulk cargo carriers will take on water for ballast in one region and then discharge it in another part of the world. That is where a water ballast treatment system is vital for protection of the environment and ecology of that region.


The System Provides Environmental Safety
Environmentally the problems are a vast because there are a wide range of chemicals or pollutants that can be introduced into an environment when the ballast water is expelled from the tanks of a ship. A great treatment system will take the water from the tank of a ship and put it through a rigorous decontamination process and then safely dispel the water into the environment wherever the boat is being docked. Keeping our waterways clean and free from chemical pollution is important and a major responsibility of those running the shipping industry.


Ecological Safety is an Important Quality of the System
Even more pervasive than the chemical pollution is the potential invasion of non- native species introduced through untreated ballast water from a ship. Literally there are tons of ballast water released from ships each year and inadvertently they can discharge bacteria and viruses that are not native to a region. Most of the foreign bodies do not survive the process but there are going to be some which thrive and grow in a foreign environment. They may destroy a natural habitat and change the ecological landscape forever.


Ballast Water Treatment Provides Success
All of these concerns for the environmental health of all regions in the world is the force behind the development of outstanding ballast water treatment systems that allow for the efficient and effective treatment of ballast water in ports all across the world today. These systems were developed originally for land based water purification but have been adapted to manage all of the water being treated each and every day. They allow shipping to continue in a cost efficient manner and help to shipping companies adhere to strict controls placed on the discharge of ballast water.
Ballast Water Management
The shipping industry is obviously a huge part of the global economy moving goods and people to all corners of the world effectively and efficiently. Each ship that uses ballast water for safe navigation is required to have a modern and efficient ballast water treatment system on board. Fortunately there are many options available on the market today in order to keep our oceans clean and protect all native environments and species.


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