The Many Benefits and Products of PE and EPE Foams

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Polyethylene usually abbreviated PE, is the most common plastic with over an 80 million tones annual global production. It is used fundamentally for the manufacture of packaging such as plastic bags, plastic films, and bottles among others. EPE, on the other hand, is the abbreviated form of Expanded Polyethylene. It is a foam product comprising of gas and polyethylene. These two kinds of foam are the ingredients used to make corrugated boards and industrial material items like foams, polypropylene sheets, target shooting boards, and ESD boxes.

Corrugated boards

These are light-weight boards made of plastic. They are exemplary for both outdoor and indoor graphic uses. They are highly durable and come in a variety of colours. These corrugated boards can be utilized for:
• Menu boards
• Special event signage
• Directional and informational signs
• Indoor point-of-purchase signs
• Temporary and promotional signage
• Tradeshows

Caring for these boards is easy. Always squeegee in the directions of the corrugations when cleaning. Never leave the boards in cars or direct sunlight as they may bend if they are not lying flat.


These are substances formed when pockets of gas are trapped in a liquid or solid. A good example is that of a bath sponge. Foams are used in our daily lives through many different ways. Foams can be employed in Chair Cushions, mattresses, basketball pole padding, bed wedges, boat seats, bolsters, bunk beds, chair arms and backs, and church pews just to mention a few.

Polypropylene sheets

These are plastic sheets made using incredibly sturdy and durable plastic. They offer excellent impact resistance and also resist fatigue from flexing. Your imagination is the limit to the functions this building materials can serve. Their ease of use coupled with durability is one of the many merits of using these sheets. Polypropylene sheets are waterproof and resistant to most chemicals and stains.

Target shooting boards

Shooting targets are a necessity to a shooter’s skills accomplishment. Shooting boards are used as a target for purposes of training. These shooting targets are made of a durable plastic which is weather proof. They are available in various sizes and designs. These boards are durable against moisture absorption, weather resistant and dimensionally stable. Due the material used, they are easy to print sharp images of high quality. They are also not expensive considering the material used (Polypropylene).

ESD boxes

ESD is an abbreviation for electronic discharge or electrostatic discharge. ESD is the sudden flow of charges between two electrically charged bodies caused by contact of the two bodies. ESD takes place when two bodies that are differently charged come into contact, often creating a spark. They can be used for storage, moving and shipping of parts and assemblies. Polypropylene has all characteristics and properties needed in making ESD containers. PE and EPE foam when used in making these containers, loss prevention occurs as damage is palliated.

The products of EPE and PE foams have a broad range of applications. You just need to think what to do with an individual piece of product to ease your day-to-day operations. Protecting our environment is vital. Hence, proper disposal of any plastic material is advised. Recycling too is advised.


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