The New Skin Treatment for Brighter, Translucent Skin

Crystal Tomato (CT) is a new whitening pill being marketed in Asian countries that is so successful that it is creating panic-buying in the Asian beauty-goods market.

Created by the medical team of Dr. Z Teo and Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo, two skin, hair and anti-aging specialists, Crystal Tomato in Malaysia is popular with Asian women who desire to have lighter, fairer skin than that which they were born with. Many women, and men, think a lighter, brighter and more translucent skin complexion is more attractive than a darker one.

This cultural trait is just the opposite from the Western world where Caucasians strive to have darker skin, thinking that it makes them look more attractive. American Pop star Michael Jackson went in the opposite direction and spent huge sums of money on treatments to lighten his skin from dark to almost Caucasian white. If there had been a skin-whitening product like Crystal Tomato available, Jackson probably could have avoided a lot of painful and expensive treatment in his quest.

Traditional skin whiteningSkin whitening has been done for many, many years in many ways. Creams and lotions are the most common method. Then there is the have dermatological procedure of skin peeling. Another method is the oral intake glutathione tablets.

How is Crystal Tomato taken?

Crystal Tomato comes in a tablet form and is taken orally once a day. It’s combination of unique ingredients like colourless phytoene and phytofluence carotenoids were discovered through years of trial and error to have excellent whitening properties.

Are the ingredients in Crystal Tomato all natural?

A unique tomato named the “white tomato” supplies the main ingredient in the CT formula. This particular tomato is rich in carotenoids which have been shown to absorb UVA and UVB rays to reduce the existing black pigment in the skin know as melanin and prevent new melanin from forming.

The 100 percent natural product is guaranteed to be safe. As a side benefit of using CT, the organic white tomatoes also have anti-aging properties aside as a bonus to its skin whitening results.

How effective is the skin whitening treatment?

Taking only one pill a day for about three months should be sufficient to maximize the CLC concentration. After the three month period, the whitening results should be obvious. Some people have successful results after only one to two months.

Other Benefits

There are no harmful side effects from using CT since it’s organic and made from all-natural ingredients. A single tablet is the equivalent to eating three white tomatoes.

CT also acts as a natural sunscreen against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Even so, you should still use sunscreen as double protection.

There are no animal by-products in CT or egg derivatives, so the tablets are suitable for any vegetarian diets.

Another side benefit of using CT is in the fight against the ageing process. The white tomatoes are rich in carotenoids which act as excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. They also help prevent the damages that free radicals create that lead to premature aging.


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